A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –Bank Holiday I Actually Chilled Right Out

We actually got away for the Bank holiday in the Motorhome.







No need to pack any food as we were going to Quiet Park and they have a lovely food barn with fresh food. Potato’s and carrots straight out of the earth wonderful Ice cream made local with cheese. Pots of home made jam it was a real pleasure stopping off and stocking up.

Moving on then Ray drove onto the field where we were parked up all weekend.

The field was packed with Caravans and Motorhomes.

We were with the East Kent DA  Charity meet With Stewards Ray and Marilyn and Malcolm and Sylvia who welcomed us warmly and soon settled in and got the camping chairs out as the sun was beaming down

Had a good walk with Louis up to the tower and around the field.






Chilling right out and it was just great.

Next morning we watched the children play all day with water pistols. Not a phone in sight just good old-fashioned playing together. Bought a good book about Liverpool Au Revoir Liverpool.Boot fair

Sunday at 11am right by the side of our M/H so didn’t have far to go, the money raised was for charity the Kent Air Ambulance.

Washed the M/H as well inside and out Louis has had a great day as well lots of dogs to watch and play with. He was excellent and our friends noticed the difference in him.

Saturday night, well Sunday Morning really a huge bang and the skies lit up. Watching the storm through a Heike is a great experience.

I have found some footage on Face Book Enjoying the thunderstorm tonight!

At last we did get to sleep and Monday morning the rain soon dried up again as we walked Louis around.

A silly thing did happen as I was cooking. There was a weird shhhing noise and I realise the water pump was running. water was gushing into the oven and turning to steam.

We rushed about turning the pump off and then had to dry the bottom of the oven out. Crazy.

So we have to put the M/H in for repairs to a water pipe. Why it has happened is a puzzle that wont be solved until it is looked at, Ray has taken the sink out but the pipes run off through a hole and behind the oven. Being Gas we didn’t dare have a look further.

So soon had to pack up and come back home where the washing is done and packed away as we are looking forward to doing it all again.

I have had to spend the morning writing speeches to cover meetings in  the next few weeks.

The next two speeches have  Asbestos details to it rather than Mesothelioma.  Face fitting of masks and the dangers of the workers who today are working with the Asbestos.









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