A Dairy Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -A weekend away and Fresh Food from Thanet Earth

We finally got away for a weekend in a field with sunshine.

It has been so restful. It makes us smile that we had a huge field and yet campers hug fences but its great on the holiday rally at Quix with the C&Cclub. No 20 foot rule needed here there is so much space IMG_20170806_102607_jpgIMG_20170806_102618_jpg

I managed to give the M/H a lovely wash down and she still looks good. She is now a classis as VW don’t make monocot bodies any more. Why? I don’t know but they are so good for being water tight like a car. No seals to have water ingression.

I love the way she is a tardis and is so much larger in side than she looks.c15

Louis fits in Ok that’s all that matters. He loves his weekends away as he gets a lot of walking time.

We had a storm  Saturday afternoon but that soon cleared and dried up.

I love the farm shop as I have mentioned before. I never pack any food and buy it all there. The tomatoes come from Thanet Earth which has really grow and has taken over more land. http://www.thanetearth.com/   



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