A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Lets talk about Trials


I’m really getting involved in the modern world of conferences.

It was the first CONFIRM TMG the trial I have been involved in all year. You phone in and use a PIN Number and there you are in a conference. amazing.

it is difficult to break in with comments and you feel you are over riding others. It is so different to being in the same room you can then judge when to cut in, but on the whole it went very well and I was able to get my thoughts through ok.


It appears the trial is recruiting well and is now breaking out into other hospitals.

The list of hospitals running the confirm trial now So please contact
You will see at the bottom like DR Riyaz Shah And Dr Sanjay Popat they have declined as they are running the promise trial I have omitted the negative hospitals I don’t know their reasons but I hate negative we patients meet up with that to often.

Dean Fennell
Recruiting since 28th March
Marianne Nicolson
Recruiting since 27th April
Beatson (Glasgow)
Nicola Steele
Recruiting since 30th May
Raffaele Califano
Recruiting since 15th June
Jason Lester
Recruiting since 22nd June
Christian Ottensmeier
Recruiting since 10th July
Sam Chan
SIV completed 29th June
Dionysis Papadatos
SIV completed 17th July

Riyaz Shah
Declined: PROMISE-meso
Royal Marsden
Sanjay Popat
Declined: PROMISE-meso

Please keep applying if your hospital is on the list.

The Promise trial was held up due to the dreadful Computer Virus suffered around the world So I asked was there a delay and was told Mercks was hit (like the NHS) by the Cyber Attack it did hold up things but it had now been sorted and it was back on track.so please ask where it has got to. There is always hick up at the start of trials but a cyber attack unheard of.–


This is the Promise trial and as you can see it is my drug put with Gemotabine and vinoralbine so please apply to the two Oncologists on the list or talk to your Oncologist for referral. I love the cross over and said that in the meeting.

If you have growth they can then check if you was on the Placebo and changeover to the drug. I find this is a far better option and if they did this more they would recruit better


promise trial

They mentioned other trials like VIM is open and doing well at Leicster, Checkmate is opening soon ad they discussed Rechallange  which has been discussed in conferences so I knew what they were talking about.

Phase I is normally Cisplatin and Alimta, when this has regrowth we are normally put on trial or another chemo as I was. They are finding that when you have Cispaltin and Alimta for Phase 2 treatment the result is good. I said any treatment is great just keep treating us.

So the meeting ended and we will meet again in 3 months. I hope by then we will see Confirm is doing so well. If it is a success it can be fast tracked -another word I love.

So much is going on it is hard to keep up with the pace

peter 11

A really great bit of News is  Peter has announced that the Atomic Trial Has opened at St Barts Peter Szlosarek p.w.szlosarek@qmul.ac.uk
Just wanted to say ATOMIC is officially open in the UK. This is only for patients with biphasic or sarcomatoid meso (the nasty ones) and will randomize fit patients to either PEMCIS+ADI or PEMCIS + placebo.
The trial should hopefully be rolled out across the UK in the coming months (Leeds had a meeting to open and should be starting next). So contact Peter if you or your Mesowarrior has the right group of Mesothelioma

I do wish you all the best of luck please keep joining in the trials we have some great people working so hard to find answers and this is the best way we Mesowarriors can help

good luck


One thought on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Lets talk about Trials

  1. Hi my husband is on checkmate trial 743. Leicester. He’s doing fantastic. 1st ct scan results shrinking brilliant. 2nd ct scan results still shrinking amazing. Seriously if you have the opportunity to take part in trial. Take with open arms. Triall unit. People are brilliant. Good luck to everyone fighting asbestos mesothelioma

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