A Diary of A Mesowarrior living with #Mesothelioma #asbestos– A crazy crazy week.


Its been one of those weeks, You know where you wish you could stop the world from spinning then realise its you that are spinning.

The traffic jams to the Marsden on Monday started the week even if the treatment went well but it is a long boring day and poor Ray is so spaced out by the time we get home but he was violently sick and went to bed early.

I know that deep down he is worried that he isn’t hear the results of the Bi-Op. We keep phoning.

Tuesday a Consultant phoned to say Ray had Lymphoma and that they will sit and wait to see what happens then a secretary phones to say can she book the appointment for Ray’s Op. ???

Please get it right.

Wednesday passes uneventful Thursday Louis has a haircut so he fell out with us and sulked all day.

Friday -yesterday Well a day of complete chaos.

We had to travel to London for a Foundation Meeting which Ray was Chairing so we were all prepared and ready for the off.

Got to the station and the train was delayed due to a disruptive passenger that had to be taken off the train a couple of stations before us.

This delayed the train so they had to put it on a loop line and we journeyed slowly to London.

At Denmark Hill the driver told us the train could go no further as a train was blocking Victoria on our line.

We all got out and had to get over to platform 1 where a Over Ground train took us to Clapham Junction where we got the Gatwick express into Victoria. All the south eastern trains were lined up going nowhere.

We met up with a friend and had a coffee and then journeyed on to our meeting.

A very lively event where Ray did a great job and so many problems got solved and so many actions for me to sort out, it was like the good old days of our Fire Alarm Company. It’s amazing how you fall back into it.

The pilot research grants are ready for people to apply for are now going to be advertised and we sorted how this would happen. At last we are moving forward. The Foundation was launched a year ago and it took a year to get to that point but at last we are moving onward and things will really happen in 2019.

We have 3 Mesowarriors on the board now which pleases me.

The meeting all done and dusted we went and had a coffee with 2 of the trustees and relaxed then made our way to the station.

Guess  who made a mistake and instead of getting a train from Charing Cross I said now the Victoria problem must be over now. Oh Dear !!

The Ramsgate train alongside other trains were delayed.

They finally said we had a train platform 1. That meant a long walk so everyone else was rushing ahead and clamouring into a 4 carriage train. We had to push our way in to getting a standing spot. A dear little 4 year old going on 40 sat on her case and got out her packed dinner. Her Mum had made sandwiches for her and cut up an apple.

She kept us amused until she got out at Bromley South. I was getting so tired of standing and a young  girl offered her seat I was so relieved as an hour of standing squeezed up was just to much. How can the get away with such a dangerous load. You feel like cattle as your herded onto 4 carriages.

Ray finally got a seat behind me at Rainham.

We were so pleased to get home and get dinner.

I found a message on the answer phone Ray has an appointment with the haematology department on Wednesday at the QE2M hospital  AT LAST !!!! It has taken since the 4th July ?










One good thing that happened though

https://anchor.fm/…/episod…/Demolition-News-Radio-147-e2khi9 I love it thank you Mark Im so pleased I spoke up today. I have wanted to say it for a long time but today you shared that your son was the camera man and In all my presentations is about protecting young lungs so that they stay healthy through to their old age. Just as we retired I found I couldnt breath and then I had a death sentence put on me of 3 months. Ok we all know we die but its a shock when your told when that day will be. So if I have saved one person Im happy today xx

Mark Said —Rightly Reprimanded – Why I should practice what I preach, and how a LinkedIn message might just have saved my son’s life:






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