A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos #Coronavirus —Scan Day At The Royal Marsden









Today was the day I was being let out legally to attend the Royal Marsden for my scan.

I have looked forward to this for so long after being locked up since Valentines day.

Last night Ray did a packed lunch as he isnt allowed to go in its just patients so he had to stay in the car.

So up and out and the car started first time to our relief. After we had gone about a mile a caution lit up that the front left tyre had lost pressure. Ray pulled over in a lay bye and checked. It was just under so he fitted the tyre pump into the car cigarette lighter plug and it soon put everything right.

We were soon on our way but it made us nervous.









The Road was empty at times










Then there was traffic

This became a different story later on for people driving to London as they jammed into work before Boris said they could on Wednesday.

The more we travelled the heavier the traffic built up. Then as we came off the M25 Town traffic to Sutton wasnt to bad. So we arrived within 1.5 hours. The barrier was up to the car park as parking was free. Ray settled in car and I went in on my own. A young man was sitting behind a desk behind the sliding doors to the entrance,I was asked where I was going. I said to go to Oak Ward then have a scan.

I was asked to sanitise my hands which  I did so that I was let in. The hospital was empty and I was the only one walking in the corridors, creepy. Its usually full of laughter and nurses rushing everywhere. I was the only one in the lift but there was a notice -Only 2 people allowed.

I got out at floor 3 and walked into the ward. All the nurses saying Hello Mavis, how are you how is Ray.

I booked in talking through a glass shield. and then went into my seat.It was lovely to see all the nurses and we had a great chat of what we had all e doing. Then they fought over who was going to take  my bloods.

My port worked even after the rest it had had. My blood pressure was good, temperature normal and weight has gone up but I knew that so everyone was please.

I was then off for my scan. Back through empty corridors so I walked though the restaurant. This is normally heaving with people but today there was about 20 people, went into the lift up to 1st floor and booked into reception. Getting used to the yellow and black tape marking where to stand and the plastic shield to talk through.

The nurse there inspected and flushed my port and she took a little file of blood. That is a first so I wondered why, she did say something but I didn’t catch it and Im terrible for not asking her to repeat.

I had to wait for the blood to be tested and then was taken down to the Scanner.

I wore a mask then as Oak ward was green meaning free from Virus but I was worried the scanner might be different. I used plenty of sanitiser on my hands and was soon laying on the scanner table.

When I came out there was a fellow patient. We are both on the same trial and it was lovely to see someone and have a chat. I carried on back to Rose ward









Everywhere so empty so quiet so weird.

The doctor came and run through how I was and how I had coped. He said that the scan will be looked at tomorrow in the scan meeting that is held every Tuesday so My Doctor will phone the result and what they decide about the continuation of my treatment. We nomally shake hands but not today.










Back in a chair with the nurse she removed my port and I said my goodbyes see you in June.

Crept out of the hospital and back to Ray in the Car Park.

The M25 had built up with traffic now as it was almost 1pm.

On the M20 we were travelling along behind a lorry when I saw something in the air and a brick hit the window screen. It seemed to be covered in grass so I suppose it had fallen of another lorry and then this one in front of us chucked it into the air.and it whacked into our screen with such a bang. We were so lucky that the screen stood such a hit.

When we got to the M20 on the other side was a Police Raid They had stopped all the traffic. we just couldn’t make out why 7 Police cars where parked in the road and hoards of Police men gathered all around. I hate mysteries.

You couldn’t make all this up. Our first trip out and so much happening just get me home and let me shut the door and stay home keep safe and not just from the virus.

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