A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos – We have Launched the Mavis Nye Foundation Grants for Clinical Trials for Mesothelioma












Gosh I can’t believe I have sat down to do a blog at last.

Life has been very busy from the new year. Planning to decorate and sorting out how to do that. It does take a little longer when you don’t feel 100% but I do want to have a go.

Trips to London to sort out the Launching of the Research Grants and the spreading of the word. I really want to encourage younger people to come forward with their ideas for Research into Mesothelioma.

I have sent the advert to Uni’s etc etc so if you know anywhere please forward.








Thanks to so many that have backed the Foundation in 2018 We are able to Launch my dream of grants for Mesothelioma Research. 2019 is going to be so exciting as not only have I survived 10 years in May 2019 My Case is going to published by The Royal Marsden as my DNA has thrown up so many answers to Immunotherapy but I have become the first person in the world to re-challenge Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) by MSD
I know it as the MK3475-28 Trial that I was so lucky to get on in 2014. I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t got on the trial and as I only had 1% PDL1 I almost didn’t make it.
Now I have so much PDL1 thanks to Pembro. The story goes on and on so I wanted to pay back to the NHS for all their care hence My Foundation. It is unusual for a Foundation to be raised by a Patient as the sad truth is Mesothelioma is so deadly and takes a life in a few months. years I was given 3 months but I’m so grateful to be here 10 years later. and now please share around and help me find the person that has an idea of treatment. They might be at Uni our a student in a Lab somewhere I want to find that person and help him to help us Mesowarriors.
This Foundation is built on love for fellow Mesowarriors in the future. They need us.
https://www.mavisnyefoundation.com/mavis-nye-foundation-res… Mavis Nye Foundation Grant The form is on this link
The Mavis Nye Foundation is awarding its first clinical research grants to mark the first anniversary of the charity. Following a year of fundraising from hundreds of generous supporters, the Mavis Nye Foundation is welcoming applications for grants.
One of the key aims of the charity is clinical research for the treatment of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases and grants will be awarded for applications that fit these criteria.
Clinical Research grants will be awarded for projects up to £10,000.
The opening date for the Grant applications will be 2 January 2019.
The closing date for applications is 31st March 2019. The successful applicants will be announced in April 2019.
The application form can be downloaded click on the link above

We have lost so many lovely Mesowarriors since Christmas. I know this happens because winter brings virus and I to had the bad coughing one so I know how quickly we can go under. I had treatment stopped for 2 sessions and antibiotics. I had slept for 4 days solid so I did frighten everyone but I have recovered well and Im back on treatment and a scan will be on Feb 4th. This is the one that will decide whether I stay on the rechallange or a new trial. They are sequencing my DNA to find a drug we could use with Pembro. They are not happy with stable my team wants complete response again.

Ray has a telephone appointment on the 30th Jan and then he goes into treatment for his non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on 1st Feb. I can’t get my head around that he has cancer as well and we have just carried on as normal.










We have had a shock that Christine Winters has passed so suddenly The message from Mark was so unbelievable

It is with great regret that I have to inform you at 11am Sunday 6th January 2019 Christine past away.
To those people who knew Christine via this and other electronic platforms I thank you for the support, happiness, and joy you brought her, she derived great pleasure from your communications.
Christine was a very special person and passionate about the causes she believed in, from her love of fighting for the rights of her beloved Staffy breeds to her staunch fight in raising awareness to the terrible curse of asbestos diseases.
Christine dedicated many years of her life in the fight to ban asbestos globally, whilst striving to raise awareness in the UK through education of those workers exposed to this terrible killer dust.

I met her and her husband Mark in 2010 when they were involved with IATP. She wasn’t a Mesowarrior but was in the world of Asbestos. I met her and her husband Mark in 2010 when they were involved with IATP.







RIP Christine My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mark, Daughter and the two Staffs that were your world


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