A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living with #Mesothelioma #Asbestos– Ray is ready for his cancer treatment next Friday and Mesowarriors were spoken about in parliament yesterday-A day of Mesothelioma Awareness


Oh, how we need spring to pop its head up.

Ray has now joined me with cancer treatment yes he is even going to have Immunotherapy for his Lymphoma much to our surprise.

But he went to the hospital yesterday to do his pretreatment and they play a film. We sat there and laughed as it was all our local doctors and nurses. Dr. Shah from Maidstone was in it talking about chemo, I said to Ray he is going to pop out of there and say “Hi Mavis how are you ” as he always greets me when he sees me.

The thing is Ray is having Immunotherapy and yet they show a film of chemotherapy. They haven’t caught up yet, have they. Immunotherapy is so different and the side effects are not so severe.

But with all that done and blood is taken he is ready for next Friday’s treatment of Rituximab.

They put it into the vein slowly of 6 hours for the first one and monitor for any side effects. If OK next time will be faster. He has a buddy as our friend Tracy who lost her father to meso is going to have it but she has Rheumatoid Arthritis. but they will be able to chat about it each week.


Now that is all planned we know where we are and can work the dates into the diary.

Yesterday in the House of Commons was a great day for Mesothelioma awareness

It was our day in Parliament yesterday check this out SNP MP Peter Grant says it is “disappointing” that the government will not increase payments automatically every year in line with inflation.
He calls for this to be imposed by next year at the latest.
3,000 people lose their lives to mesothelioma every year, he says, noting the former MP for his constituency, John McDougall, died of mesothelioma aged just 60.
Delays to compensation payments were caused by the fact that employers knew if they could keep a case going until the employee died, the payout would be reduced, he says.
“This is an insidious, vile way to treat people”, he adds.


Then A mesowarrior was spoken of which was great for awareness

House Of Commons for Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Dennis Skinner MP speaking in House of Commons today about social security motions including increase in payments for mesothelioma sufferers.

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