A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — Dave Staley’s gruelling 100-mile cycling challenge.

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Dave Staley, from Bramhall, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2015; he had a lung removed, and was told he had less than a year to live. Now Dave, who’s 41, is about to attempt a gruelling 100-mile cycling challenge (starting 30 July), defying medical predictions, to raise money for lung disease research.
Dave has mesothelioma, a terminal lung cancer related to exposure to asbestos. A year after completing chemotherapy, and after making the agonising decision to have his damaged lung removed, he will cycle 100-miles, from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, into the Surrey hills.
Dave’s ‘One Lung, One Life, One Hundred Miles’ cycling challenge will be raising money for two charities that invest in mesothelioma research: British Lung Foundation and Today was the last “big training ride” before the Ride100 in 2 weeks. It’s now rest and a few short rides to keep the legs ticking over.

He says :-
There are so many of you to thank on this journey, but just want to mention a few:
My wonderful wife(& kids) for being very supportive and becoming a cyclist widow -Todays 5hr ride took me to a grand total of 104hrs & 40min of training – an average of 7hrs per week with a total distance of 1341 miles travelled!
Jane at cyclebuddie.co.uk for all the weekly training sessions and expert advice to get me up the hills currently 200ft short of hitting the magic 50,000ft of total climbing!
Simon and Emma for completing the 100 miles last year and inspiring me to do it this year (though maybe I should not thank you until it’s over!!!)- Simon & Steve (& their wives and families too) for the constant support and encouragement and whom will get me over the finish line in 2 weeks!!

I have met Dave many times as we both are involved in Mesothelioma UK. He is a larger than life character and so young to be suffering with Mesothelioma. It does mean he was fit for an operation as a Lung was removed. It gives a better chance of survival and if the disease is in just one lobe it is a great success.

When you have young children it must be even more scary for a Mesowarrior as you worry whether you will see your children grow up. Dave has that chance now and I pray that continues


They are so lovely and lively.

children 2

Maybe they should join Dad on the ride.


Good Luck Dave from all the Mesowarriors

If you want to help Dave here is his just giving page


Dave’s Blog https://davestaleyblog.wordpress.com/

I have been to-day 1 of Dave’s blog. This is where I first came across him and I thought then what a brave young man.

I loved his sense of humour. I admired the way he came through the Op and was amazed at how quickly he went back to work that was a brave thing to do but proved just what fight was inside our Mesowarrior.

Hi All
Having made the decision to go through with the full EPP – lung removal, it was wonderful to be contacted by other ‘Meso Warriors’ (America, Australia, U.K. ) via the blog. I never thought it would have the impact it has. They have had the same op, but 10 & 13 years ago….. Amazing stories, and like them I will still be writing these blogs in 10+ years time.(Sorry you maybe bored with them by then….)
Having made the decision, it was great to relax and celebrate turning the big 40! Ali booked us a meal at hawksmoor (best steak house in Manchester!), followed by nice surprise in the evening. Ali then booked for the 4 of us to go to langdale ( Lake District for the weekend). We had a great time, kids enjoyed swimming; we enjoyed 2 pub meals @Wainwrights & walks; and then a day with the stanley clan in Ambleside. Thank you Ali you did truly spoil me.
Monday was all about getting ready for hospital visit, planning for the week ahead, and seeing friends. Thank you to everyone for kind offer of help, and we will be contacting you all to take you up on it (if we haven’t already….). It was also an emotional day as reality starts to hit home, and the fact I won’t be seeing the kids for 7-14 days. Thoughts of ” I may never see them again (due to high risk of surgery) has crossed our minds, but I remain positive this will not be the case, due to the trust in the surgeon and his team in Leicester, and the love, prayers & the support from every single one of you. This is helping us be so positive.
Today we dropped kids of at school who went in as normal, and it was us adults who were more emotional/worried. We have told the kids Daddy has a poorly lung, which the doctors are repairing. Joshua said to his Aunty ( who is a nurse!) “can you not do the operation, and Daddy stay at your house in Liverpool”! If only it was that simple….
This morning I also received 2 emails from Everton football club, one from Graham Stuart and the other Graeme Sharp. I was beaming, and the fact they had mentioned the blog made be very proud & emotional…..also on recovery I may get invited to meet the players…..Thank you to whoever has arranged this….
So I’m now enjoying a good meal (more steak and more beer), whilst writing this blog. We have met Dr Waller and his team this afternoon who have made us very relaxed (as can be) for tomorrow. He advised he discussed my case at a Meso conference in Spain, with worldwide experts. Majority view was to go for full EPP. He advised Leicester is currently treating the most Meso patients worldwide!! I feel so lucky that I have had world specialists looking at my case, and at the best hospital. Due to the major surgery I will be having an epidural, along with any other strong drugs to numb the pain…”1000 X stronger than morphine” was said!!
So tomorrow I will be given sleeping tablets at 11am and go into theatre midday. The operation will be 3-4 hrs, and then into recovery. As a precaution I may go into intensive care, but more likely HDU. I should be out of recovery between 7-8pm ish!! I will not eat for 48 hrs, so hopefully by Saturday I will start to eat and have some movement…..Ali or my sister will update Facebook to let you know, and you will have another blog from me early next week. –So that’s me off now to look at the desert menu, drink with my gorgeous wife but once again, a massive thanks to you all for the love, support and prayers.
Dave & Ali X



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