A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma —-A visit to Beacon International


For 26 years Beacon has been providing equipment and consumables for the asbestos removal industry. The team collectively has 150 years of experience.

Things are moving fast and furious with The Mavis Nye Foundation in a way I had never envisaged.

We travelled yesterday to our meeting with Beacon. They sent a lovely young man Luis as he lives in Maidstone and was able to come and pick us up and take us to Desborough Northants. A long journey in rush hour traffic about we got there in 4 hours.

We arrived and was met by so many friendly people it was a pleasure to have travelled so far.

Ray greeted us and told us all about his latest inventions and then took us up to meet Andy, the owner. After a cup of coffee we were shown around all the factory meeting the workers who showed us what they were working on. Andy showed us every corner and it came across how proud he is of his workers and what they were making. It was so good to know Manufacturing was still going strong in this day and age of uncertainty.

A little thing we found fascinating was when Beacon moved into the premises, that had been a shoe and handbag manufacture, the locals didn’t want to lose the handbag side so Beacon set up an area and carried on providing the handbags.


We carried on and watched as these vacuums were being produced.

A  new rang of Safe Change Vacuums allow the user to safely vacuum hazardous dust and when the job is finished the full dust collection pod and be safely removed and a new one fitted without the need for a controlled environment.

This new range of equipment is ideal for asbestos removal licensed and non-licensed work, medical, emergency services and countless other applications.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 20.05.56

Andy with his eyes shut ha ha !! I noticed that there was no dust anywhere and asked if this was due to all the testing of dust extraction going on. They hadn’t thought about that but really it must be that the factory has become and enclosure almost.

There was so much to see Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 20.05.40

These are the water tanks for the portable deacons which are fascinating. I had not thought that you couldn’t park deacons in London so portable ones are set up.

all their products are listed here http://www.beaconinternational.co.uk/

At the end of the tour Ray and I carried on and we gave our talk to the workers that had gathered and they were really appreciative as they said they work in the Industry but here were two people who have gone through the consequences of Asbestos.

I had said at the beginning and end of talk that they are helping people to stay safe, by the end of our talk they believed it and said they see their work in a different light now.

Then Ray announced how the are going to do a cycle race in May.

A relay race from site to site starting in Washington and ending up in a new premises in Essex.

That surprised me and does sound such great fun we will look forward to that.

This lovely man with his moustache are in the latest Harry Potter film, you just never know when your going to meet some one famous do you x

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 20.06.14

Jan will see the launch of a new product for the enclosure when I have more details I will divulge how that is cementing my Foundation to Beacon. They are at the moment working hard to get the launch underway.

We travelled home and although in rush hour Dartford Crossing was good.

What a wonderful day.

Thank you so much Beacon and thank you for the lovely flowers and wine.




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