A Diary Of A Mesowarior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – The visit of Past Mesowarriors Lovely Son, The Boat Sailed, The wonderful Voice of Hollie Firmin and Angie Mackrell race for Mavis Nye Foundation

Another week and suddenly we realise Christmas is nearly upon us.

We have made our arrangements what family we are going to and my son has booked us in to see the stage story of Tina 











We are also going to see his gig so we have Christmas all booked up just got to sort out present buying. That gets harder every year.

We were so busy then emptying the cases and washing clothes travelling to the Royal Marsden for my treatment. We sat there asleep most of the time as the long wait after my bloods are taken and then ordering the drug to be taken out of the fridge and made up with saline and then it goes back in the fridge, until they send it up  to the ward.   

We were on our way home just before the rush hour so we were’nt to late getting home.

We pottered about shopping and just enjoying a week free.

Then yesterday we got a surprised message from the son of a wonderful Mesowarrior could we meet up today Sunday. Brilliant that is just what we did. We met at the Harbour just as the Boat was sailing off for the trip to the Forts that are out at sea.

The ‘GRETA’ Thames Sailing Barge was built in 1892 at Brightlingsea, Essex by Stones. Used to do this ride but now we have a new boat sailing 

Length 80ft, beam 20ft, draft 3ft, displacement 49 tons

‘GRETA’ was built for a barge sailmaker called Hibbs. He sold her to Owen Perry who owned a fine fleet of working boats noted for their smart turnout and racing success.

‘GRETA’s usual cargo consisted of beer, grain, malt and building products. She did however carry some more unusual things for example the spars for the German Kaisers racing schooner.

In 1918 ‘GRETA’ was sold by Perry to The London Rochester Barge Company – which became Crescent Shipping.  Early in World War II ‘GRETA’ was chartered by the Ministry of Supply. Her cargo was ammunition from the Army depot at Upnor near Rochester to Naval vessels anchored at the Nore in the Thames Estuary.

‘GRETA’ is now privately owned by and is home to Steve Norris and 1st Mate ‘Alfie’ the dog and 2nd Mate ‘Ludo’ the dog.

In the Winter she is berthed at Standard Quay Faversham, and spends the sailing season (April – October) based  at the South Quay inside Whitstable harbour.

‘GRETA’ is maintained by Steve and his enthusiastic voluntary crew. Sailed throughout each season ‘GRETA’ regularly takes part in some of the sailing matches with other Thames Sailing Barges.










We carried on to the Whitstable Castle 








We caught up on all the news. What a great time sitting in the sun drinking Latte and just catching up with Chris White and meeting Georgina for the first time 

The time soon went and we had to say our goodbyes 

As we had walked from the Harbour we saw a young performer with a lovely voice. I have looked her up on facebook and found out her name Hollie Firmin

t was lovely there today and just as we passed she was singing Les Miserables of all songs it made me cry she was singing it just like the London stage so Crystal clear 

There was also a lovely write up for Worthing’s Angie Mackrell organised the 5km Miles for Meso run from the Gardens to George 5th Avenue and back in memory of her father, Steve Tuffill, who passed away from mesothelioma ADVERTISEMENT in 2017.

She ran this year for The Mavis Nye Foundatuon and i was so proud of her Angie has written a book – American Teabag: Memoir of 2016-2018 – about the struggle of her father being ill in America while Angie lived in England. It is due to be published in time for Christmas. Runners for next year can sign up here: www.facebook.com/events/475953732923721/?ti=cl
Read more at: https://www.worthingherald.co.uk/news/worthing-s-miles-for-meso-5k-raises-awareness-of-rare-cancer-1-8651698

A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos –The HSE European Forum Amsterdam and Miles For Meso




















Its been an amazing few days as we travelled to Amsterdam for the HSE Conference at Amsterdam at the Invitation of  Keith Hole to speak at the Venue.

We flew from Luton Airport but it had been a smooth journey to St Pancreas and then straight onto the Thames Link to Luton Pathway, our first time using this company and it was a brilliant ride.Then a bendy bus to the airport.

We passed the stripping off and being frisked and the flight with Easyjet was very smooth except landing in the wind was a bit hairy. We all clapped and cheered when we got down.

The Hotel was lovely but my goodness the price of food. I thought it would be an instant diet but we gave in and paid the prices.









The Conference went well so many great speakers on a subject I have never really studied before and dint realise so much passion went into the job to keep workers safe. I did learn,t so much

As usual there was so much went on so I will add the photos as Our speeches were so well received it was amazing.

We also played the marsh mellow game where we had to build a construction out of spaghetti,ball of string, tape, I couldn’t believe we won I was issuing instructions and the rest of the team built it and we won !!!

It was just such a happy 2 days where we met so many people from all over Europe

Human Factors
Join us on the journey of addressing human factors
• Safety Management System
Get to know more about using a cultural approach to
integrate all elements of a Safety Management System
• Industry 4.0 Projects
Debate if injuries and illnesses can drop significantly
due to Industry 4.0

• Risk Assessment and Management of Change
Listen to a real life case study about an explosion
• ISO45001 Implementation
Gain knowledge about the main differences
between the new and old version

• Brexit and the Potential Ramifications
Join our session to discover what Brexit will change
and how the indsutry will react

About GLC
Endorsing Partner
Global Leading Conferences(GLC) is an industry leader in the field of business
intelligence. We provide interactive & impactful business platforms and
networking opportunities for senior level executives by bringing them together
for B2B Conferences, Global Summits, Training & Workshops. Being customer
focused and having our client’s priorities at the forefront, are amongst our
core values and is of high importance to the way we operate our business.
Our passion for customer satisfaction and results, drive us to work with industry
experts closely – who fully understand their peers interests and day-to-day
challenges – in order to deliver the most impactful events. We are specialized in
industries such as; Pharmaceutical, Banking & Finance, Energy, Oil & Gas, IT &
Communication, Sales & Marketing, Law and Human Resources.
Our commitment is to deliver the latest information to our clients, while
maintaining highest quality and standards. By attending GLC events your
company will be able to apply advanced strategies to your operations, gain
the latest know-how’s and benchmark yourself higher against the competition
while enjoying a 5 star environment.

Question Time after giving a speech that was received with tears and hankies xx






































































The Flight was great if a little bumpy!

https://mesoandme.wordpress.com/ this is Rays Blog

We did try to get back in time to travel to Worthing to the Miles for Meso event but didnt anticipate on the length of the queue to get through Costumes so we missed our Mesowarrior Angie  Mackrell running for the Mavis Nye Foundation. She has said — Angie Mackrell 

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help today, to everyone who took part, everyone who volunteered, everyone who shared my event with everyone they know, everyone who got sponsors or donated and to everyone who was cheering us on. I honestly can’t quite believe how wonderful this morning was. It was so lovely meeting and making new friends and getting a picture with the foxys! And I can’t wait to see how much we raised as one big loving team💕thank you thank you thank you xxx








there is still time to donate and boost her funds up https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/angiemackrell1/


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos — The Contamination Expo, UKATA Award to me, Leigh Days Event at the Shard







The day came to put Louis in the kennels and travel to Birmingham.

We had to go to London  first to a board meeting which was very eventful as things have come together fast now. With Donations coming in from all sorts of sources as very kind people are backing my wish to make something of the terrible disease Mesothelioma is and also to back the Asbestos Industry and my wish to educate educate educate the dangers of the deadly mineral.

So  have now put together the program of bring the grants to life for Research and will have an event in March 2019 when we have adertised the grants and then sorted through and the panel of Doctors have chosen the ones they think fit our criteria.

We said our goodbyes and set off for Euston and was soon travelling to Birmingham.

The Hotel at the NEC wasn’t finished with their building work so they had put us in the Hilton Garden and realised just how far that was from the Venue. but they had laid on taxis so it wasn’t so bad.

On Wednesday we woke up breakfast and travelled by taxi to the event I so look forward to.

We all know each other as we are from Linked in and always keep in touch.

We were on the UKATA stand and speaking in their theatre.

I have had so many hugs and congratulations on my great scan result. 4 Infusions and 14% shrinkage has bought so much interest to Mesothelioma and Imunotherapy.The first person in the world to rechallange for Mesothelioma, that really is to enormous to take in, but I’m loving the hugs. 

Craig Evans

Chief Operating Officer at UK Asbestos Training Association Limited
We’ve had a great two days at the Contamination Expo Series 2018 at NEC Birmingham. It was great to see so many familiar faces, Members and new potential Members. A big thank you to the team, all of the speakers within the UKATA Theatre and finally several of our Directors who spoke at the event this year; Graham O’Mahony BSc (Hons), Chris Bishop & Roger Willey. Also, a special mention to Mavis Nye BCAh, it was my pleasure to present this remarkable woman with the UKATA Outstanding Contribution Award today, very well deserved. We will be back at the Contamination Expo in 2019! 




















So as so much went on Im having to let the photos do the talking.

One person who stands out was Andew Ramsden of Sundstrom https://www.safetycompany.com/brands/Sundstrom-Safety.html

So I now have a Swedish connection and a Mask of my own.

We have had a business meeting and worked out how to sell the Sundstrom Premium Plus Pack in the UK with a donation going to The Mavis Nye Foundation.

Paul Chamberlain Wefitrpe Ltd Accredited Fit2Fit Face Fit Testing Provider, Basildon Essex. 01268 520962‬ or 07956 587072 Email sales@wefitrpe.co.uk

Will be the outlet and each box will carry the Foundations Logo

Very proud as this is the second mask to be sold with Donations going to the Foundation as we have ESS Safeforce doing the same thing with their mask.

ESS Safeforce: 
Essential House, 
Vaux Road, 
Finedon Road Industrial Estate, 
Northants, NN8 4TG
I couldnt be happier as this is such a passion of mine to make sure the mean are safe.
Also ESS are selling a Razor to men who have stubble and they pay a £1 into the charity. Getting it through that stubble means their mask isnt fitting safely.

If this is something you would like to do please send for a Charity box and buy a pack of Razors and raise money for my Charity also.


It was two days or such great fun and thank you to all the people I have met. The clock is ticking away to Next year 2019 and I cant wait. Its in my Diary I will be there please join me xx

We left and travelled back to London to another hotel in Southwark as we had an invitation to Leigh Days gathering in the Shard. 







It was great to be back here and watch London Light up for the night. What a sight.















My Fav Doctor was there and we can now let the secret out as everyone knows that it is Professor Peter Szlosarek

Congratulations and well done as you have worked so tirelessly to find treatment for the rarer Mesothelioma’s.  

A Diary of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – A Relaxed Day in London










It has been a great day in London today with our friend Harry Steinberg QC just a laugh and giggle day.

We were celebrating my great news of the shrinkage.

The journey up in the train amazed us as to how many people packed in as we travelled packed in like sardines. Football fans drinking beer already and children chattering excited to be going to London.

At St Pancras I phoned Harry, he could see me but I couldn’t see him and I’m looking outside and he is coming up behind us.

All the hugs over with we got a taxi but I had a phone call from Lucy Johnson of the Express. She is writing a piece on me for Sundays paper so wanted to read it through with me. So no false news in the Sunday express they talk it over with the person they are writing about.

The taxi pulled up outside a lovely restaurant right by The Aldrich Theatre where the show Tina is showing.

It was a lovely meal and lots of chatting to catch up on as Harry has been travelling around Europe.









The time flew by and it was time to travel home so in a taxi and back to the station.

We said our goodbyes but not for long as we are in a board meeting on Tuesday.






Ray has come home and snoozing now !!!










A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Life is a Rollercoaster, But I have had a great Scan result







Life is a Roller Coaster

Ray had a phone call from the hospital to make an appointment after his scan result is showing something is going on in is Lymph Gland. Why that would give him a lump in his groin we do not know so all will be revealed on the 17th.

We do of course suspect the big C . We are positive people so we try to put the bad thoughts to the back of our mind but we will meet any challenges head on.

Getting old is such a pain (excuse the pun)

Well yesterday was treatment day at the Royal Marsden for me. I had a scan on Monday so we set of very troubled at what my results would be.

The traffic was very heavy as we travelled all the motorways but we did get there on time.

Bloods were done after a fight to find my veins. This is getting harder after so many times the poor veins have been abused with needles through the years.

We sat and waited for the Doctor to call me  in.










He said everyone was delighted when they had looked at my scan in the meeting.

14% shrinkage on only 4 infusions. I have responded so well on a rechallenge of MK3475-28 (Pembro)

Ray sat there shocked and his hand over his mouth.

From then on everyone came up to me and gave me a hug as they said we have heard the great news. Im the first meso Patient to achieve this great news.

A nurse came and saw me, she is one I meet often at conferences and she was so pleased. I said I would love to be brave enough to leave my body to research but she said Mavis you are doing so much while you are alive concentrate on that. There is a chance they do another bi-op so they can really see what is going on a rechallenge  That is Ok by me I said.

I want to know so many answers to the question What is it in my body that is allowing this great result so it can really help other Mesowarriors ??

So Infusion 5 is in and travelling around my veins now The story continues.

I have emailed the great result to Doctors that were waiting to hear, and received lovely answers back it was a great day yesterday.

Im surviving through this terrible disease.










Today we are going for an eye test. I hate it. Does it look better with this ? Does it look better like that?? I can never tell the difference













Please donate to Mavis Nye Foundation lets find the answers to Mesothelioma and fund Research.


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos – Ray has had a scan, My Interview in the Dockyard, and a new donation page






Well we have had a turn around here Im the carer and Ray is the patient.

He had to go for a scan.

He had a very bad ear ache a few weeks back and I found him rocking and banging his feet with pain. I got him to the GP Surgery and I thought that something was travelling around as I read up and you can get a stone so my theory was had passed through as he had a lump in his groin. So I worried about his Lymph glad system.

The GP had no idea what it was so a x-ray was ordered.

He had the X-ray and that proved he didn’t have a hernia so a scan was ordered and that’s where we went today.

I have to tell you about a wonderful old lady that came in with her daughter. She was so sweet although had partial sight. It was the kindness of her daughter that amazed me. She did everything for her mum. She had even bought a couple of biscuits for if her Mum was hungry after the scan. We had a great discussion about gin and tonic with rosemary in.

When she went in for her scan another lady laughed because the daughter had spoken very loud so we all heard, but I said it is just lovely to see an older person so well cared for when so many old people are lonely and never see a sole all day.

I do hope there is nothing to seriously wrong I said to Ray how funny how we meet people and then never see them again so you never know how they get on.

Anyway Ray had his cannulae put in and then his scan was completed so in his own words

Well Ive had my Scan. I even got out an hour early. I wasn’t expecting a full body scan, only the relevant area, but a full one was what I got. But no one tells you anything yet.
I did not like the feelings when they shoot the contrast into you. He said you may feel like a wee but don’t worry. I did worry I honestly thought I had done it, it’s that real. But I wasn’t prepared for the burning hot flush.
I now know what Mavis has endured over the past 9 years of regular scans, bless her. I have no Idea what to expect but as Mavis said what ever the result we ill deal with it. I just hope it doesn’t interfere with me taking her for treatment every 2 weeks. So its WTS.

So we have Scanexity with Ray now and they have scanned his chest abdomen and pelvis so they are looking in all the right places at long last for someone who has worked with Asbestos and his wife has Mesothelioma –at last.

Alec Smith published his video of my Interview in the Dockyard I’m very pleased with it.

He had published Rays

We are so happy that this is now shared and please anyone can use it in training courses that will make us so proud to know the history of the Dockyard is used to keep raising awareness.

We have had a great week as it was my birthday and so many cards, messages and presents it was just so great. Ray what did Ray buy me ??? well a box of chocolates and a battery operated power washer. so I can clean the car ha ha !!! say no more !!!










He did book Ben Portsmouth (Elvis) it was a brilliant show and I cried when he had Elvis’s private video showing on a big screen.

But it was a great birthday Thank you Ray xx








We have a new Donation as we are now with BT My Donate. All the other donations to Charity Choice are in the Foundations Bank account so thank you everyone for all the wonderful donations so far. We will be Launching Research Grants in December but we have a long way to go to achieve all the Grants.


Life is going to busy again in September as we travel and give our talks at Conferences the Contamination Expo in NEC Birmingham is first





So many people to meet up with again.

My newsletter grows 4 Pages for August but there is so much going on in Mesothelioma and Asbestos People are at last showing interest and reporting such a change in the 903 years I have been involved



Mavis Nye Foundation Newspaper