A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos- Ship owners face risk of criminal liability for illegal demolition of end-of-life vessels








Ray and I know the consequences of asbestos in ships as that is where my story and my journey started. Ray was a shipwright in Chatham Dockyard. Asbestos was everywhere in those days and the men worked without protection.

I have often reported on the way that we send our ships, full of Asbestos to Pakistan or India.

Here they are striped by men with no protection.

Only 15 cases were reported over a 25-year period. Another study [2] reported only three cases over a 10-year period. Whether this is because of lesser number of cases, or lesser awareness and diagnosis, is difficult to predict. This cannot be true -Ok they say the figures of mesothelioma are low there but that is because life expectancy is lower than here in UK, so mesothelioma doesn’t have time to show. Misdiagnosis to could be a problem..






Such a sad sight not even a face mask between them.

So that brings me to today and I read this article with interest.

Ship owners face risk of criminal liability for illegal demolition of end-of-life vessels

A Rotterdam court has found Dutch reefer operator Seatrade and two of its directors criminally liable last week for illegally selling vessels for demolition in South Asian yards in breach of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation.
The decision appears to be the first time an EU shipowner has been held criminally liable for the illegal export of vessels for demolition to South Asian yards. The Dutch public prosecutor brought the cases against Seatrade over historic sales of vessels for demolition in India, Bangladesh and Turkey in 2012. The sales of the vessels took place via cash buyers. All vessels departed from Rotterdam and Hamburg on their last voyage to the South Asian yards.
Seatrade and its directors were fined up to 750,000 euros and the directors have been banned from working in the shipping industry for a year. The public prosecutor also sought prison sentences for the directors, but the court did not impose these.
The decision sets a precedent in the Netherlands. It makes it clear that shipowners who sell vessels for demolition in South Asian scrap yards in breach of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation risk facing criminal liability. It is the first successful prosecution of a shipowner for non-compliance with the EU Waste Shipment Regulation, which prohibits the export of hazardous waste to non-OECD countries, and bans the export of waste for disposal.
Importantly, the case reflects the political climate and the greater interest shown by European countries in environmental issues and may be followed by other European countries. Cases of illegal demolition of vessels are currently being investigated by national authorities, such as the UK and Norway. In Norway for example, the vessel the MV “Tide Carrier” was arrested by the Norwegian environmental authorities, and these have been investigating its owners for illegally selling the vessel to a South Asian yard for demolition.
Shipowners should therefore take greater notice of the regulations when considering demolition.
International law and the demolition of end-of-life vessels
Any shipowner considering selling an end-of-life vessel for demolition should first consider whether the sale complies with the Basel Convention. An end-of-life vessel will likely be considered as “waste” under the Basel Convention, since waste is defined broadly to include ‘substances or objects which are disposed of or are intended to be disposed of or are required to be disposed of by the provisions of national law’. Therefore, a sale of a vessel for demolition is likely to be considered a ‘transboundary movement of waste’ under the Basel Convention.
Shipowners should be aware that if there is anything onboard the vessel that could be considered ‘hazardous’ waste under the Basel Convention or under the national laws of the destination country of the vessel being scrapped, the country of import and any countries of transit will need to be notified of the movement of waste. In addition, the countries of import and transit will need to give their consent for the movement of waste.
The Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships was adopted in 2009, but has still not been ratified by enough shipowning and scrapping countries so the Basel Convention remains the main international regulation.While an increasing number of demolition yards have been obtaining certificates and statements of compliance with the Hong Kong Convention, shipowners should be mindful that the Hong Kong Convention is not yet in force. There may be different certification providers and their standards of issuing the certification may not be entirely clear. Shipowners should therefore not decide on demolition yards solely based on a yard’s statement of compliance with the Hong Kong Convention.
EU rules and the demolition of end-of-life vessels
The Dutch case brought against Seatrade concerned the illegal sale of a vessel in breach of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation (the “Regulation”) that applies to ship demolition.
EU Shipowners with vessels trading in EU waters are advised to consider whether the sale of the end-of-life vessel for demolition complies with the Regulation. Importantly, the Regulation applies also to vessels of all flags that trade within EU waters – not just EU-flagged vessels.
Under the Regulation ship demolition of end-of-life vessels moving in EU waters is likely to be considered as ‘waste’, which is defined as ‘any substance or object which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard’. Shipowners should note that it is enough for an intention to discard the end-of-life vessel to arise for the vessel to be considered ‘waste’ under the Regulation.
If the intention to discard arises when the vessel is in EU waters, it is possible that the intention to scrap the vessel will make it ‘waste’ for the purposes of the Regulation. If the end-of-life vessel leaves an EU port destined for demolition in another country, the sale of the vessel is likely to be considered a shipment of waste; whether within the EU, exported from the EU to a third country, in transit through the EU to a third country, or imported into an EU state from a third country.
Shipowners should note that under the Regulation, the shipment of waste for disposal is prohibited from EU countries to non-EU, and non-OECD countries. The shipment of hazardous waste for recovery from the EU to non-EU and non-OECD countries is also prohibited.
There may be the possibility that the end-of-life vessel is a ‘green-listed’ vessel destined for recovery. If it is destined for recovery in an OECD country, it will be subject to the written notification and consent procedure under the Regulation. If the vessel is ‘green-listed’ waste destined for recovery to a non-OECD country, such as India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, it is important to check whether such countries have notified their position with the EU authorities as to the requirements of the import of such waste.
EU Shipowners with vessels trading in EU waters should therefore be aware that sales of vessels for demolition in a non-OECD country may be considered as shipment of waste for disposal, and therefore be prohibited by the Regulation. The decision of the Rotterdam court makes it clear that if a vessel is sold for demolition in a non-OECD country in breach of the Regulation criminal liability including fines and possible imprisonment for the directors making those decisions may follow.
Ship Recycling Regulation
While the Hong Kong Convention is not yet in force, the EU has adopted the “Ship Recycling Regulation”, which effectively implements the Hong Kong Convention.
The Ship Recycling Regulation is effective, but at the time of writing is not yet applicable. The Ship Recycling Regulation applies to vessels flying the flag of an EU Member State. Vessels flying the flag of an EU Member State may be recycled only in safe and sound ship recycling facilities included in the European List of ship recycling facilities, which currently contains 18 shipyards, all located within the EU. The EU has also seen applications from yards in India, Turkey, China and the US hoping to be approved and included on the European List.
Recent increased national investigations into sales of end-of-life vessels for demolition in South Asian yards, and in particular the retrospective criminal charges brought against Seatrade emphasise the need for shipowners to be extremely careful when selling ships for demolition. In addition, a voluntary alliance of banks in northern Europe and Scandinavia has been encouraging their shipowner clients to declare their policies on scrapping to encourage best practice of demolition of end-of-life vessels. Given banks’ reputational risks, this may become an even more important consideration in future financings for shipowners.It is advisable for shipowners to seek legal guidance on the laws applicable to their particular proposed sale before executing the same or face the consequences.
Source: Reed Smith









A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – 12KBW Annual Asbestos Seminar

Barbican Centre, Silk Street, City of London: perspective section, 1970 https://www.barbican.org.uk/













I have never taken much notice of the Barbican centre before. I don’t really know why. Maybe because I think of the Westend when it comes to live theatre.

We were so surprised yesterday coming out of the Under Ground to walk over a foot bridge as we followed the signs. It is a massive area.

The complex was designed by architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, whose first work was the ground-breaking Golden Lane Estate immediately north of the Barbican. The estate of 40 acres (16 ha) was officially opened in 1969 and is now home to around 4,000 people living in 2,014 flats.

It even has a Secondary School but funny no shops ??

We got lost and asked different people how to get into the building. Finally we found a door open the started a long walk and lifts.

We finally found the The Frobisher Auditorium.






We were here for The 12 Kings Bench Walk Asbestos Seminar 2018. the second year and last year was brilliant so we were looking forward to it.

Harry Steinberg and 12 KBW have put all the proceeds to my Charity this year so the funds have been boosted by £3000 aprox. I’m so grateful to their kindness

We all settled in after meeting up in the Conservatory. I wish mine was like this one Anyway I must concentrate on writing this blog.

Gemma Scot gave us an Update on Bussy

Michael Rawlinson QC Implications for asbestos ligation and low-level exposure.

Aliyah Akram Gave a speech about Women and asbestos and she had a picture of me in that. WOW!!

Then Me speaking to give an update of The Mavis Nye Foundation.

There was a great Panel discussion chaired by Harry with Kate Boakes James Beeton David Green and Gemma Scot.

Patrick Kerr spoke about Limitation issues for asbestos lawyers.

Steven Snowden QC Lost years claims.

Michael Brace Recent quantum cases

Niall Maclean Immunotherapy and ethics.

Then Rachel Thomas gave a talk about a clinical perspective.

Closing Questions  a point was bought up  that Mesowarriors should contact mesothelioma Uk regarding the fact we should get away from the term Immunotherapy  it gives people force hope so we should consider using the term non-NHS treatments rather than just immunotherapy as there are other approaches currently not available in the NHS or outside of a clinical trial such as bevacizumab and nintedinib. There will likely be other immunotherapy and targeted options in the future too. By continually using immunotherapy as an example we are overlooking other treatments and possibly overstating the benefits seen from the early phase studies of immunotherapy.

I have always said talk to the Royal Marsden as they have trials for 3 or 4 patients.

So lets broaden hope as not all patients can have immunotherapy, There are other things available now and more on the horizon that are not immunotherapy, they are targeted treatments. The scene is changing all the time as I do impress on every Mesowarrior through my Q & A secret group.

There is  concerns about patients who have no civil claim, minimal state compensation (which  you all know I have bought up in The House Of commons and that is being looked at ) and those that simply can’t afford to fund non-NHS treatment, all of this needs to be considered and managed to maintain hope for the individual and their loved ones.

I was happy to turn my body over to the NHS and the fact it worked for me was wonderful but it was all at a cost. My body is wrecked. Neuropathy that only tight socks can stop legs and ankles from swelling, hands that are clawed a kidney that isnt working at full speed, and one very damaged bad lung and other things that I dont know about maybe. I’m Alive and I’m living a life. My charity is my world now. I’m finding wonderful people that are supporting me thank you all so much xx

My original bi-op has been found, tracked down my Bi-op down after 9 years. which means its pre chemo and treatment — so now we can find out why me, It’s being sent to Prof Nicholson . I look forward to the results of his analysis.

So the great  seminar came to an end and we all made our way to the room overlooking the conservatory for a much-needed glass of wine.

Everyone gradually went off home leaving the few that were going to the pub for something to eat.

It was a very happy bunch as we relaxed and great to see Harry “like the cat with cream”






I made everyone laugh with my presentation

How I see myself









How The Asbestos world sees @Grandma Mavis









A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma Peter Rabbit shows Mr McGregor scrapping #Asbestos from walls while eating ?Really?

peter rabbitI have just been told by a Mesowarrior  who went to watch Peter Rabbit film yesterday with her boys.

mr mc gregor

She told me there is a scene following the death of old grumpy man Mr McGregor. he has a heart attack…but it went onto say it wasn’t Peter who was to blame as Mr McGregor had made wrong life style choices…..it showed him eating unhealthy foods, no exercise and then scrapping off Asbestos from walls while eating .

The wall was labelled clearly to make the point.
She failed to see humour in that ! and why add it to a children’s film

Her eldest son realised it was wrong !!!
She heard people laugh and mutter Asbestos. and the comment “bad lifestyle choice” As if our loved ones knowingly breathed this in through choice.
She said – I was so angry!!

Now that’s Just not right.

So far it has been controversial because of taking the mickey out of some character with a food allergy but I hadn’t heard about the asbestos aspect. On the one hand anything which raises knowledge of the danger is I suppose useful but is it raising awareness and is it right  to do it in a cartoon film of such a well loved story.

And  to do so by making it seem that people chose to get this condition is wildly unfair-

I want to invite the distributors to cut it out on the grounds that the families of the 2500 dying each year (some of whom will have had their diagnosis and died in the period between the film’s release and subsequent sale as a dvd in the supermarkets) will consider this to be grossly insensitive.
I would like to make clear that the point about the diagnosis and death between film and dvd is just a way to bring home to these people in terms they will understand just how swiftly this disease can appear, disable and then kill!



A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Saturday Night Live Bill Hader said Asbestos was Sexy form that could cause a disease

AT 4.09 ———

William Thomas Hader Jr. is a U.S. actor, comedian, producer, and writer. He is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, for which he has received three Emmy nominations, South Park, and his parody series Documentary Now!. Wikipedia

Just an ordinary regular guy — wrong!!

He said on Saturday Night Live that Asbestos was Sexy form that could cause a disease —Meso me-so-horny-oma (Mesothelioma)

Bill Nader we The Meswarriors demand an Apology Asbestos can never be called sexy and Mesothelioma (however you say it ) is not a sex game it is a Terminal Illness that thousand’s have died with and thousands will still die in the future until it is banned from this world and the USA needs to rethink the banning of it.
So I ask you please redeem yourself and Donate to the cause of Banning Asbestos and to the Finding of a cure and pray you will never need to find out just how Horrible the disease is.


Do we find that funny ?? Mesowarriors do not.

Mavis Nye Mesothelioma is a Terminal illness it isnt sexy- would he make the same joke about cancer ????? he is a funny man Yes! but there are somethings you do not make fun of.

Asbestos kills nothing sexy about that.


Andrea Hastie I have no words this 😡😡😡

James Dean It’s comedy. Cool it.


Mavis Nye James Dean I’m dying along side Thousands of Mesowarriors with Mesothelioma I don’t find it Comical we can’t Cool it sorry 😦


Vik Bennett Mesothelioma UK I am sure the programme producers would benefit from some information about this subject


Kerry Annt James Dean, it’s not comedy, it’s real life! My Dad is also dying from mesothelioma. Trust me, there’s nothing comedic about it, you imbecile!


Timothy Jay Sorry about your illness. Life sucks for no reason, sometimes. Bad things happen to good people. I hope your health improves.

Also, nothing is off-limits, in comedy.

Mavis Nye Does he make fun of all disabilities ?


Kerry Annt Timothy Jay impending death due to terminal illness should be off limits. There’s nothing comedic about it. Shame on him and shame on everyone who finds it funny.


Jo Smith You and your producers are ignorant beyond belief. Mesothelioma is a horrendous cancer. I saw my dad die of this cancer and it is no joke. I’m sure all those first responders to the twin towers who are now dying if this disease found this in very bad taste too. Try screen this to all those fire fighters who were your heroes. You should give a public apology to the world you disgusting people.


Morag Morrison James Dean please remind yourself of your comment when there’s a sketch about a condition that has seriously affected your family 😡

Jennifer Gelsick It truly breaks my heart when anyone tells me that Mesothelioma isn’t a real issue or that asbestos isn’t dangerous. Now to see a character on national television mocking what took my father from my family… absolutely devastating.

Doreen Sadler Having recently lost my husband to Mesothelioma. I find it outrageous that someone would joke about it. It is not funny to me and thousands of others that have lost their loved ones through this and to all the many people still fighting it. You should hang your head in shame.

Jo Smith James Dean if you think your heroe fire fighters who responded to 7/11 and are now dying of asbestos cancer Mesothelioma find this funny. Then you should be put in a room with their relatives just for one hour. I promise you you wouldn’t be coming out laughing. If you find this funny then there is something very sadly wrong with your head. It’s not funny, it’s not comedy. You think it’s funny that people die from this is a most agonising way, in immeasurable pain, slowly suffocating and starving to death for weeks. Then it says something about you character.

Liz Disbrow It’s not comedy when you are dying from it. Not funny SNL.

James Dean No, their plight isn’t funny but wordplay is. Also, it was 9/11.

Liz Disbrow James Dean not cool when I am dying from it. Do they joke about testicular cancer?

Jo Smith James Dean its not word play it’s ignorant there is nothing funny about this and the thousands dying from it. Let’s hope you get it and then we will be the one’s laughing and making comedy about it.

Vik Bennett As I said, I’ve lost three members of my family to mesothelioma. However, I urge people not to start personal attacks and certainly not to wish it upon anyone. Educate, inform, encourage understanding and awareness. They are right that anything is material in comedy. However, a good comedian knows what is funny and what is not. In this case, it wasn’t funny and it caused a lot of upset and adds to the lack of awareness of the condition and issue of asbestos safety.

Samantha McKee Neel Liz Disbrow Sometimes.

Samantha McKee Neel Jo Smith Of course it was word play. Do you not know the meaning of the term? They didn’t actually say “mesothelioma”…therefore, it was word play.

Sandra Koenig Samantha McKee Neel you are correct. I believe he said Me-so-horny-aloma.

Samantha McKee Neel The only reason that particular condition became fodder for something like this, is because thousands of vulture-like lawyers inundated television with ads about calling them if you have this condition. It’s not as if they pulled it out of thin air. They weren’t making light of the condition itself; they were mocking the ridiculous television spots.

Dawn Cunningham Lawson James Dean you jerk

Tony Rich James Dean Death and disease are not “comedy”.

Jennifer Delagrange You must be fun at parties. Lighten the hell up, sheesh


Robin J Richards James Dean as the lady who posted 7/11 is British she could have been referencing the London attacks by mistake. We don’t have a monopoly on terror attacks.

Katherine Taylor It’s a comedy show….it’s always been a show with no limits. Just don’t watch it if you don’t think it’s funny

Lindsey Peet Mestolimia is not funny or anything its a very horrible killer,i lost my dad to this he really needs be a public apology ,would he be laughing if was him with NO he wouldn’t

Dawn Cunningham Lawson My father died from mesothelioma, he suffered in agony for 11 months, how dare you make a joke from such a terrible disease, I suggest you research this disease and you might understand why this isn’t funny.


Cindy Hilbinger My brother DIED from mesothelioma from asbestos exposure. He left behind two young children. This is NOT funny. Please reconsider before making a joke of ANY terminal illness! 😡😢


Robin Lavimodiere This is the most disgusting thing I have ever watched we have partners
Suffering from mesothelioma and to make a joke of this and asbestos disgusting …..come spend a day with us and our family member.
This is in such poor taste I soooo disgusted.
This illness is terminal.

Cas Cass There’s nothing sexy about Mesothelioma you imbeciles! I bet you wouldn’t be laughing if you actually had it! Absolute dickheads! 😡 😠


Joanne Murray Vile creature making jokes about asbestos and the cancer Mesothelioma!!! Absolutely outraged 😡😡😡


Morag Morrison Very sad indeed to read so many people think this is funny, would they think a comedy sketch of a fatal car crash, murder or any other type of cancer or medical condition was funny. Mesothelioma is not so widely known about as other cancers & people like these need educated


Sharon Kember Brazier What on planet is this guy on joking about mesothelioma asbestos sexy. Well come talk to us that either have mesothelioma or have watched our loved ones die from this evil killer. Better still go witness someone dying from it yourself. Lost my mum at the age of 60 in 2012 after only 3 months from diagnosis. I certainly do not find this guy funny!!! Now go educate yourself!! 😡


David Staley As I am a 42year old with loving family & 2 kids, a person with a terminal illness with no cure called mesothelioma… someone please tell me how a death sentence is Sexy… I like comedy, but when it comes to any sort of cancer, illness not sure how that can be funny. SNL I really do think you need to make an apology on behalf of a so called comedian and your presenters..


Tony Rich There are indeed comedic “boundaries” and limitations (e.g.- The Holocaust, terrorist attacks, 9/11, n-word usage, decapitated Trump, rape, child molestation, and so on).

In some cases, comedians/actors who’ve tested those controversial lines are sometimes publicly shamed and shunned, sacrifice their careers, make public apologies, blacklisted, etc.

There’s a very thin line between a “controversial” joke and a joke gone too far, a line that some try to grab for attention and shock value. SNL crossed the line by insulting countless victims and families of victims of asbestos-related disease.

It seems there may always be a deviant, ignorant, fringe element of society that are amused by mean-spirited attacks or finds humor in those who suffer. However, the vast majority of compassionate and humane people do not take pleasure in the misfortune of others or make light of agents of disease and death.

FACTS: Asbestos is a known carcinogen and has not been completely banned in the US. Asbestos is still imported into the US (reportedly, now from Russia) and remains a legal ingredient in many products and materials. Millions of tons of toxic asbestos exists in our nation’s buildings and public infrastructure. Millions of workers and the public worldwide face exposure risks to asbestos everyday. Thousands fall victim to asbestos-related diseases annually.

Asbestos is a deadly serious matter and prevention awareness saves lives. No joke.

Bill Nasder


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — That was the week that was.


Its been a busy week this week and Ray has not been well with this coughing virus. Cough cough cough day and night and it has really had me scared at times. I was hoping it wouldn’t change to pneumonia.

Tuesday we had to go to the House Of Commons for the asbestos sub-committee of the APPG on Occupational Health and Safety. It was in Portcullis House In the Boothroyd Room.

Ray was so ill and I said I would go on my own and he stayed in the warm but of course he wouldn’t allow that and he did look so ill.

It was a good meeting  I attend under the hat of Mesothelioma Patient Rep and I do mange to put my points over and many points were raised by the rest of the members present.

It was great to hear that Helen Wilkes has been appointed as the first mesothelioma nurse specialist in the UK to focus on helping armed forces personnel and veterans affected by the cancer related to asbestos exposure.

We came home and got in and 9pm a long day so Ray held up Ok.

Wednesday we travelled back to London for a meeting with The Moor Blatch team of the Foundation. We travelled to The Bank which is a huge underground station with many exits and of course we went the wrong way. We have never used the Northern Line to there before. Came out by the Monument and not Lombard Street. A nice young lady helped me to go the right way.

A good meeting took place and lots of ideas flying and problem solving. that was great.

Ray felt so much better so the sun was shinning and we were so relaxed.

Then today was making a film day.

Marcus Boocock  was the camera man and interviewer and I kept messing it up. Why can I give a speech yet at home with a camera sat right in front me I get the giggles.

Marcus was very patient.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.00.13

This was all because I have been asked to be at the Launch of IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign. The next phase of the campaign will focus on raising awareness of asbestos. They wanted me to share my story though their campaign too?

So I will be included in http://www.notimetolose.org.uk/About-NTTL/Real-life-stories.aspx

960 Grid System: http://960.gs

I hope it all goes OK Marcus has a lot of editing to do

This was the Launch but I will be at the Asbestos Launch At The Paget Room BMA House Tavistock Square London WC1 on the 9th April 2018 and as it is a breakfast launch we will then get on a train at Euston for Manchester to a meeting at GMAVS for a presentation.

That’s going to be a long day but so full of interest.

Tomorrow we have a new Freezer coming so life gets back to normal although snow is forecast for the weekend so not happy about that.

A Mesowarriors Diary Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – A talk at a great support group in Watford Junction


With snow all gone we thought we would have a free from trouble journey to The Stanborough Conference Centre Watford Junction.

We got on the fast train and it pulled up into Whitstable but they change drivers and our new driver was late. We sat there waiting for him to arrive so we could travel onwards.

We were amazed to see the snow still in the fields in places.

Arriving at St Pancras and then a walk to Euston where a train was ready to take us to Watford Junction. I had taken hours planning the journey and they don’t say on google directions that every train goes to Watford Junction.

We were a little early so was sat at the station and had a coffee talking to a woman on the other table about the women tottering along in such high heels.

We carried on in a taxi and arrived at the venue but it was so funny she arrived just after us as she was waiting for a lift.

Gradually everyone arrived and they were a wonderful friendly group. We all got on so well nattering away.

A little squirrel came to the window he was after food in the bin.


The meeting started with exercises which was great to loosing us up and they were then ready for me to do my talk.

I couldn’t have done a better one as I  spoke of cancer survival. As a lovely man pointed out we are all survivors. Fear of recurrence is common amongst cancer survivors. As the year passes without the disease showing in the scans, the thought of recurrence is always with you.

You worry that every ache or pain thinking it is a sign of your cancer recurring.  These fears do fade, though they may never go away completely and each scan I get worked up that the Meso will be staring us back in our face again. I sometime think Mr Nasty will be there waving at us Mr Nasty.
So many Mesowarriors have died in the 9 years of my journey so many friends and their family have contacted me and we shared our journeys together. They have passed and left me behind. I Try not to feel guilty about my feelings or ignore them in hopes that they’ll go away I, acknowledge those fears. I Take control of those fears and I do what I can to influence my future health. and to help others. I want the Mesowarriors to survive but I keep having to light our candle. That breaks my heart.

I made Ray stand up and talk about being a carer and what his life was like. We had people laughing between us the atmosphere was just great.

I was presented with flowers and chocolates which was very sweet of them

I was a bit lost so I used notes as I haven’t done that for a long time. They didn’t have anywhere to show my presentation.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 19.27.17

I even met a Mesowarrior who is a friend of mine on Facebook so it was great to meet up.



Thank you everyone that was there and Linda Charalambous Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist  We had a great time you are running a great group. Thank you so much for the flowers and chocolates.









So we said our goodbyes and had a lift to the Station where a train was waiting and we were on our way.

But at St Pancras a Train was cancelled so we had 2 trains in one it was packed. We were crammed in at the door as there was no chance of a seat.

The driver told us that it was due to the trains being pulled into the workshops to men them as they had been damaged in the snow days last week.

Then they announced that Following damage to a number of trains caused by the snow and icy conditions last week, some trains are cancelled and other trains may have fewer coaches today trains with 12 coaches will be only 4 today. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and are working hard to repair the trains as quickly as possible. I don’t envy the travellers today in rush hour.

We were so pleased to get home and have dinner but it had been a wonderful day.