A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – The Launch Date Is Set Thursday 7th December 2017

We have had a very productive meeting in London with the Mavis Nye Foundation Board and so the date has been set for the Launch Dinner Dance.

A weird moment that little old me is going to do a charity fund raising night.

The Venue is The Richmond Hill Hotel





















As the Hotel will be decorated for Christmas we will carry on the theme of white Christmas with presents under the tree and a silent Auction. I will have to start talking to people to Donate Prizes and some great this to auction.

There will be Christmas Fairies to give the prizes out and a great entertainer Terry Rydell so we will dance the night away into the early hours.

I had that scary feeling that no one would say yes they will be coming but that is not the case and I’m so amazed at the interest.

But then I have been surprised all the way through with the enthusiasm of the people that have backed me and I keep adding to the Advisory Board Advisory

Harry Steinberg QC

Marika Townsend LASAG

Peter Szlosarek  St Barts

Liz Darlinson  Mesothelioma UK

IATP Paul Beaumont.. Biacs ,Asbestos Training.
Chris Ward Award Health and Safety

Rachel Thomas St Thomas and Guys Hospital

All wonderful people that have been with me right from the start of my journey.

Not forgetting Trevor Stirling the Mary Seacole  Trust Ambassador who is on the board. Such an impressive line up and I’m thrilled my son has joined Ray and I as I know it will carryon after I have left the planet. He and Angela Caulfield with the Mesowarrior’s UK will see it onto the future and we have young  people, who were the Granchildren of Mesowarriors that have their wings, that wish to carryon the good work.

So we are ready I’m even book into the Hotel with others we just cant wait to party so please come and join us.







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