A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior – #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Scan Result day at the Royal Marsden.

scan delay

It was that time of scanexity on Monday.

I was great going and then it was me looking like a pin cushion as the nurse couldn’t find the vein.

I have only got one usable vein in the crook of my arm. It has taken all the blood tests and chemo and all the contrast die for scans.

It has a valve and some nurses miss it some don’t, this one didn’t. So into a bowl of hot water went my arms. Another try didnt find anything so another nurse came in and put it into the only vein again and it worked. I did bleed away as if the vein was laughing at us. It was stopped as I pressed down with lint rolled up.

Then I started to get wound right up. A scan can change your whole life. Its the difference between life being good and life being more treatment to kill Mr Nasty. I prayed he had risen off the ground again. We have knocked him to floor and that’s where he has to stay. PLEASE!!!

The scan was soon done and off we had come home.

That was a good trip.

my news storis

Today was so different. Scanexity was enough but with so much traffic going into Maidstone  we slowed right down.

We did get to the Royal Marsden in the end.

We were there at 10am for a 11.30am appointment. I knew we would have a long wait for bloods to be taken. Then when we reached the very busy waiting room the hours began to slip away. I was talking to a man who said the NHS want us all to die ? there he is having Chemo to live so how he came up with that statement I really don’t know.

He must have been watching Logan’s Run.

A poor lady was waiting such a long time and I could see she was uncomfortable. I remember those Chemo times very well, trying to sit there waiting and just wanting to go back to bed.

12.35 We finally got called in.

A lovely new Doctor came into the room and said straight away that it was a good result. The are so thrilled and excited that this is the case after 384 days of no treatment. She said it really gives all the staff hope. So we had a talk about all I’m getting up to pay the NHS back for saving my life.

Off she went back to her office to find my blood results. This is why I like being on a trial everything comes through so fast.

My kidney function is down but that has been up and down right through all this.

As you know I only have one and that was damaged at 45 when I went into Renal Failure and they built me a new Urethra.

She has advised I drink more and flush it through.

She also explained that there are scarrings and odd things left from the Mesothelioma. They just do not want to put needles in to look at what is left as they just do not want to disturb anything. I have already been told this at the time of the end of the trial but it asumed there is no Mesothelioma in my body. This will only be proved with time when at 5 years they can say Im in remission. 10 Years Im cured. So we wait and see.

That was it we were out in about 10 minutes.

On our way home through some road works we hit the M25 and a long traffic jam that came to a standstill at the M25 turn off.

We heard that the problem was an accident ahead.

Gradually we slowly proceeded on the journey and travelled past 6 cars all smashed in different ways. They had to clean oil off the road before we could travel through

.10am and arived home at accident

We left at 8.10am and we got home at 3pm for 10 minutes But !! it was good news so who cares.

We were very pleased to get home and a coffee made after taking the dog for a walk.

So that is it for another 3 months. This is why I live 3 months at a time.




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