A Diary Of A Mesowarrior living with #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -My Weekend at The Anglia Asbestos Support Group In Norfolk

norwhich 1

Where do I start to tell you about this weekend-OK start from the beginning.

We were invited to speak at the Anglia Support Group in Norwich so we put Louis in the Kennels and set off on the fast train.

We had to get to an idyllic countryside location, luxury guest accommodation and a host of top-quality amenities, Sprowston Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club provides a stylish backdrop for travellers to Norwich. Housed in a stately 16th-century English manor, our rooms and suites offer a rare combination of historic elegance and contemporary comfort.

We were here to attend a Charity Night in the marque so we arrived and changed and walked through to the vent.


B&B Charity Ball

Julie Sapey is a member of the Anglia Asbestos #Norwich support group, and she has worked tirelessly to raise funds for local good causes following her mother’s #mesothelioma diagnosis in 2013. Julie will be hosting her popular May Ball at Sprowston Manor on Friday 12 May in aid of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and the Priscilla Bacon Lodge Support Group.

With the Auction and Raffle £6000 was raised and Julie gave me a lot of advice for my own Charity Night in the autumn.

Saturday we had breakfast and packed the cases. We were met by Brian Wallis, Evelyn and Joe and we were given a wonderful tour of the Broads .

We travelled on the Reedham chain ferry

The Reedham Ferry is a vehicular chain ferry which crosses the River Yare in Norfolk. It crosses the river near the village of Reedham, forming the only crossing point between the city of Norwich and Great Yarmouth and saving users a journey of more than 30 miles. The current ferry was built in 1984 and was designed and built at Oulton Broad by the late Fred Newson & the present owner David Archer. The ferry can carry up to 3 cars at a time and can carry a maximum weight of 12 tonnes.

There has been a crossing at Reedham since the early 17th Century. The original ferry was called Norfolk Horse Ferries UNDER STABLE the horse drawn vehicles were the main users of the ferry boat.

The Archers came to Reedham Ferry early in 1949 and proud to boast we are still here now after 3 generations.

The Iferry-boat in 1949 was still being hand-wound across the river Yare until early 1950 when the ferry became motorised.


We were shattered when we booked into our new hotel and had a dinner.

Sunday we were met by Terry and Sally and set of for a tour of Norfolk to the coast of Cromer where we met their family. Vicky and the twins who taught Ray how to catch crabs.

They really wore us out it was heaven to get back to the hotel and have a cup of tea.

I’m so grateful to all the touring thank you so much xx

So for the purpose of the trip on the Monday we went to Astons office. What a wonderful bunch of people. I was able to meet Mesowarriors I have known for many years and it was great to be able to hug old friends and now new.

norwich 1

So many questions were asked and I could answer everything. I asked 2 nurses if they thought I answered well as I do worry about giving clear honest Information. They were happy that I was all correct x

I have recieved a lovely email from Brian :-

Dear Mavis and Ray,
On behalf of the Norfolk branch of Anglia Asbestos Diseases Support Group, please accept our sincere thanks for your attendance at our monthly meeting in Norwich on Mon. 15 May, 2017.
We would also like to thank you for your friendship and wise counsel at our other events over the week- end ; the N&N Hosp. Trust May Ball, and our visits to the Norfolk Broads with Eileen and Joe McConnell and Norwich city with Terry and Sally Vine. The whole weekend was truly memorable for us – thank you. We hope that we did’nt over tax you too much and we hope that you arrived home safely.
Terry, Sally, Eileen and Joe with our partners Ashtons Legal and the Lord Mayor of Bury St. Edmunds, Cllr. Patrick Chung were instrumental with me in setting up AADSG in 2016. After a year’s hard work, it was lovely for some of us to get away “from the office” for some social events, in our action packed week-end. However, we think that Ray may need a few more visits to the County before he is ready to set up “BMRT – Norfolk Tours” in competition to Hoseasons ! You will always be welcome !
During your presentation at the meeting a number of questions were raised from the floor during the Q&A session and I thought you might like a note of these as an aide-memoire, for your blog-site :
VIM Trial, Leicester – Pol 1.
Confirm Trial – Dean Fennell
Patients Energised for Trials
Carers – Feeling of Guilt (Ray)
Support for carers ie. Carers UK
Accumulative effects of Chemo.
Mutations/Toxicity (Keytruder)
Is there a wait for Confirm Trial (?)
Does Chemo. have to come first (?)
Is there a three year wait after first diagnosis (?)
Transfering from NHS to private sector/and vice-versa
Getting a second opinion
NHS transfer to other at hospital request ( experiences, some Trusts, not willing)
I hope the above are useful, although I may have missed a few. Very best wishes for the success of your Foundation. Please email me details.
Hoping to see you both again in the near future
Many thanks and kindest regards, Brian
Brian Victor Chamen – Wallis
Chair : AADSG
Ambassador : Mesothelioma UK CHaritable Trust.

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