A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –The Royal Marsden and the DNA Results but no treatment this week









Last week was a bad week as I had a coughing virus bug and slept everyday. No energy to stay up all day.

But we got through and I knew I was going to the Marsden so I hung on.

the traffic was to bad yesterday and we got through easier was soon parked up.

My bloods were taken and I explained I had been ill as I lost 1 stone in weight.

There seemed a long wait and then my nurse said they want more blood from me as my sample had congealed. So I gave more blood and waited again.

The Doctor called me in and checked over all my notes but then the Consultant popped in and said they have the results of my DNA testing and they are excited.

She wanted to show me pictures but she couldn’t get into the system so said she would be back. She also said would I have a scan as they wanted to see how my trial was going as they feel the cancer has the upper hand and wasn’t letting the Pembro work??

They want to put another drug with the Pembro to get around this.

So I agreed to the scan it was going to be 2pm.

This meant I couldn’t do my Telecom to the Confirm trial I had been given permission to sit in the quiet Chapel to do it but my world and mind was going mad.

I was given a prescription for antibiotics.

We tried to get a dinner bit its the Staff Christmas dinners so we couldn’t get a dinner so had a cake instead.

So at 1.30pm I went to the scanner and that didn’t take long.

STABLE again.

So things will be worked out for me and I was asked to come back next week. They want the antibiotics to clear up the infection so I suppose the scan showed that was bad.

I gave more blood as they want to check my thyroid and that was it no treatment.

Oh yes the DNA –Well —








They have come up with all the answers in my DNA and I was given a wonderful show of all the pictures. It is fascinating. They now are sequencing my DNA (to be honest I dont know just what that means but my mind was in a whirl looking at such professional pictures that I have only seen in conferences ) and they are going to now write the paper up and announce in a medical journal. 

Basically the new tumour is now full of PDL 1 when I had very little in first Tumour 10 years ago and also I have plenty of white cells now I didn’t have in first one.

I have had a 14% shrinkage but on second and now yesterdays Scan it is still stable. They cant work out how I have all the soldiers but no one has given the order to the T Cells to kill.

As soon as they print up their findings I will do a blog

 They will now look at all the Patients who failed on trials and see if the combo might work on them if it works with me. I keep my fingers crossed. Its all I can do.

Now the spot light is on Ray and he has his PET Scan tomorrow. A double act arent we










2 thoughts on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –The Royal Marsden and the DNA Results but no treatment this week

  1. Thank you Mavis for sharing your journey I have learned so much of this horrible disease through your blogs and being there for us all you are a blessing.
    The antibiotics should help you get better to fight on 😊…. wishing good results for Ray. Xx

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