A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –A very sad day as I say goodnight to my little friend Nika from Israel

  1. I’m heart-broken reading this we tried so hard to find her treatment but this disease will not listen. I loved being on the Turkish Telly with her we had a lot of laughs – Good night my little friend I will always remember you

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    1. Here Friend wrote on Face Book –Bad night, friends.
      Bad, because I just found out yesterday that Nika Zaretsky, a little friend from the real world in Israel and from my Facebook, gone into the next life last week. It happened in England, after the last hope of saving her life, an experimental study an innovative hoping to cure lung cancer, did not succeed.
      We have been texting a lot lately, and then last week whats stopped. One Gray line only for 7 days, not suitable for nice too hard days between treatments love to write and catch up. I had a bad feeling and unfortunately she has come to fruition.

      Cleaned made aliyah as a teenager, and living here when her family abroad, while she was finishing up a master’s in management board-certified as an architect. Haven’t really allowed her to have a career, a spouse left when she was discovered and she wasn’t enough to get married or have kids. But in all this suffering world of years of dealing,

      She did find the time to volunteer to help kids with cancer center oranit of “Ezer mitzion”. also, she wasn’t really alone here. Were her friends, so am I. She was independent, opens after a little fixer-Upper, and mostly a huge heart and soul who understood well the special condition, fought to the end but also knew to pack your life.

      Acetate Desert Here Ronnie Cuban, who performed the amazing film “life is too precious it starred nika:” cleaned up. A, beautiful, innocent transit, the goodwill, cleaned her conquered the heart of so many viewers. She’s all alone here in the land, fighting alone all day and i wish her to wrap it up. We know better “

      And Here’s the original movie where it shows up multiple times. Around the 20:30 minute movie. There’s a couple of minutes of the most exciting wmẕmrrwt with nika.

    I had blogged about this —

    I had to get ready for a Television interview for Israel TV. It has come about because I helped a young lady when she contacted me for information of my drug thinking she would have to come to the Uk or go to USA but I gave the address of MSD in Israel.At 35 Nika had had the same chemos as myself and was so worried. So I gave her all our Doctors that would help and all the info I could on trials in the hope she would find something.

    Im thrilled to find out that the MK3475/158 that Warriors have got here started at the same time as Israel and Nika has got on it. So we chatted for the cameras  just talking about our journeys but more about Keytruda and how we felt on the trials.

    The main thing they wanted to explain and to show Just how critical it is to get  people on this treatment if they do not have money to pay for it.  The same problem we have with trials around the world. If your can’t get on a trial you have to pay for the drug.


    A very weird experience with no reporter or interview and the difficulty of different cultures and the skype kept saying not a strong signal. My computer even crashed at one point. I thought I was going to panic. then Louis kept coming and bashing me on the legs for chews the cameraman couldn’t get out of the shot it got funnier.

    Anyway its a take and I await what happens next apparently not being shown in Israel until June

    My little friend had Peritoneal and I got her here to St Barts but it was all to late and I knew that but it is so hard to tell someone to stop treatment especial when she is on 35

    One of my  messages from her ·

    Dear Mavis, Totally forgot to wish you happy Easter and Passover To tell you about meeting with Dr Peter. He is very nice person, but he was not optimistic about my situation. I was long time in the hospital, now I am in hospice. I feel not good. I should stop taking trial drugs as i was too weak and it was killing me. The doctors and nurses in hospice are amazing. They are trying to find me a painkillers, because as they explain, i am very sensitive to the drugs. I tried morphine, codeine, methadone. By now the best working for me was a type of codeine. They put permanent drainage as fluid is accumulating very fast in my tummy. I talked about chemo in peritoneal, but it was explained that is not suitable in my situation. I am getting weak. Sorry for telling you that news. If you have any advice please write to me. I really appreciate what you are doing and you are my hope and example. Hugs
    She was always seeking every trial she would flit like a butterfly as she was always in panic.
    She had her family around her and her Mother has been bay her side all the time.
    Good night my dearest friend I love you so much and my heart is broken The sun is shinning but I have a dark cloud over me. RIP you are out of pain
    فرشته کوچک شما بال خود را به طوری پرواز رایگان در باد من شما را دوست دارم خیلی خیلی

    And Here’s the original movie where it shows up multiple times. Around the 20:30 minute movie. There’s a couple of minutes of the most exciting wmẕmrrwt with nika. This is the movie we made together well they didnt use much of me x


Little angel you have your wings so fly free in the wind I love you xx

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