A Diary Of A Mesowarrior living with #Mesothelioma –My Scan Result today hmmm !! -and a Fire wallet trick and #asbestos

The two months have flown by and I had a scan Last Friday so it was scanexity as we travelled today to the Royal Marsden in the teeming rain.


As the appointment was 11am we knew the car park would be full so I jumped out of the car and got started. Ray met me in Dracula’s room where I gave my blood.

We then was called into the room by my nurse and the Doc soon walked in. He shook hands and said he has been wanting to meet me as he had heard so much about me All smiles he said the scan result was so very good and everyone is still pleased.


That blip that is showing in my Liver is still there and it might be a group of veins or a cancer that is very very slow growing so please do not worry as the size isn’t any different. They are going to talk about whether the next scan should be an MRI to really check.

He begged me not to worry.

Then on the way home the phone went and the doctor asked me to get a blood test done at my GP’s as my Potassium is high and have I been binging on bananas !!

I have come home and made an appointment and I have had an email to ask when I have had it done to phone the Royal Marsden and they will chase the result.

Another email said I have to ask for a Potassium and Urea and electrolytes googled !! they are the most commonly requested biochemistry tests. They provide essential information on renal function, principally in excretion and homoeostasis. Creatinine levels are a major factor in determining the estimated glomerular filtration rate, which is the gold standard marker of kidney health.

I do have a suspicion that I know the Immunotherapy drug switches my  Immune system on and it fights the cancer but what stops it turning on my organs. Nothing it can keep going and then destroying my good cells . An unleashed immune system can attack healthy, vital organs: notably the bowel, the liver and the lungs, but also the kidneys, the adrenal and pituitary glands, the pancreas and, in rare cases, the heart.

My mind is going into over drive now so deep breath and keep calm. I have too much to do.

dragon fly candle

I have been having a great discussion about a picture a friend in Australia sent me.

It all started with this Just received this little gem from Melbourne Australia here’s something you don’t see every day. About 2.5 years ago, a removalist (asbestos stripper) handed me one of these. His daughter bought it at a fair in Melbourne, from a magic shop. Turns out the shop had been importing these from china, had no idea it had a chrysotile ripe patch in the middle. What happens is there is a lighter flint built into the wallet, and you soak the chrysotile with lighter fluid. As you open the wallet, you strike the flint and a flame appears ‘as if by magic’. Of course it doesn’t burn. There are videos on YouTube with this. Thought you might be interested in this picture. One of my more interesting finds.

fire 1

fire 1

I googled and yes I came up with a video that I just cant believe

Then even worse we can buy them on Amazon I wonder if these have been tested for Asbestos

Fire Wallet Magic Trick by Free Post Magic 

Price: £17.19 FREE UK delivery.
 TonR sent me these wallets
Then My Australian friend sent this :- scary. I contact sellers on ebay and things like that all the time. I got given 2 ww1/ww2 gas masks by a seller because i told them about the potential of there being asbestos in the filters. got them both back to the lab and they were.
gas maskgas mask fibres 2
This is the Asbestos filter they tested.

2 thoughts on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior living with #Mesothelioma –My Scan Result today hmmm !! -and a Fire wallet trick and #asbestos

  1. Just a little, good note. The girls primary school in Culverstone is going to be demolished during the summer holidays because of asbestos. They are currently building the new school on same ground. Good news xPx

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