A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -No Op For Ray? MNF Has A Donation Button, Trials Are Going Well


This was Ray yesterday

he was already for his Cataract Operation.

We had to wait around so we had lunch at 12 as his op was 2pm. Just a small sandwich as he is diabetic and he has to eat at midday.

Off we went and I saw him into the Medical Centre,  but I went shopping near by and was enjoying myself looking at things. I wasn’t in a rush as Ray wouldn’t be ready for 2 hours.

I strolled out and walked to the steps and there was Ray down there waiting for me.


He said I am SOOO Frigging Angry
10 minutes and 6 lots of drops away from the trolley and they cancelled my op. My Sugar levels are high.

18 pigging months I’ve waited for this Ive stressed out all bloody week now and they cancel again. I am afraid I showed my anger and disgust in surgery. I suppose another 18 months to wait again.

I said walk around get the sugar down and then go back. “Just don’t talk to me”  came the reply.

Oh dear –He is so angry he hasn’t come off the ceiling.  It says in his paperwork he can eat normal, when we came home and looked it up on the net the advice is not to eat 2 hours or even longer.

An email of complaint has gone to the GP as really being diabetic they should do it in the morning. he is not happy, lets hope the GP listens. That dam sandwich I feel so guilty that I made it now as it is carbs isn’t it.

He had turned down his back op for today because he was having his eye done he isn’t having a lot of luck.

The car passed her MOT and they serviced and washed her lovely so that is something I suppose.

We took Louis out and had a lovely walk in the Park so ray calmed down Peace is reigning in the house again.

One good thing is we have our Donation button working for the Charity and people are using that. thank you so much I love the support


Angela has a fund-raiser going on our Face Book site —

The next fundraising is called
The MesoWarriors UK £1 Trail
Donate a £1 min and pm me and we can get the UK map coloured in with your names on. Let’s see how long we can make this £1 trail xxx

We have lots of plans to raise the funding for the MNF. Some wonderful people are helping out and the money goes up slowly but surely. We have Grants to pay out 2018.

Well Monday is Scan day again but lucky the wait will be short as I go back for the results on Wednesday.

There are so many Mesowarriors on trials so many different trials as well. The groups are very busy as they have all joined in and discuss these trial.

My how the treatment has changed this year. We have hope. It is a wonderful thing to have hope and we push the boundaries so we all laugh at the 3/6 months we get at diagnosis.

Even Operations are having great results. Eric Lim and David Waller are really doing well with patients filling up the mars Trial.


eric 3

We have many Mesowarriors enter the trial and their recovery is very good. They get the pain under control very quickly and return home in a good time.

People are in the Confirm trial  (Dean fennel) and the Promise opens in the next couple of weeks. (Riyaz Shah.) There are several small trials as well. 2017 has been a good year bring on 2018 so much is just around the corner.



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