A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos –A catch up on Mannington Essex, Quex Park Camping and The Bi-Op at the Royal Marsden

A catch up







Thursday we headed in the Motorhome to Tattingstoke Ipswich to see a Mesowarrior Sue who we have been friends with for sometime but never met.

It was way back in May when I got the message—  Dear Mavis In July I will be President of our Rotary Club and we are required to choose some favourite charities to support. One of mine will be your Foundation so on a Thursday evening in Manningtree Essex. I do hope this will be possible. Hope all is going well with you and Ray – Warmest best wishes

Of coarse I agreed and saw it as a way to get us on a break for a weeks holiday.

That went out the window as all my new trail dates came through on the same dates so I managed to get to Sues Thursday and then come back to Quex Park as the weather was turning and the forecast was high winds.

It was lovely with Sue it felt like we had seen one another before. Social media is a weird thing mind you Louis found a best friend and followed Sue everywhere and also tour her hose on his own. He really settled in.

She presented me with a wonderful dragon fly broach so pretty.

We had lunch and a whole afternoon of wonderful stories of her fascinating life and family.







It was soon time to go to the Rotary Club in Mannington and we travelled in her car.

We met a great bunch of people all the members were so sweet and so friendly.

After our story of our journey they presented us with a cheque for the Foundation. So kind of them all.











If you love Antique Jewellery you will love Sues Shop

So thank you Sue we had a wonderful time  –we will be back xx

The journey to Kent on the Friday, to Quex Park, was great but the wind was getting up but we were soon settled into the camping field and talking to our good friends.

So relaxing and we shopped in the Barn wonderful fresh farm products there’s nothing like it.

Sunday was a display of horses trotting around the field as we sat there.






























Not good pictures but the phone played up just at the wrong time.

Anyway after lunch we came back home unloaded the Motor Home and bed early to go to the Royal Marsden.

I was put into a bed and bloods were taken early. I was praying they were not long with the results and they didn’t do to bad we had them by 11.30.

So just as my lunch was ready I was taken down to the scanner to assist in my bi-op.

Ray was allowed in and a wonderful caring Radiologist/doctor prepared me under sterile sheets and turned the screen on. There he was one of the Mr Nasty glaring at me. grrr

She goes in with a longer needle putting in a numbing fluid then withdraws and then a longer needle and Im watching on the screen. I said -if only you could get him all out, take him away. She said if I could I would this is a horrid disease.

Oh boy dont I know it.!!!!

Although it is all growing on the Lung Im at a better position than 5 years ago. If this drug works I might get another 2 years freedom.

She caught the muscle between the ribs so that was a bit painful but really it wasn’t as bad as I thought and she clicked away for 6 times. They wanted 6 samples to work with. I dont know why? Its funny how we dont ask questions isn’t it.

That was it all done so back to the ward and lunch. I had some Paracetamol it isn’t painful just a weird feeling of tightness, heavy around the area.

I was soon allowed home  but back tomorrow for the first drug injection in the tummy.


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