A Diary OF a #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –Jack Frost visited us and caused trouble. Scan result also trouble.

We woke up 4.45 to go to the Royal Marsden for my treatment but Ray took the dog for a walk first and when he came back he said he had to go and de Ice the car.

So I finished getting ready and then locked up and joined him.

He was so worried as he couldn’t get the car into 2nd gear so I said well get going in 2nd and see what happens.

It worked ok and we set off. Then in the traffic jam 1st worked but 5th stopped so we held our breath and got to the Royal Masden on time.

Then as I got out of the car I didn’t realize that puddle was all ice and bang I was on my bottom. A man came over and lifted me up. What a gentleman, I kept thanking him but my trousers were soaked on the bottom. Embarrassed.

That’s just how I felt.

When I went in for my blood to be taken I had to sit on a towel and that helped to dry.

When I went in to see the Doctor he told us that my scan is showing the new Meso is growing, very slow growth but the thickening is showing that cancer cells are beginning to multiply.

Not the news I wanted to hear but he said that as it was slow and hardly measurable they are going to go on to the next scan.

So he passed the drug for this week.

It doesn’t hit you, it doesn’t compute, your brain won’t let it.

They have the next trial for me so they can’t do any more than they are already doing. The fight goes on 









So I pulled my socks up and left the room to go out there and keep fighting this disease it is not going to win.

Off we went to the canteen and a lovely hot chocolate —comfort drink that !!

On returning to the waiting room I did a crossword and then fell asleep but was woken up by Rex as my drug was ready.

Ray gave his Valentine card to his Fav nurse Carol who cuddled and kissed him.








A man in the shop had asked Ray who was it for the wife and Ray had said no my bit on the side !!!

The drug was soon running through my veins and I had a long chat with my Trial nurse about what was going to happen next so I’m already if it is bad news next scan but all fingers are crossed and we will meet it head-on.

Now its Rays turn on Friday, let another battle begin.

We said our goodbyes and do you know the car behaved itself. The gears were back to normal. Was it really that cold this morning that it froze the gears ??

https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/mavisnye-cyclechallenge?fbclid=IwAR2NXIhdjZEf1PW2IVR9ugVXIytB1viDblSCyUhj5_qhBuTTcR4XIIJb7LU Event details
Mavis Nye Beacon Clycle Challenge
After a visit to our factory from Mavis and Ray Nye, our staff were inspired to do something to help raise money for Mavis’s fantastic charity.
We have a team of cyclist who will be embarking on a gruelling challenge to help raise as much money as possible for the Mavis Nye foundation and also help raise awareness about mesothelioma and other lung diseases.
We plan to set of from our most Northerly depot in Washington in Tyne and Wear, we’ll cycle down to our Leeds depot on day one. The next day we’ll set off from Leeds down to our central office and headquarters in Desborough in Northamptonshire. On the third and final day we’ll set off from Desborough down to our most Southerly office in West Thurrock just outside London.
The whole trip will be in excess of 350 miles, Mavis and Ray Nye will be waiting at out final location to receive our cyclist as they finish their mammoth journey.
Please give generously to this amazing charity which has done wonders for developing treatments for mesothelioma suffers.
Event date
29-May-2019 00:00 –
31-May-2019 00:00
Event type
Mavis Nye Beacon Cycle Challenge






Please Donate or even better join in get the bike out for May

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