A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -Happy Easter But Stay Home for this year

The animals are taking back the land










So much is happening, what a turmoil our life has become. You cant believe that in February life was so normal and we had no idea what was coming to our shores. Then Coronavirus became the only news we want to know about. When will it peak -we just dont know.






We have been good and stayed indoors all week but we do allow an outing on Thursdays as we go out and walk down our road to meet up with neighbours (at a safe distance) and clap for the NHS


We have seen the Excell become the Nightingale hospital and never dreamt the Mavis Nye Foundation woulld play a part but Paul Chamberlain the MNF Ambassador has become very involved and we are so proud of the hard work he has been doing.

Paul has put out a request that I have shared on all our Social Media.

Wefitrpe Ltd Accredited Fit2Fit Face Fit Testing Provider, Basildon Essex. 01268 520962‬ or 07956 587072 Email: info@wefitrpe.co.uk Ambassador to Mavis Nye Foundation
Wefitrpe ltd are proud to be the main organisers for the 17,000 staff for Face Fit Testing at NHS Nightingale Excel and will be onsite constantly throughout this requirement making sure this runs smoothly. Seeing the vast amount of beds just on one side of this hospital gives an idea of how important of keeping all NHS staff safe. If any Fit2fit Accredited testers have any availability then please email Daniel Hill danielhill@aplant.com who is contractor organiser or myself as the main contractor for details. It is a shift work pattern covering 6am to 10pm. So if you can help please get in touch. 
Well done Paul but please keep safe xxx
Our own life has been so difficult as food shopping has become such a game. We have had to shop between Tesco and Sainsbury and who would think that logging on and finding a slot would bring such joy.
The delivery men have been so sweet as they drop the shopping into the porch and we stay in and then when they have gone we can pack it away.
But we are now stocked up and all settled for Easter.
Meetings have been conducted life has gone on. I have been using Zoom and also phone meetings -dialling in and using passwords has kept us involved so we dont feel cut off and it does seem strange when a meeting is over just putting the phone down and not having to rush to the underground and getting to Victoria to come home in rush hour. I believe when this is all over life will change and people will work from home more.
Its been very busy on Facebook amongst the Mesowarriors but Coronavirus has been the problem to solve as so many being High Risk, need to get onto the Supermarkets list of needing shopping delivered. We are not allowed to go shopping or travel in our cars,or go for a walk for an hour of exercise. we are only allowed in the garden. No human contact is becoming a mental issue now. I wont allow myself to panic but Im very scared of the virus but no more so than worrying about the family.
My son has to work in London to keep fire alarms serviced as the buildings are empty so fire is a worry, our Grandson works in Leeds Hospital so they both are on the front-line but they keep in contact so I know they are doing OK.
Now the fear is that people will be driving around and visiting for Easter. I hope they are sensible and
Relax in the sun and have a Happy Easter at Home  Please stay safe

Happy Easter background with realistic Easter eggs. Easter card