A Diary of a Mesowarror Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – We Went to LASAG Essex -A mad day today


Every had a mad day like this when everything goes into a whirl

We had to go to Essex to attend a LASAG Support meeting.

Programmed the Sat/nav and set off in plenty of time.

A report on the radio said the Dartford Crossing had a broken down vehicle causing long delays. Oh dear.

Then the sat/nav said turn off at Canterbury Why!!! I checked and it was saying destination MARGATE ??

Ray has done a update and that always causes a problem.

Looked for my diary  I hadn’t taken my Diary with the instructions in so we pulled into a service station to go into Face Book where I knew the address was No signal went and rushed into the shop and bought a map.

I said we wanted Romford and the Toby is on the road When we got near Romford we asked a man where the Toby he sent us into Romford  to a wonderful shopping centre. Yes a Toby but No not this one said the Bar tender, she phoned another one and yes an Asbestos group is here. Wonderful directions and we found our Toby.


Isnt it lovely that they back charities and have a lovely room for meetings I was very impressed.

lasag essex.jpg

The meeting went very well and I met some lovely Mesowarriors and we exchanged our stories and discussed all the treatments.

The time flew by and we were told the road in front us was the A12.

We set off and the sat/nav said turn left. Err no road signs so we went left and we were heading the wrong way into Central London.

We took a turning Left and hoped we would be able to double back and get on the right road but the sat/nav seemed to be set on Non motorway.

We ended up going back through Dagenham and down to the A13 to the Shopping outlet at Lakeside.

We finally got onto the Queen Elizabeth Bridge and I want to through the sat/nav into the River Thames.

 I just can’t believe that so much can go wrong but we did end up laughing  🙂 JUST 🙂 🙂

We got home what a relief and we were still sane.


For Sale I very naughty Sat/Nav

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