A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Life is a Rollercoaster, But I have had a great Scan result







Life is a Roller Coaster

Ray had a phone call from the hospital to make an appointment after his scan result is showing something is going on in is Lymph Gland. Why that would give him a lump in his groin we do not know so all will be revealed on the 17th.

We do of course suspect the big C . We are positive people so we try to put the bad thoughts to the back of our mind but we will meet any challenges head on.

Getting old is such a pain (excuse the pun)

Well yesterday was treatment day at the Royal Marsden for me. I had a scan on Monday so we set of very troubled at what my results would be.

The traffic was very heavy as we travelled all the motorways but we did get there on time.

Bloods were done after a fight to find my veins. This is getting harder after so many times the poor veins have been abused with needles through the years.

We sat and waited for the Doctor to call me  in.










He said everyone was delighted when they had looked at my scan in the meeting.

14% shrinkage on only 4 infusions. I have responded so well on a rechallenge of MK3475-28 (Pembro)

Ray sat there shocked and his hand over his mouth.

From then on everyone came up to me and gave me a hug as they said we have heard the great news. Im the first meso Patient to achieve this great news.

A nurse came and saw me, she is one I meet often at conferences and she was so pleased. I said I would love to be brave enough to leave my body to research but she said Mavis you are doing so much while you are alive concentrate on that. There is a chance they do another bi-op so they can really see what is going on a rechallenge  That is Ok by me I said.

I want to know so many answers to the question What is it in my body that is allowing this great result so it can really help other Mesowarriors ??

So Infusion 5 is in and travelling around my veins now The story continues.

I have emailed the great result to Doctors that were waiting to hear, and received lovely answers back it was a great day yesterday.

Im surviving through this terrible disease.










Today we are going for an eye test. I hate it. Does it look better with this ? Does it look better like that?? I can never tell the difference













Please donate to Mavis Nye Foundation lets find the answers to Mesothelioma and fund Research.


12 thoughts on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Life is a Rollercoaster, But I have had a great Scan result

  1. Wow Mavis that’s amazing news.were so pleased for you and ray.
    Are you 1st person on this trial? .
    Gives hope to all diagnosed with asbestos mesothelioma.
    My husband was diagnosed last year with biphasic asbestos mesothelioma.
    He’s still keeping well .CT scan October.
    No treatment since December 2017.
    Everything crossed.
    Take care.
    Denise and Mick xx

  2. Good evening Mavis.
    I read what professor Dean fennell has published.
    This is frightening news. I can’t believe how much immotherapy has helped so many people including my husband.
    This is now standard treatment.
    You more than anybody knows this.
    I pray that comon sence and not profit
    Will win.
    We have met so many people helped with immunotherapy.please God.
    May it continue.for all cancers patients.
    Take care.
    Love Denise and Mick xx

  3. Good morning Mavis.
    I totally understand.. trial result are not published until end of trial.
    My husband is really keeping very well.thankgod.
    He was told. monitor by CT scan.
    He’s had amazing results up to know.
    Sorry I was worried.
    You are doing fantastic with your treatment.take care.
    Hope ray is also keeping well.
    Denise and Mick xx

  4. Good morning Mavis.
    I read your message again.
    Your last remarks about patients.
    That’s what I was getting at.
    What do they do.
    I’m cracking up age.

  5. Good evening Mavis
    I read about the two doctors.recived the.NOBIL PEACE PRIZE. WELL DESERVED.
    It’s interesting. I couldn’t believe.back in 18.00centuary.
    A Dr discovered immunotherapy. Working on your own immune system. Shame more wasn’t taken notice of.
    Chemotherapy was the treatment for decades.As up to date.
    Thank goodness for doctors and research today.
    Hope you are still keeping well. And Ray.
    Best wishes
    Denise and Mick xx

  6. Hi Mavis.
    We went to Leicester yesterday. CT scan still showing shrinking amazing.
    My husband’s​ keeping very well.
    Break.back 3mths. Fantastic.
    Hope you are still keeping well and Ray.
    Denise and Mick xx

    • Good evening Mavis.
      Sorry to read Ray hasn’t been well.
      Hope he will get good results from his test’s.
      Do hope that you are well and treatment going well.
      Love Denise and Mick xx

  7. Good afternoon Mavis.
    I just wanted to let you know. My son is a plumber. Just rang me. He’s had asbestos course all day. He said about his dad has. asbestos mesothelioma.
    The chap said about you. All your hard work to help others. Great.
    Hope you are keeping well and treatment going well.
    Love Denise and Mick xx

  8. Hi Mavis
    O believe me I have told everyone.who has been in contact with asbestos or suspect they could have.
    Tell there doctors.so it’s on record.
    My son and husband worked for same plumbing and heating company.
    Mavis sorry to read you’ve not been well. Hope antibiotics get on top.
    Amazing CT scan results X.
    Hope Ray is ok.
    Take care
    Denise and Mick xx

    • Hi Mavis.
      Just rang my son. Said I’d Heard from you.
      He also told the chap doing asbestos course.
      Anyone who has worked with asbestos or suspect they have. Tell there doctors. So on record.
      He also said. He definitely thinks he will pass this on to others. Great to hear.
      Hope you are feeling better.
      Take care.
      Denise and Mick xx

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