My Blog to Launch The Mavis Nye Foundation Research Grant Application ​#Mesothelioma #Asbestos









Today is a wonderful day as all my plans have come together and I have been able to launch the foundations 1st aim

The Mavis Nye Foundation Clinical Research Grant Application

Mavis Nye Foundation Grant
The Mavis Nye Foundation is awarding its first Clinical Research grants to mark the first anniversary of the charity. Following a year of fundraising from hundreds of generous supporters, the Mavis Nye Foundation is welcoming applications for grants For Clinical Research.

One of the key aims of the charity is clinical research for the treatment of mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases and grants will be awarded for applications that fit this criteria.  Research grants will be awarded for projects up to £10,000.
The opening date for the Grant applications will be 2 January 2019.
The closing date for applications is 31st March 2019. The successful applicants will be be announced in April 2019. 

This has raised a lot of interest on Social Media and I have been asked by Mesowarriors and Companies how they can set up Direct Debits so are the Bank details for people to make a regular payment through their banks. 
Registered Charity 1172765

  Mavis Nye was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2009, and given 3 months to live.   After years of Chemo Immunotherapy and dedication in helping others.
She is now Founder and President of her own Foundation.  Its aim is to fund research in drug development for mesothelioma.    Also support for Student Nurses and Doctors in the Field of mesothelioma And offer support to mesothelioma victims.

Mavis currently Provides Round the Clock Support on Social Media Groups called mesowarriors










A huge thank you to all those that have followed me and have had faith in me. We have met so many wonderful people and Ray and I have enjoyed speaking to so many. We have loved giving our Presentations even though we were never used to being up on a stage before my illness, but Mesothelioma is a disease from Asbestos and I was so angry when diagnosed to find out Governments could have solved this so many years ago as they found Asbestos was killing people.

I now not only talk about Mesothelioma but about HSE and my wish is to keep young people safe from this terrible Lung disease that seems to appear just as your plans to retire and enjoy freedom from work.

I feel we should all have a mask on as everyday dust gets into our Lungs and damages. Just be aware  and keep safe.

So Have a great Christmas and a wonderful Happy Healthy New Year xx



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