A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos~We/Fitrpe and Sundstrom And the Mavis Nye Foundation have donated Masks to the NHS

Paul is The Mavis Nye Foundation Ambassador and he works hard raising Donations with Sundstrom who supply us with the SR100 Half Masks. This has raised money through last year which I was so grateful for.
We had recently received a delivery of 50, that was before the Coronavirus spreading around the world.
Since then masks became very short as the NHS needed so many to protect their wonderful Nurses and Doctors so Paul had phoned me to agree we should hand our stock over.
He travelled around Hospitals in Southend and has sent me the list of where he had been and what he had donated.
Hi my dear
Southend hospital took photos and Caroline Porter would like to thank you with all her heart on behalf of NHS for donating your masks! (Paul said she was in tears bless her)
Southend = 10 x Sundstrom SR100 half masks
35 x FFP3 masks
Basildon = 30 approx x FFP2/3 various masks
Harlow = 24 ampules of both solutions for qualitative testing
100 N95 probes for Quantitative testing and 15-20 FFP2/3 various masks
Take care and stay safe both of you xxx Paul
I hope this will encourage more Asbestos Companies to donate their stock as this is wartime. Yes Wartime as we are at war with a Virus and it is making so many people sick and killing so many and we in UK are just meeting the wave of a Tsunami that we just dont know when it will stop flowing in.
Paul cant get over all the traffic on the road and the people walking in the streets. When are people going to get the message to stay home.

Stay at home

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home

You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

That doesnt mean Barbecue Parties either it just has to be taken seriously or the hospitals will be so full up that people like me -if I catch it -will be put to one-side as Im on the very high risk list and given no treatment.


A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos — Life Staying Home Alone









What did I do wrong ???

Three weeks ago life was so free and easy and Ray and I were trying to get over the grief of losing our little dog. We were free to travel and plan our Diary and even plan a holiday. Most of all plan our 60th wedding anniversary in June.

Then an intruder came into our lives in the form of a virus and our life like every bodies else’s changed out of all recognition.

How can a world turn like that, how can a virus cause so much damage to society.

Our Cancer treatment is on hold, no scan to tell me how this is affecting my Mesothelioma? is Mr Nasty laughing and taking over my body again? I cant answer that but I have no pain and my energy is Ok.


Here we are all locked up. Family are only talking to us on the phone or Face Book. Lucky enough we have food in the cupboards, and freeze. I have never hoarded groceries but with all the mad panic in the news we have had to make sure we have plenty of supplies. How crazy people have been and so selfish as even on Mothers day they risked taking the Coronavirus to their loved ones and then treat it all like it was a holiday and pile into our Countrysides,town’s and Seaside’s So now we we wait for a rise in cases in 2 weeks and that will prove the damage this has all done.

Please stay home I love this sign as summed up how we all felt.








The sun is shinning which is a bonus and I have cleaned windows as an exercise and to get fresh air into me. Im fed up cleaning our home I can see the virus on every door handle etc I just keep sanitising everywhere. Washing our hands has never been so important. Ray and I are on the NHS list and we have received our text last night












So its great to know they are aware where we are when this chaos gets worse.

We really feel as there is worse to come, infact we know there is so this is war time and we must fight back. So please take all the precautions you can and Stay Home Alone !!

Listen to the Government

Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do

Stay at home

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home

Anyone can spread the virus.


A diary of a Mesowarrior living through #Mesothelioma #asbestos — Doing as Im told and self isolating






I think we have seen enough of how to wash our hands. I think we have all been doing this and now our hands a getting very dry so put plenty of hand cream on even at night and use a very old trick of wearing cotton gloves.







We Mesowarriors are all shut up and some of us cant even have our treatment. They are phoning or emailing us  and I have a phone appointment in April so that I talk over how I feel.

I feel bored. Its ok for a week but 2 weeks you are thinking it will finish soon and then with every news item you realise it is going to get worse.

Stupid people buying up everything and stockpiling is crazy. Even in a lock down the shops will be open. It just means you go straight there and straight back.

I have done a phone shop that will be delivered in April and my local butcher is delivering so i have an order coming tomorrow.

I know it must be very hard on mothers with School children. They are involved in schools closed but if the mothers took it in turns to run a Cyber class and read to the children something could be worked out someone must come up with a sensible idea.

This is a time to pull together.

I do watch the days go by so slowly and keep thinking I should do something but I dont know what at the moment. Is this going to last two weeks, three weeks, or more Are we talking months ? I don’t know how long days like this will last.

You start by doing the cleaning the house but that gets repetitive each day.

You want the sun to come  out and warm our bones, then we can sit in the garden or potter about.

We did sneak out after dark last after dark and pray we get back without having to talk to anyone.

There are no sick people around us yet but it doesnt stop people experience high levels of anxiety, isolation and psychological distress. Social media has shown just how distressed people are. So many of us haven’t seen anything like this before. We will soon have soldiers in the street helping out and keeping things moving but talk of letting prisoners out and no court cases makes us fear law and order. Will we have looting in the empty city and town streets. Our minds work overtime.

The fear of the unknown means we need more professional help available on phone ins or facebook but maintain a good sleep pattern and keep aa positive attitude alonside a exercise routine how ever easy fond them on You Tube.

Weddings will be restricted to five people which is a shame but you can always have a party later.

We will get through this and life will get back to normal





A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — My Treatment is stopped Dam this Virus its shutting the world down!!










Well I didnt see that coming.!!

I have been listening to all what I thought was hype about the Coronovirus. Countries closing all business’s schools,football matches and so many events are cancelling and whole towns are shutting down around the world.

My diary has so many dates crossed out and the word called across them.

I have been washing my hands and using hand sanitises but I did think I would get to the Royal Marsden next week for treatment — Wrong

I have received a phone call from my Doctor at the Royal Marsden to say that they are not enrolling any new patients into trials and that they are going through the list of patients that can stop treatment for 2 months to protect both the patients and the hospital.

I sad I understood, but once off the phone I realised what this means.

OK I have a very slow growth and I did get 14% shrinkage at first so that is really a starting block now for my Mesothelioma. I know we are talking a very tiny growth but we will have to see if in 2 months I have a scan and just how slow the growth really is.

So here we are what next.

I will have to go out as I will get Isolation fever and poor Ray will as well. He has a hospital appointment just for a check up April 3rd so I bet that will be cancelled.

I said to Ray we could do some decoration so we can buy the paint.

I have hated all the talk  going on about Coronavirus and now I hate the virus itself as if I dont catch it it could still kill me if my Mr Nasty decides to join in and spring into action.

I will keep in touch  Stay safe everyone




A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos —-Mesothelioma Ladies Lunch

Friday 6th March we travelled to Manchester to the Macdonalds Hotel for Mesothelioma UK Ladies day

We had to go very early from Whitstable which meant we had to travel on the rush hour tube to Euston –not funny.

As the train pulls in all you can see is a cattle truck. people were so packed in, so Ray and I had to squeeze in to a tiny space. Ray said dont cough they will chuck you off .

So we clung on and was so pleased to arrive safely.

Soon on the Manchester train and we made the Hotel in time for 12.30 start.

It was lovely to see so many friends and new faces as we went into lunch.

A lovely meal and the speaker spoke to us between each coarse.








We were given the GEM study results by Stephanie who had my quote from my interview with her as she loved what I had said about taking my nets down to put blinds up as “Men do not wash net curtains ” which is what I did when told I had 3 months to live and didnt want Ray to have all the worry. That was 11 years ago now.









Tracey Wood spoke about her mothers story in South Africa and the work Her Foundation The Glynnis Gale is doing to help the Mesothelioma Patients that were very involved in the Asbestos mines. Tracey showed us a Video that her Foundation has put together and I will share as soon as they put it on their web site.

Thanks for all the hard work Lorraine Creech and team it was a great Ladies Lunch again xx











































A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos —A Charity Pool Day

I have been a bit quiet as we have been so sad over our Louis. We have grieved as you would a child bless him. But upwards and onwards we have to carry on although coming home to an empty house isnt very nice.

So yesterday we were ready for a laugh and we sure did have some fun.

Paul Chamberlain from wefitrpe.co.uk  came down to us and picked us up and we travelled back to his Office in Basildon.

I was called into another Office and Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop
Managing Director at AT&C (Asbestos Training & Consultancy) Ltd said on Linkedin  A very special guest dropped in to our training course today…
and he had me talking to the lads about my story and they asked questions it was a great session
We travelled onto the Pool Charity Day in Ipswich
James Johnson of J&L Recruitment james@jl-recruitment.co.uk had arranged the whole day
What a full on day! hashtagExhausted We’ve raised nearly £4500 (Exact amount TBC) for the Mavis Nye Foundation. Extremely hectic day with a match every 15 mins, from 9am right up until 5pm!!! The day was full of fun and emotion, and can hand-on-heart say that the team put on an amazing day for all to enjoy. Huge thanks to all at J & L Recruitment Ltd but most particular, a huge thanks to Megan Baker and Lauren Jordan who worked their socks off to bring it all together. Big shout out to Alonzo Willis and Kay Martin for working twice as hard and covering for them during a very busy working week day! Well done everyone, can’t wait to see exactly how much was raised!