Mesothelioma My diary Postcard from my holiday.

We set of on Thursday knowing the rally had been changed from Ruckland waters due to the wet grass, to Wing Hall.
The journey was very good and we had no traffic problems,much to our surprise.
on arriving at Wing the sat/nav took us to the village of Wing and told us we had reached our destination. oh no we hadn’t I shouted at it. I asked a lady and she said don’t listen to the sat/nav go round and up etc etc. We followed her hand waving and as we came around a corner the organises were on the road, telling us to go up the field. we slipped and slides up the field but they could see to get loads of M/ Homes to do that they would soon have a boggy entrance. A RV tried the next field but clunk, he sunk right down and as the were expecting 80 RV,s they began to realise this venue wasn’t going to happen.
They rang around and tried to find other sites but decided we would just have a mini meet back at Ruckland.
While we were talking a bird of prey flew around and landed in the trees and scared off all the rooks.
Next morning we travelled back to Rutland and we parked on a bit of hard standing so we were happy as we had just made it off the Grass at Wing.
Then the organisers said that they were going off to find another site of all the 120 M/Homes anRv,s, gosh they were working so hard, we said don’t worry about us as it was our fault we had come early so as the Rally didn’t officially start until Sunday we were happy and enjoying ourselves and seeing places we hadn’t been to before.
W e walked down to the visitors centre where they insisted we took Louis in andwe were able to see a Osprey family in their nest on a TV. we Realised that was what we had seen flying in the field ant Wing.
the organises came back and said they had arranged for the really to take place at Stratfield airfield which was 80 miles away and across the country.
Loved it, so off we travelled this morning in convoy and we got to the airfield that is now a Drag racing and speedway racing site, but they had cancelled the meet so we are sharing today with the racers and their teams.
This holiday has been so exciting and the rally doesn’t even start until tomorrow —WHOPEE?

20120707-184937.jpgWinghall wing


20120707-185004.jpgRuuckland water




20120707-185018.jpgDown by the lake


20120707-185024.jpgA. Lovely veiw a the sun came out


20120707-185028.jpgParked on a nice bit of hard stand at Ruckland


20120707-185035.jpgA dragster

Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Weekend at Rye

Rye, East Sussex The lovely weather is continuing so we had a good journey to Rye for the start of the weekend. Traveling through the country rode to Rye across the Romney Marsh. We arrived at the Rye Rugby Club where other members were already set up and the marshals greeted us. Out came the chairs and the cups of tea, and we had a great chin wag with our friends. Then they found out that a cricket match was to be played tomorrow and where we’re we pitched up? Ha ha !! Right by the runs. We all moved to the bottom of the field very quickly, only Ray didn’t know I had gone into the bathroom, oh dear! I nearly got knocked off my feet as he started the engine. We are settled again and had a meal and now relaxing before bedtime. Saturday we found a old fashioned sweet shop so we bought fudge, parmaviolets, floralgems and liquorice alsorts.

The sweet shop from outside

Looking up the hill towards Rye church

A pretty house and a mans nice cap ha ha !!!

Another hill

A seagull waiting for a lift home !!

As we returned home we saw a wonderful site on the Romney marsh and that was the windfarm.

Some people dont like them but I do think they are an awesome sight.


Concentrating on the iPad


That was Saturday at Rye as we came back to the site to watch a cricket match which was different. We did buy some wonderful strawberries and blackcurrant’s  from a farm just outside the gate.    

We sat out for as long as possible but came in the M/home about 9pm where we had evening drinks. Sunday we did our usual meet up and chatted to other members where we discussed the next rallies. We had a late breakfast and continued sitting outside in the sun. Our friend Kevin tried flying his kite. So that was our weekend away we packed up and came home at 4pm and have settled in doors with the washing all done. We are worn out and very tired even Louis who has been running around with his friend -Betsy. Rays Blog

mesothelioma Survivor A postcard from Brockenhurst in the New Forest

We have arrived at Hollands Park Camp site at Brockenhurst In the New Forest.
They have 545 pitches so we knew we would find a space here as booking isn’t needed this time of year.
We walked to the village where the ponies come right by the shops and they have babies with them, so sweet.

Thatched Cottage

Brockenhurst Village Green

A young colt

Even the Cattle sit on the Village green

Louis enjoyed his walk but did act funny as we walked in a field to the road and then we realized that he was remembering the cattle grid in the road. As the cars went over it they make a loud rumbling noise.
Now say a dog hasnt a memory!!!! he has.

Louis dug his feet in how did he remember the cattle gid was in this field ???

The forest is so lovely the the wildlife running around, squirrels, rabbits, cows and ponies all can be seen with the cows and the ponies in the High Street which is aamazing site.

My Diary of a Mesothelioma Survivor, Louis’s Bath Night.

The weather was overcast as I woke up and no birds were singing just two pigeons were clod hopping over the roof it was 5.30am, so got up and made a coffee.
After catching up on the computer I made breakfast and took Louis out for that first wee of the day. The garden look a bit weather blown so I fiddled about sweeping and cutting back some dead heads on the flowers.
I ironed some clothing ready to put down in the Motorhome as we are packing up for a visit to the New Forest and then on to Wimborne Thursday as I want to go away and stop thinking about Mesothelioma and what it is doing to my body.
I need a laugh with my friends and fun with the dog.
After Lunch we went to the Country Park and my neighbour thought Louis was lovely as he ran to the car and waited to be let in and set of for the ride.
When we got there I opened the door of the car and he jumped out and raced off as i threw the ball.
But a Taxi drew up and an enormous Alsatian got out and the woman kept him on a lead so I was suspicious that he was a guard dog and the way the lady watched where we were going hmmmm I was not happy so we put Louis back on the lead and got out of their way until it was safe to let him off again.
The view is wonderful there.

looking to where we live at Seasalter


The warm wind was blowing

We threw the ball around, as we walked, and Louis chased it, so he was really puffed out as we got back to the car.
Home again and carried on tidying up, putting things away, then got Louis bath out, had a good time bathing him and cutting his hair so that he looks smart for his friends when he meets up with them again.

bath night

Dinner of Fish and chips for ray and Lovely Smoked Haddock for me, with Apple pie for sweet and that’s it we are ready to get off in the morning.
The iPad is all packed, so I will be using that again and we can now load pictures as we get to be able to use it properly.
The weather has got warmer and sunnier now so fingers crossed we have a drier time.

Mesothelioma Survivor-My Diary Rain Rain go away, planning to decorate.

A boring cold wet Sunday but as this is a diary I had better record this.
That I got out of bed and wished I could curl back into it but I made a coffee and sat on the computer and chatted to my cyber friends.
We did manage to get a walk in with the dog but it started spitting as we walked around.
Had lunch and then I had a snooze.
Woke up and ironed clothes to pack into the Motorhome tomorrow, had lovely chat to my son and made Sunday Dinner.
We are making plans to decorate the bathroom then the Lounge/diner and kitchen, I love planning all this but I hate the turmoil this creates.

Found the Border for the Bathroom but now have to find a colour paint to match.
Ray wants to do a tunnel and grove so as to make it look like a beach hut hmmm

Anyway we are planning as i say but Louis isnt impressed.

I wont be getting him out to the garden in the rain as it is pouring down again.

Mesothelioma Survivor My Diary Ray has a piece published with The British Lung Foundation-Trooping of the Colour and a Play on the Beach

A lovely relaxed Saturday when I can gather my thoughts and slot them all in and feel so happy that everything is rolling along Ok.
Ray had written a Piece about his life as a Carer and it was used in an Article in Issue 25 Summer 2011 Of Breathing Space which is a publication of The British Lung Foundation.
The writer Patrick Pringle has written a informative piece about careing for someone with a lung condition. So Im really proud of Ray as now he has written his thought’s for others to read.
A photo of us as a couple is there with the words ” I feel I have aged so much in the past year, I can see it in the mirror, I feel it in my bones.
Yes I can agree with that as I feel and look so old on some days too.
We watched Trooping the Colour as I wanted to see the Duke of Cambridge, Oh so handsome on his horse.

It was lovely to watch the young soldiers as they marched even if ray did keep saying –straighten your line ha!ha!.

We had an early Lunch and as the skies clouded over we decided to go the Windcheap in Canterbury to the Pets at Home to by Louis Tripe and other goodies.
But we gave him a good walk all around the estate so we could have a look at all the shops around that are around and then came back to Pets at home where dogs are allowed to shop with owners.
Funny enough all the things he chose he has had a taster of and is really happy with.
We then had a ride back to Seasalter and went to the Beach that we don’t go to much and that’s at the Seasalter Sailing Club.
We parked by the toilets there and a Van was parked up by a wild camper and as I got to it I saw a huge golden dog laying there Louis was ok for awhile until when the dog barked it woke up 2 more huge dogs, 1 was a Rottweiler –Oh my god they were all barking so I dragged Louis past praying that the other dogs were anchored Ok and didn’t come over to us, even Ray was frightened.
We quickly got up the steps and onto the beach where we let Louis off lead for a good run.

Pebbles on the Beach

The other dogs are just the other side of the wall ekkk

Throw the ball Mum

Come on throw the ball

Ok I will get it

Ok I have got it-- wait for me!!!

We had a great game and so we left the beach and went back to the car.

The storm clouds rolled over as we left

When we got in I dumped the shopping in and went round and checked on my friend to make sure she was OK and already she has had a letter to do the checks on her heart so they are not hanging around, i always say that when your need the NHS when your really in trouble there is nothing finer –well in the Kent area at least although I have nothing but praise for St Barts.
So After a good natter I came home to cook dinner of Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs and Apple pie and Icecream.

675g minced pork
50g fresh breadcrumbs
1 teaspoon dried crushed chilli flakes
1 teaspoon seasoning salt
1 egg
1 tablespoon milk
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 (350g) jar sweet and sour sauce

Preparation method
1. Mix pork, breadcrumbs, chilli flakes, salt, egg, milk, parsley and onion together in bowl. Shape into 8 to 12 balls and flatten slightly.

2. Slowly brown in frying pan until juices run clear; drain well. Heat sweet and sour sauce in frying pan. Place cooked meatballs in pan and heat through.

Mesothelioma Survivor My diary –A huge storm today.

Oh dear we haven’t gone to our Rally as the day has been so wet and the thought of being in a really wet field and cold didn’t thrill us.
Once again my illness has stopped us as I know I would be unhappy and painful so I really have to be sensible. Boring I know.
We are going on holiday to Dorset next week so I need get ready for that so another weekend at home will be OK.

My Friend has sent me a photo of where her very sweet husband has put his foot through the ceiling and now she has a view of her office while downstairs.

Mr W what have you done ??

Oh Dear Mr W do you feel silly tonight
We have had a storm today and heavy torrential rain so surely this has helped to close the cracks in the fields where we walk.
We went out for a very wet walk and Louis walked along shaking himself all the time and when he got in he got the warm towel from the Bathroom for me to put round him.
I have really cleaned the kitchen and changed things around so that it all looks different. Now Ray wont be able to find a thing !!
A very interesting story was printed today
Asbestos linked to ovarian cancer

09 June 2011

It’s well known that exposure to asbestos causes lung cancer, but there have been suspicions that it could also be linked with ovarian cancer. Now, researchers have shown that there is indeed a causal association between asbestos exposure and ovarian cancer.

Women exposed to asbestos fibres through work were one-and-three-quarter times more likely to develop ovarian cancer
Over the years, there have been several suggestions that asbestos might be a risk factor in ovarian cancer on top of links to lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. A working group at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently concluded there is sufficient evidence for a causal association, and now a study led by Leslie Stayner, from the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, US, confirms it.
A meta-analysis of 18 studies of women who had been exposed to asbestos through their work was carried out. Earlier studies failed to prove the link because of concerns that tumours had been mis-classified – until recently it was difficult to discriminate between peritoneal mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. Across all the studies, women exposed to asbestos were about one-and-three-quarter times more likely to develop ovarian cancer as those who were not. Particularly high rates were seen in UK women who manufactured gas masks, and thus had been exposed to high levels of the fibres.

Several mechanisms have been proposed as to how asbestos increases susceptibility to ovarian cancer, mostly involving chronic inflammation caused by fibres persisting in ovarian tissue. It is unknown how the fibres get into the ovaries – they might be transported through the reproductive tract, or fibres may be carried in the bloodstream or lymph system, penetrating the ovary through the mesothelium.

According to Hilde Langseth, a researcher at the Cancer Registry of Norway, the association between asbestos exposure and ovarian cancer has been an ongoing research question for a long time. ‘The meta-analysis performed by Stayner and coworkers is an important quantitative evaluation of this association in occupationally exposed workers,’ she says. ‘They demonstrate an increase in the pooled estimate for ovarian cancer in relation to exposure to asbestos.’

However, she adds, even if asbestos use has been forbidden in some countries in the western world since the 1980s, a significant proportion of the world’s population still works in environments in which they are exposed to asbestos. ‘The authors report that at least 90,000 people die from asbestos-related cancers every year,’ she says. ‘The need for increased knowledge about the association and the carcinogenesis of ovarian cancer is therefore warranted.’

Sarah Houlton

Now that is very interesting and makes you wonder if Asbestos is a cause of other Cancers as it was a deadly material and is the real truth coming out now?

Well a weekend stretches before so we will have to find something to do and somewhere to go.