A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos -LASAG Launched their Support Group At The Maggies Centre Royal Marsden Sutton Surrey















Ray and I drove to the Royal Marsden today -not for treatment that made a change but to support the New LASAG Group at the Royal Marsden.

It is a lovely setting and Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden provides free cancer support for people with cancer and their family and friends, further enhancing The Royal Marsden’s world-leading treatment and care.

With no need for a referral, patients as well as friends and relatives of patients can drop in for support with anything from managing stress to money worries. The centre provides a breathing space away from the hospital where visitors can meet people who understand what they’re going through or just take a quiet moment to reflect. I will find it handy while we wait for blood results and when we wait for drugs to be made up.

The services on offer are designed to further enhance the psychological support already provided at The Royal Marsden, and our Psychological Support and Pastoral Care team, which is funded by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, is working closely with Maggie’s to ensure our patients are accessing the most appropriate support to meet their needs.


There will be more patients and carers as the group gets established and we had a great chat as we got to know the Patients and Carers that were there.

I wish it lots of luck and can see we should have more of these centres.

Richard Mullins The Director of LASAG has written. –We had some great feedback from our first Mesothelioma Support Group held at Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden – Sutton. Thanks to all who helped make it happen. See you again in March










Loved the Loo x















We came home to an empty house the first time after the loss of our little Louis last Friday.

RIP little boy you was so loved and we miss you trotting around everywhere with us. Run Over that rainbow bridge ! run free xx



















A diary of a Mesowarrior living with #Mesothelioma #asbestos — Scan result and a busy week










Its been an eventful week.

It was my week of 5 days treatment at the Royal Marsden.

Monday the traffic was really bad as accidents, road works not reopening on time from a nights shutdown etc we get used to that but as we allow 2 hours we always seem to get there on time.

Bloods taken etc and I had to wait for the Doctor.

He soon called me in and we had a chat but it was a surprise that I could carry on with the trial. The scan was showing stable again but this time no growth at all.

The Doctor said he was amazed as he had been sure he was going to take me off the trial and had been emailing around for a new trial for me.

I said maybe I was on the turn and the scans will start showing shrinkage, he agreed but only time will tell.

So the week was full on travelling each day to the R/M for infusion of the drug and injections of the second drug.It really is a tiring week but maybe just maybe Im going to win









BUT Louis was acting very funny as the week went on. getting up every hour and going out drinking and weeing.

We were able to get him to the vets as they stay open in the evening and they suspected Diabetes. I had to bring him home and I was given a sample bottle to collect his wee in. There I was walking him along and sticking a scope under his belly collecting wee. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought if they were watch me.

We took this back to have it tested and the vet phoned and said it was proving he had Keytones in his water and his blood test was showing he was diabetic.

So they took him in Saturday morning 8am and gave him insulin and checked him every 2 hours.

Ray put on F/B Well after our journey to the Marsden we took Louis to vets as he just hasn’t been himself. It has taken 4 trips to the vet with him today for blood tests etc. we have just collected him at 6 pm but he has to go back at 8.30 tomorrow for a day on a drip. It was bad news. He is a serious case of diabetic. his pancreas cat deal with it anymore it was a long list of problems. We have to be taught tomorrow how to inject him twice a day for life and just what to look for ,his ups and downs. what to do if he collapses or becomes unstable. he will need regular vet checks. he will be on a strict diet,good luck with that

Saturday he wrote Louis has to spend all day in vets having bloods done and 2 hourly checks. He is more serious than we thought . We have nearly lost him. We can collect him at 4.15 if he is stable. The bill for these 2 days is over £500. We thought we had Insurance but we have`nt what we have is a pet plan which is pretty much useless for his condition. But the alternative to not paying is unthinkable bless him. He has given us almost 15 years of love we will do the best we can for him what ever. Home is empty without him here he is a pain in the arse but we love him to bits. He had Mavis up almost every hour on the hour again through the night . Like she needs it. We will have a better picture of his future later today.

Sat evening Well Louis is home. He has only improved slightly not as good as hoped. If we wanted to leave him another night for his continued monitoring it would add another £1400.00 to his bill. It would mean taking him to Canterbury now and picking him up in the morning. So we decided to bring him home. He seems happy to be home. Ive had instructions on how to administer his insulin his next jab is 9 pm. He has another day there on Monday to see if anything has changed. Ive paid the bill up to tonight £541.00 Christ I could leave Mavis in a luxury Hotel for less than 2 Grand. for a week.

We have been doing the injections ourselves and very easy as we had to practice on a toy dog in the surgery.

Im amazed we are not very tired but a dog is like a child and all you want is to see them back to normal. Louis is very alert today so thats a good sign.

He has a red bandage on to cover the Canula

So its back to the vets tomorrow where they will test just to make sure everything is as it should be

Today we have Storm Ciaro and its blowing so strong. Ray has had to go and move the car as it is by a fence and other fences are breaking down so to be safe x