A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Our First Live Stream Presentation with Convance Chiltern and a relaxing time by the thames







I have had another great adventure as we at last went out in the Motorhome. The sun has shone all the time and the weather really warmed up.
Wednesday we packed the Motorhome and travelled to Hurley Camp site. It was a good journey so we were soon unpacking and relaxing by the River Thames.














Thursday we got up and packed everything away and travelled a short distance to Maidenhead to Covance Chiltern













We just didn’t know what to expect. With our presentations on a memory stick and Louis all sleepy in the Motor home into the building we went.

At reception came  some lovely members of staff who made us feel so welcome straight away.

We had lunch and talked away and it was explained that we were being joined by the head Office –In the US . Oh the wonders of Live Stream.

The photographer wanted photos outside with our Motorhome he was fascinated by our mode of transport.

Louis has got into the picture of course.

Returning back to the building and settled in with Mic’s and lightening and we were ready for go.

Only a few people in the room and we don’t know how many were listening in and watching us. Ray presented first and I followed. Then question time.

People we couldn’t see were asking so many questions and we were happy to answer. It seems everyone was thrilled with us and our presentations. The video will be published and used world wide.

When I spoke of this in our Private group in Facebook  Mary Hesdorffer said – These are companies that do the data management, lab assays and ensure adherence to clinical trials. They contract with companies that are developing and running trials to make sure compliance with clinical trial directives. the patient experience is so helpful and inspires some who do the work remotely who never have the opportunity to engage with those that they have an impact upon. Good for you Mavis and Ray!

I’m so please we did this now. and also I might need their expertise in the future.











Thank you girls for the wonderful day and memories you have given us and we look forward to the video.

We said our goodbyes and returned to the campsite and spent a restful time until returning home yesterday Sunday.

Lots of walks by the river and down country lanes. It has been a great break.






























But I did keep a check on my Mesowarriors and sorted out problems for them xxxxx



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