A diary of a Mesowarrior Living with #Mesothelioma #asbestos — A week that starts with my treatment and ends with Rays but we did get a visit to London in to see our New Offices

A quiet start to the week as I wanted Ray to rest I laid my new mats down that I had bought for the passage and kitchen and the new carpet for the lounge.

We did go to the Marsden for my treatment which went smoothly. A new doctor that is a shy man so the joking want there like my lovely Spanish Doctor. So it was a more serous face that I wore and so I was out and down to the restaurant quickly.

Drug was up later and soon in my veins and I was topped up.

I have found out the new drug that matches my DNA is called HYPER !! sounds right for my DNA!!

Matched with Prembro we have to see if it will kick Meso as its used for Myeloma. One more scan in April and we might find out. trouble is I will loose my hair. I have a wig which Im not happy with so I will have to sort another one or wear a turbine which I dont really like but no way will I go bald. Sorry I just wont. My hair has always meant a symbol of how I feel. If it is untidy or long I feel rough. I like a short cut and still use hairspray.

When you think of all the back combing I have done and hairspray used over the years to look good.

So that is a plan.









We visited London on Thursday to visit our new Head Office in Gresham Street.

We have had a revised board of trustees for the Mavis Nye Foundation who can now Welcome Officially our new Chairperson is Mary Mulhall of Hugh James.

We sat with Richard Green and have bought together new plans for the future. All very exciting. We now have 3 Mesowarriors on the board so I feel that it is all set up if things dont work out with my illness, The Foundation will carry on in the hands of people that care about Mesothelioma and the Mesowarriors.








It was raining well by the time we got home so that lovely sun we have seen for so long has gone –shame.

The car was covered in red rain as over night it rained heavy and the sand from the Sahara had blown our way.

Up early this morning Rays turn today.










He was soon plugged in and the drug going through his veins. I get bored. I bought the Sun –Yes I know not one to buy but I like their crossword as it is easy

But I could even get one. That,s the state of my mind. Numb!! can you blame it. ha ha !!

Ray only has one more though but we have had to change both our dates as Friday we go to Mesothelioma UK Ladies Lunch where I’m going to give a talk to bring everyone up to date.












It was early escape today has they had put the drug in faster as ray has really tolerated it well. Im so pleased he has been so positive I have trained him well and he feels like

he has a problem but cant comprehend he has Cancer. A sort of denial which is how I have been. You have to live along side Cancer and fight it.

So now we are at the weekend again and Mar 1st how quickly the months are going.

I have to mention the Episode of Warren BBC1.

This is only available for 25days so please watch and send me your view. From 5.49


I have made a complaint to the BBC —
I kept getting complaints about Warren a Mesowarrior said — Just wondering if you saw the new sit com, Warren on BBC 1, Monday? Couldnt believe how irresponsible the BBC were when they showed Martin Clunes character Warren going out in his car with his stepson to fly tip some mud and asbestos from the roof! When the son asked wasn’t it dangerous to be in the car with it Warren said well you’ve been breathing it in from the roof for the last 3 years. When asked again if it was dangerous, he replied yes, it is, that’s why I’m chucking it away. Can you believe that, Mavis! So irresponsible.

I complained and the answer is not satisfactory !!!

The answer to my complaint, so they really do not see the point that they shouldnt have made light of it in the first place Making light of Asbestos that they had lived with it for years so its not dangerous was wrong !!!! answer received :-

Dear Mrs Nye BCAh

Thank you for contacting us about this episode of Warren. We are sorry to hear that you feel the fly-tipping element of the story was inappropriate.

Warren was clearly in the wrong and we see more than one character pointing this out to him. At the end of the programme we see the police taking steps to question him about the incident. With this in mind, we don’t believe that viewers will be minded to imitate any of the behaviour they have seen in the show.

We have however shared your views with the producers of the programme for their information.

We hope this allays your concerns, thanks once again for contacting us.

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints Team



One thought on “A diary of a Mesowarrior Living with #Mesothelioma #asbestos — A week that starts with my treatment and ends with Rays but we did get a visit to London in to see our New Offices

  1. I also complained to the BBC about Warren and I see you got exactly the same reply as me, absolutely missing the point about asbestos.

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