A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –Rain, Writing Speeches and booking up more Speeches.

rain 3

Yep this is our summer. We have had such heavy rain at times that we have had to dive out when it stops and get the dog walk in.

We have met the man who does the dog walking here in Whitstable. He collects them all up and then walks them in the park with us. They were a rowdy lot this week and the poor man has really had a barking week.

I have been so busy everyday so many Emails for dates for the diary. We have had a nice quiet month and now the speeches are poring in.

Kent Radio phoned for me to be interviewed on Tuesday morning. A poor man has mesothelioma and is very bad so they are interviewing him and then I have to tell part of my story. So it is raising awareness of the disease .

Then I had emails and have been asked to talk at the Contamination Expo 2017. I was going anyway but to be able to talk there is exciting.


contamination 123.png

We have a date at the Hilton first.

EAF advert

I fit this in first


Each year Boyes Turner host an annual study day in Reading for the purposes of providing useful updates to medical professionals, care assistants and others involved in the management of mesothelioma patients.meso-study-day-2017-300x230

So I have also been writing speeches and putting the presentation together. The Power point is ready and I’m happy with it all.

The Foundation is coming along and at last with a bank account working well we ae putting Donations in but the just giving has been a pain. Everything is so slow and we want to work fast.

Bike Rides are filling up and we are missing out. but I have a few entering next years Prudential Ride London event. Team Mavis sounds so weird doesn’t it.


bike 111

On Monday night we had an event that raised money for MNF

POWER! Launch night raising funds for The Mavis Nye Foundation — attending Power! Launch Night Featuring Temple Lake, Luca + Malla at The Monarch.


The bucket filled up which is s very kind.

The car went in for its MOT and pass so that’s great.

Its been a funny week as we wait for Saturday and Ray is having his eye operation.

The Cataracts  are going to be done at last

Cataracts occur when changes in the lens of the eye cause it to become less transparent (clear). This results in cloudy or misty vision.
The lens is the crystalline structure that sits just behind your pupil (the black circle in the centre of your eye).
When light enters your eye, it passes through the cornea (the transparent layer of tissue at the front of the eye) and the lens, which focuses it on the light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of your eye (the retina).
Cataracts sometimes start to develop in a person’s lens as they get older, stopping some of the light from reaching the back of the eye.
Over time, cataracts become worse and start to affect vision. Eventually, surgery will be needed to remove and replace the affected lens.

So w are going to have fun as he can’t bend down and has to take it easy.




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