A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma. The Dog has all his teeth out, The #Asbestos classes are begining at Brunel Uni and I have my BI-Op date.











Jade at work at Animed Vets.

What a week. Louis (the dog) went to the vets to have his teeth cleaned and we bought home a toothless dog!!!

As the vet was cleaning them they all crumbled and broke away.

Louis was a rescue and his diet has always been bad. We have never been able to get him to eat so a diet of just chicken , lamb and chews has taken its toil.

He has been in pain bless him but is slowly recovering eating small quantities of chicken cooked in the slow cook and cut up very tiny we are getting through the recovery. He wont let me look into his mouth so I have to trust the gums are healing. He has one stitch that I know of.

One thing is his bark is defiantly worse than his bite !!!!

He had a lovely walk with me yesterday in the sun although a little shaky still.

I also had a day of sorting out.

I have the appointment for my Bi-Op. June 12th.

First, a week before I have to go all the way to the Royal Marsden for a blood test. It has to be done under the RM and not my local hospital as it still comes under the trial rules.

So we will get that done.

I cant believe that when I phone up to confirm my Bi-Op it has been changed to the 12th June after I have booked up hotels and the dogs kennel.

Why does the world go so crazy at times. So I will be able to speak at the Oncology Convention on the 6th, I hate messing people up like that and after I have pulled my hair out I have calmed down and sorted my life out again.

We have a wonderful raffle prize to raise money for our foundation. Ray came up with the great idea of a drone and that is what we have bought.










So many wonderful speakers I really do not want to miss this. Now I know I wont Crazy!!

Brunel University held their first class for Asbestos and I’m so proud I have paid a small part.

I had a lovely email and photo of the thoughts of the pupils






An image taken of the smart board summary of the things the pupils thought they had learned from the event. I think the message about the dangers of asbestos may have got home😊.

We have just completed the trial run of our asbestos course to 15 year 10 students (that’s about 15 years old). It seemed to go well, we managed to use asbestos as an example to cover aspects of the physics/materials science part of the curriculum.

I took a couple of minutes to make the point that asbestos is found all around us and can cause cancer and other disease.

Interestingly, one of the pupils knew more about the uses of asbestos than I did – he already works in his family business which deals with asbestos removal. He told us all about the fact that he has to wear the full protective suit when he is dealing with the material. His own grandfather has or had asbestosis from lack of protection when he worked with it.

This course would not have happened without you, Mavis, making the introduction; and the idea was born from Darren’s passion to ensure that young people should be more aware of asbestos. It’s just a start, but I hope that the news of our small success will be an encouragement to Mavis now you are facing another battle with mesothelioma yourself.

So from little acorns grow new scientists that are so Asbestos aware. I hope the idea spreads through all Universities and Colleges.

My life is planned and a calm has returned now we know just what we are doing, we will take each day as it comes.

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