A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — Mr Nasty is rising up, Virtual reality Intervention Pilot Study, Involved in the training of new Chemo Pumps..







After all the excitement of Friday and the fabulous weekend of sunshine today was back to reality and the ride to the Marsden for scan results and treatment.

The traffic was brilliant and we went straight through (the schools must be on holiday still?)

We waited some time for bloods to be taken as it was a training day for the nurses.

Bloods taken we waited in the waiting room. There wasnt many patients coming in today so we didnt have any one to talk to.

Carol made us tea and toast as we were waiting so long which was sweet of her.

I had a visit from the lady who is running the virtual reality Intervention Pilot Study.

Based on the theory that introducing calm can help the cancer patient

I have signed up as I sit there for hours watching TV every 2 weeks so I will be doing something to help.

Based on this sort of thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELU-43DMNT4

Then the Doctor asked us to come in. He had my scan on the computer and then told me it was still growing. It was still very small but they can bi-op it now.

They have 2 drugs they want to use so I need another bi-op.










I went to the Ultrasonic Dept and the doctor that is going to do the Bi-Op showed me Mr Nasty.

He looks like a black Pebble and she said he is the size of a finger nail. They want to hit him while he is small.

So she is going to talk to my Oncologist but she is at ASCO2019 in Canada.

I said dont forget I need July 9th free. But everyone seems to know about it xx

We went and had some lunch in a daze. the day we dreaded is back again and the fight is on again.

When my drug was ready I was called into the ward and then asked would I help out with the training of the new drug machine.








This is what all the training has been about today and I was the first patient. By being enclosed means less infection and also keep the nurses safe from the continual working with chemo.

So I had a gathering of all the nurses as I went through my treatment for the 45mins that it takes. A very Interesting day today.


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