A Diary of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos. My Birthday Weekend.

This has been a wonderful Bank Holiday.


It started on Friday when birthday cards started arriving then a lovely Bouquet of flowers arrived from friends and Louis was very interested in them.

 Saturday we travelled to Faversham where we strolled around with my brother and SIL.


A lovely old town that I have blogged about so many times.


We had lunch and then walked down to a curiosity shop.

The Vintage Tea Rooms


The Emporium hosts over 20 established dealers of all things Antique, Vintage and Retro. Housed over two floors in a large Victorian building, originally the old town Gas works. It has stunning  high ceilings and Bullion-ed windows, allowing the light to stream through show casing the multitude of treasures on offer.
Onsite complimenting the Emporium there is a charming vintage tea rooms – Mrs Bridges Vintage Tea Rooms offering homemade scrumptious cakes, pots of tea and freshly ground coffee all served in period china. Vintage tea parties are catered for that special occasion. With so much more on offer.

tea rooms

Then today my Facebook is filled up with wonderful pictures of flowers, cards and good wishes.

I’m so happy to have reached another birthday. I had a surprise phone call from a dear friend.

And other family and friends have also  phoned to say Happy Birthday  so exciting everyone seems to know what a great thing it is to reach another celebration another target. xxx

Our Son and DIL came down so more presents of flowers and cards I have been so spoilt.

We went to the beach at Tankerton to be a holiday maker. I wanted to go to a restaurant for a meal but was out voted as my son said when you go to a beach you must have Fish and Chips in paper looking at the sea.

So we did



IMG_20170827_160104Then and Ice cream that melted straight away.

We came home to a birthday cake

birthday cake 1

Then we had to say goodbye as they left an journeyed home

A wonderful day of Memory making of hugs and kisses I hope they remember for years to come even if we are not around. that they look back onto today to know they made me so happy and proud of them.

That the sadness and worry we have gone through recedes and is replaced by love.







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