A Diary Of A Messowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos My Visit to the Royal Marsden and the Oncology Convention Excel











It is a while since I have written the blog but my head and life has been all over the place.

I realise I had thought I had beaten this disease and it wouldn’t come back. I filled my diary up and thought nothing could touch me again. Then along came the day they said it was growing new growth and I’m back on the drug.

I have had so many good luck wishes I know so many people are behind me. Doctors saying if I need help just knock on the door. I have found the strength to go on and pull all the stops out again.

So I wont wallow in self-pity I will fight again. Promise !!

So the plan is a Bi-Op and then a scan then the drug every 2 weeks.

I have had to replan some talks but not a lot I’m working around the diary.

This meant putting poor Louis in the kennels and travel to Kensington booking into a swanky Hotel and we celebrated our 58 years of marriage June 4th with a very nice meal and wine.







I have always wanted to know what it was like behind those doors.

We walked to the Marsden the next day, Tuesday, as I had to have my bloods done. We walked around so the hospital wouldn’t seem so strange to us as I’m going to stay in overnight on the 12th June.

I had the bloods taken and then we booked Ray into a room so he will be near by me.

I then found the Royal Marsden Charity Office where we met the young women I have emailed but never met.

My little booklets for the Foundation were welcomed and will be given to the Doctors and patients.

I came away and this lovely shop was opposite.







The scent was just wonderful.

We then got lost and walked to far by the time we got back to the hotel we were shattered so just relaxed as we knew we had a busy next two days.










On the Wednesday signed out of the hotel and caught the underground to Tower Hill then the DRL to The Oncology Convention Excel as we had an exhibition space and Nicky had set everything up the day before but we had a case full of goodies to put out.










It was great  so many people came by and showed an interest. Doctors, Nurses, people from all walks of the Medical profession.

They all have taken our Booklet to give to patients and doctors. Sometimes people didnt know what Mesothelioma was or even some, Asbestos I enjoyed explaining.

I did a speech and would you believe I had a weird ear like it was blocked and everything sounded funny. The room is very noisy and Ray kept making signs to talk into the mike, but everyone said they enjoyed listening to my story and that it was good to hear a patients point of view.

When the show closed on the Wednesday we had to find the Ibis Hotel which was so near although there are two and of course we went to the wrong one. Harry helped us carry cases and we just dumped everything in and then went by Cab to Field Fisher for Summer Drinks party on their terrace. I never refuse an invite to this lovely spot.

























We said goodnight and travelled back  to our hotel. So many people so much traffic London never sleeps.

Then back to the Ibis and bed.

There was a crowded breakfast room young people from around the world as there was an exam in the Excel. But I will say they were all so lovely and well-behaved.

We got all packed up and booked out as another day was in front of us.

Back to our stall but it was so busy the second day always seems to be at these events.

We talked all day that a lovely GP messaged me such a lovely message today.

Hi Mrs Nye,
I came across your stand at the Oncology Convention. There were quite a few people around the table ,you were busy so I didn’t stay. I picked up a booklet and will be promoting your charity to all my patients with Mesothelioma. It’s wonderful that support is out there for them. Thank you

Now that little message has made the last two days so worth while. It sums up what I was trying to achieve. Awareness.

The cherry on the cake was being asked to do a filmed interview which I enjoyed and was word-perfect.


















Meeting the President of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the lovely Marlene Lord of APIL

Brett Dixon is a senior fellow of APIL. He is a consultant personal injury solicitor based in Lancashire with Smith Jones (Solicitors) Limited. He also runs Brett Dixon Training Limited delivering specialist legal training throughout the UK for APIL and in-house for firms.










We have come home tired but so happy.


For clinicians and researchers working in the oncology profession.
Specialising in head and neck, gastrointestinal and lung cancer, the European Oncology Convention will bring the world’s leading professionals in the oncology industry together for a unmissable two-days at ExCeL, London. Complete with an unrivalled line-up of 85 CPD accredited seminars, interactive workshops and state-of-the-art showcases from exclusively selected exhibitors, this event promises to show the revolutionary ways of studying and treating cancer.


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