A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos —The #BTOG2019 Conference In Ireland

This week I have been to Ireland to BTOG https://www.vjoncology.com/event/btog-2019/

I can’t possibly write all the info here as it was three days of intense information as there is so much going on now with clinical trials.

10 Years ago there was nothing for Mesothelioma and now there is so much. I’m very proud to have played such a huge part in the story.

The link is all the talks that we heard so please work your way through and see for yourself.

I will tell you my story and what I did.

We started at Luton Airport where we arrived early and hadn’t noticed the snow. One runway was closed so this delayed our journey and we didn’t arrive until midnight so it was straight to bed as we had an early morning next day.

It was lovely to meet old and make new friends the next day.

We sat through all the lectures and gathered so much information.

I bumped into a dear friend Micheal Rawlings and I told him all my news of his Companies drug. He was amazed and will relay back to MSD which who Im so grateful to.



















I stayed around the Hugh James stand and we attracted so many people to the Mavis Nye Foundations application form for the Research Grant that we are now able to present. I hope we get a great return of forms as there was so much interest in what we do.










I sneaked in to watch Tim-Benepal Consultant Medical Oncologist at St George’s and Parkside Hospital as he is on the Advisory Committee of the Foundation and its the first time I have heard him speak.








I had many discussions with others so many know me so I smile at everyone as I can’t remember all the names.










Playing my part

The meals were so good as the food was the best. Irish stew was on the menu of course. The whole event was top notch well done to Dawn who organizes the whole show and Sanja who chairs the whole event they work so hard with so many people.

I’m so proud of all our NHS and would like to say a huge thank you for all do in such hard times. you all deserve a meddle.










Ray caught this photo as the man was spraying with a mask on all so correct but passersby didn’t have protection. We didn’t know what was going on of what he was spraying.

So the event came to an end and everyone went to catch planes and trains.

Ray and I sat down as we were flying home next morning early 7.30am  Oh no we weren’t. !!! We lucky enough checked our flight papers and we were booked for Friday morning.

Oh no! we were all packed on the Airbus and traveled through rush hour traffic to the Airport rushed up to talk to a lovely young man at the Ryanair desk.

So pleased to have been given tickets for the 6.30 flight as he was able to squeeze us in Saturday Morning even though we wouldn’t be sitting next to one another. We paid a E100 transfer fee but we didn’t care just so long as we got home.

It wasn’t worth going to a hotel so we lived in the Airport but I was pleased we did. We had the opportunity of watching love as people arrived in their loved one’s arms. Lovers, friends Mums and Dads and little children running crying to their Dads, Grandparents it was all too much and so emotional I was in tears so many times.

Then at 1am, it all went quiet. we did meet lovely people to talk to and we had lots of coffee to stay awake.

On getting our boarding passes at 3am and walked to the departure lounge but being on first flights the gate numbers were up so we were able to go to our gate. How I wish it was always like that.

Onto the plane and I sat next to a lovely young lad that fell asleep and when we landed with a huge bump he woke up in shock. He thought we had crashed. I put my hand on his arm and assured him we hadn’t.

At Stansted no trains only busses. Onto a bus to Liverpool Street Station. Underground to St Pancras where it was train to home and pick up Louis from the kennels. He was happy to see us and that was it, Journey, over.

What an adventure. I said to Ray I bet I cant say are you going next year, He smiled. We will don’t worry xx




3 thoughts on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos —The #BTOG2019 Conference In Ireland

  1. Wow I bet you had a great time in Ireland. I love Ireland my husband is Irish.
    Must have been very interesting getting more knowledge of what’s happening with asbestos mesothelioma trials.
    I don’t know how you do it.
    Hope you and Ray are keeping well.
    My husband is still very well.
    Take care love
    Denise and Mick xx

    • Hi Mavis
      Thank you for your reply.
      Just read your message about your treatment and scan.
      We wish you all the best for good results.
      The work of dr’s and reasurch today is amazing.
      Send love to Ray.
      Also fingers crossed for you both.
      Love Denise and Mick XX

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