A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma – The Confirm Trial has so much TV Coverage So much hope now for #Asbestos Patients

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This is the official video of the BBC News coverage for the Confirm Trial that certainly hit the headlines with a bang. I have never known anything like that as the excitement was so high all over the weekend. It has also bought so many new Patients to seek me out and I have added them into the Mesowarrior groups on Face Book and give them so much hope, That’s what we are about.

I had a lovely email on Monday

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. A particular thank you to Mavis for allowing us to tell her story and to Gareth for doing all the interviews on Friday. A personal thank you to Andy for helping manage the media activity while I was out of the office on Thursday and Friday.

BBC South Today – Short packages on breakfast and lunchtime and full package on evening programme.

BBC Radio Solent – Pre recorded interview with Gareth on news bulletins throughout the day and live interview on Drivetime show

BBC South East – mentions in breakfast, lunchtime and evening programmes

BBC Radio Kent – Live interview with Gareth on Breakfast show and then mentions throughout the day on news bulletins

BBC Radio Jersey – mentions on news bulletins

ITV Meridian – mentioned on lunchtime programme

Heart Radio – mentions on news bulletins

Breeze Radio – mentions on news bulletins

The Sun

Daily Express http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/806849/asbestos-cancer-cure-symptoms-mesothelioma

Leicester Mercury

The Daily Echo

CRUK  are  setting up a trial management group which will be a team of people who are involved in making decisions about the running of the trial. and wondered if I would like to take part as a patient representative. We will meet every couple of months this really sounds interesting.

Today one of the Mesowarriors has just had her Dad talk to his Oncologist who is now looking at setting up the trial. That is great news if we can help to have as many Oncologists happy to set the trial up.

It has spurred me on to make my Foundation work and raise funding for Research we are all set up for a Media Launch. One Board Meeting and that will tie up loose ends.


The weather has been sunny and warm so we have been doing the garden. Defrosted the freezers in the shed. Funny how you think you are running down in food stock and when you tidy up you realise you have loads of food. No wonder we waste so much.

I have also been writing speeches as my next two are to the Asbestos Industry which is going to be interesting.

It is hard when everyone knows my story but I will talk about the risk of Asbestos as so many think it wont happen to them and we know it can.

I have a Video to make in the Centre of Journalism University of Kent. We are coming up to Mesothelioma Action Day and so many have asked me to talk. I can’t be in so many places at once but I can make video’s, Thank goodness for todays Technology.

I will be at the JUAC Asbestos in Schools Conference in Birmingham and then travel onto Derby to the UKATA AGM. So much to look forward to.

The lady at Whitstable Station loves asking where we are going and what we are doing  I just say I’m not in charge of my life I’m being carried along and enjoying every moment.





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