An Extra Blog As Promised To Show #Asbestos as I have never seen it before at Brunel University #mesothelioma

I visited Brunel University In Uxbridge to meet ‘Dr Ashley Hawkin and the team and watched a demonstration of the process of analysing and counting Asbestos fibres with an atomic spectro microscope.Using this technic you can prove the presence of absence of Asbestos contaminate that can not be seen using the usual equipment.

There was a great image on the screen DSCF0477

We looked at asbestos fibres that they were saying were 0.07 of a micron all so very scientific.

Then a tour of the whole building.DSCF0474


Ashley is so proud of his work and he has allowed me to share some of the photos  which is so kind of him.brunel 1

Crocidolite 1sq mm of fibres

brunel 2

Crocidolite  Bundle

brunel 3

Crocidolite harsh fibre Bundle

brunel 4

Amosite Fibrous Mass

brunel 5

Amosite Splitting

brunel 6

Amosite Individual Fibre

brunel 7

Crocidolite bundle green twig split

brunel 8

Crocidolite needle like bundle

brunel 9

Crocidolite  real world sample

brunel 10Crocidolite x 400 Mag (PLM Magnification difficult to see











Crocidolite  x 4,000 Mag SEM  mg Easy to see. I hope you are enthralled as much as I was











A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – The Launch Of my charity is almost here/ A weird Interview coming up/Remembrance Sunday


I have just realised I haven’t written a blog lately as I have been so busy with the Launch of my own Foundation.

The MNF launch is on December the 7th and I have been adding many people to the list of those wanting to attend. The Menu is now available and looks delicious.

We have Auction items promised and raffle prizes being wrapped up in Christmas Paper to go under the tree.

We have had a Board Meeting this week to discus the last arrangements like flowers for the tables so that’s it we are now ready.

There is going to be Press Media now so I have a TV spot coming up all so interesting.

Just a few more spaces free as we squeeze people in its really going to be the biggest Party I have ever had but this is the Celebration of my life. 8.5 years to celebrate with

people in the room that have been with me through all of this Journey. I’m very happy.

MNF room

ray and me 2

Ray and I appeared in our Local Paper this week and on TV so more Awareness here locally

A pensioner who developed cancer caused by contact with her husband’s work clothes has defied all odds to beat the disease.
Mavis Nye, was diagnosed in 2009 with mesothelioma, which is caused by the harmful building material and affects the linings of the lungs.
There are very few cases worldwide of people recovering from the deadly cancer, but 76-year-old Mavis is one of the fortunate few.—

I have had so many emails and comments about how this is giving people hope that we could beat this horrid disease and get time. That’s all we want is more time with our families. We know a cure isn’t near we know that it could come back at anytime so I have just a break in the story to help others and that is what I’m doing.

I have a weird appointment this week which I will blog about.

On Wednesday we travel to London and I’m doing interview for Research for the drug companies.The purpose of the research is to gain an understanding of the patients perspective from diagnosis to treatment and how I feel currently about my condition of Mesothelioma.

Because they are not supposed   to talk to a patient I’m going to sit in front of a 2 way mirror and answer their questions. Weird!!

I cant wait to see how that goes.

Do you remember Mr Bean!! this is what I have in my mind ha ha !!!


Today is Remembrance Sunday So many of us will watch on TV it is different today as the Queen will watch from the balcony and not laying the wreath which makes us realise how old she is getting.

For the first time in her 65-year reign she will be present but not lay her own wreath.
This small change of custom has caught the attention of many, though I doubt many can be greatly surprised.
Rather than stand alone, in front of her family, in the centre of Whitehall waiting for the moment to take hold of her traditional but enormous wreath, Her Majesty will watch from the balcony as Prince Charles does it for her.
The Queen is 91 now and carrying a wreath up steps to stand against the stone is not without physical challenge. Stopping this duty must only surprise people for the fact she did not elect to stop doing it a decade ago.
Instead, she will watch from balcony of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office building and, as Prince Charles places it atop the step and takes a pace back to salute, the Queen will bow in debt to the Fallen.
This is what Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother always did.  



A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -A visit to Brunel University To Count Asbestos Fibres


It has been a very interesting day today as I had a very special invite to Brunel Uni from two lovely Women, Lorna Anguiliano and Lesley Hanna,  I met at the Conference I went to FAAM/BOHs In Westminster

So We got up so early as it’s a long journey to Uxbridge especially in rush hour. I don’t know how people do that made rush in the underground everyday. It is scary trying to get down a very crowded stairway at Victoria but we did and had 2 changes. We arrived and got a taxi to this huge site that even the taxi driver got lost.

We were greeted by Lesley, Prof Ian Boyd and Dr Ashley Hawkins.

A cup of coffee, introductions and a tour around the lab.

I have watched a demonstration of the process of analysing and counting Asbestos fibres with an atomic spectro microscope.Using this technic you can prove the presence of absence of Asbestos contaminate that can not be seen using the usual equipment.


We looked at asbestos fibres that they were saying were 0.07 of a micron all so very scientific.


Here we are looking at 1 fibre that has split and has many smaller fibres. The Technic is called Scanning Electron Microscopy. When All different Companies have a survey and the surveyors send in samples for testing.



We were all so serious but we did have lots of laughter as well.



We discussed everything, all about my story and all about asbestos in schools just a wonderful scientific day  we both really did enjoyed.

We said our goodbyes and as Ashley drove is back to the Station we say the Mary Seacole building .

mary seacole building

The Mary Seacole building offers students a range of modern facilities including a gym, resource rooms, practice rooms with a range of training aids, specialist laboratories with modern learning equipment, an art room, keep-living suite, observation rooms, facilities for PhD researchers, and work rehabilitation rooms. The building is home to students and staff from the College of Health and Life Sciences. The design of the building helps occupants keep cool. A night purge system lets automated windows open to release heat trapped during the day, helping to cool the building without the use of conventional air conditioning.  This system is used in several buildings across campus. Night-time cooling, or night-time purging uses the thermal mass of a building to absorb heat gains during the day, then cools the mass at night using external air and discharging accumulated heat to the outside so the temperature of the thermal mass is lowered ready for the next day. In Mary Seacole this reduces internal temperature rises during the day by around 3 to 6°C.

All the buildings are named after famous people we had to go to the Bragg Building

Brunel Buildings
Many of our buildings are named after members of staff and benefactors. If you want to find out some more information, click on the links below:
Elliott Jaques
Brunel Science Park
Hamilton Centre
Heinz Wolff
John Crank
Marie Jahoda
Mary Seacole
Wilfred Brown

Stephen Bragg delighted in solid structures: Rolls-Royce jet engines, the Blue Streak rocket, and the railways that were his passion. He will be best remembered, however, for the bridge he built between the worlds of industry and academia.
As vice-chancellor of Brunel University for a decade, Bragg did his utmost to forge links between the two sectors. Later, when he became director of the Cambridge Industrial Cooperation Unit, he led projects to identify industrial problems and find the relevant academics to help to solve them.
His interest in engineering began early — on holiday with his family as a toddler, his love of trains was such that his nursemaid bought him a notebook and began recording the names and numbers of the passing locomotives. As soon as he could read he took on the task of recording them himself. Years later, he was delighted when his 60th birthday present from his wife was a lesson in driving a steam engine, which involved firing up the boiler ready for the trip.
Stephen Lawrence Bragg was born in 1923. His father and grandfather, William Lawrence Bragg and William Henry Bragg, shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1915 for pioneering work in X-ray crystallography, a method of determining the atomic structure of crystals which is still used in many fields of science.
He was proud of his family’s history and took a First in Mechanical Tripos at Cambridge, before his first brief spell at Rolls-Royce working on gas turbines. He rejoined the company in 1951 after a period in America — where he won a MSc from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) — and in 1956 was working on the Blue Streak rocket, designed as the launch vehicle for Britain’s medium range ballistic missile. With his wife Maureen (née Roberts) he had three sons: Nigel, the principal network architect with Ciena, a global telecommunications network company; Charles, the research and development director for Procter & Gamble; and Andrew, the chief executive of the Association for Project Management.

A foot note added by Lesley — To add a little background to what Mavis sent, the Experimental Techniques Centre (ETC) at Brunel University London is accredited by UKAS for asbestos evaluation by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. That allows us to image asbestos fibres with a nanometre-scale resolution and identify the type of fibre present by looking at the x-ray signature. The techniques we use have some significant advantages over the standard Polarised Light Microscopy method for asbestos detection, but they require more time and effort and our instruments are high capital cost and are not portable. We get some commercial income from evaluating samples on behalf of our customers, but as a university we are also very interested in engaging with other aspects of asbestos detection and investigation.


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -The Launch Of The Mary Seacole Education Programme




We had another trip to London Yesterday as we had been invited to the Mary Seacole exhibition & education programme launch at 4 pm 28/10 at the Florence Nightingale Museum.

We arrived early and was met by the trust and we went through to the Story Teller.

I love hearing of The life of Mary and her home mad medicines.

Mary Jane Grant was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805. Her father was a Scottish soldier, and her mother a Jamaican. Mary learned her nursing skills from her mother, who kept a boarding house for invalid soldiers. Although technically ‘free’, being of mixed race, Mary and her family had few civil rights – they could not vote, hold public office or enter the professions. In 1836, Mary married Edwin Seacole but the marriage was short-lived as he died in 1844.
Seacole was an inveterate traveller, and before her marriage visited other parts of the Caribbean, including Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas, as well as Central America and Britain. On these trips she complemented her knowledge of traditional medicine with European medical ideas. In 1854, Seacole travelled to England again, and approached the War Office, asking to be sent as an army nurse to the Crimea where there was known to be poor medical facilities for wounded soldiers. She was refused. Undaunted Seacole funded her own trip to the Crimea where she established the British Hotel near Balaclava to provide ‘a mess-table and comfortable quarters for sick and convalescent officers’. She also visited the battlefield, sometimes under fire, to nurse the wounded, and became known as ‘Mother Seacole’. Her reputation rivalled that of Florence Nightingale.
After the war she returned to England destitute and in ill health. The press highlighted her plight and in July 1857 a benefit festival was organised to raise money for her, attracting thousands of people. Later that year, Seacole published her memoirs, ‘The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands’.
Seacole died on 14 May 1881 and her grave is in  St Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Kensal Green, London.

mary secole story 1

This is just what the Exhibition needed and it will bring to life the story for the children that all seemed so enthralled by Mary as it is taught in schools now. She did so much for nursing the soldiers in the Crimea alongside Florence  Nightingale.

mary seacole story

Trevor Stirling Also spoke of all that was achieved in raising the money for the Statue and the gardens here at St Thomas’s Hospital.


He had seen me in the Audience and so Introduced me as a Modern Day Mary but he wants all the children to name their votes for people they know.

mary seacole story 3

mary seacole story 2

Yaa Dankwa Ampadu-Sackey
2nd degree connection
Barrister-at-Law (England & Wales); Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court (Ghana); PgDip Law; BA Hons
Had the most educative and informative evening at the Launch of the Florence Nightingale Museum Mary Seacole exhibit and The Young Seacole Ambassadors project.
Great discussions with Trevor D Sterling and Alice de Coverley about the School Exclusions Project!!
Met with Mavis Nye!!! What an amazing evening!!!


The Trust will inform the public about Mary Seacole’s life and work through an expansion of the Seacole exhibition at the Florence Nightingale Museum, close to the statue at St Thomas’ Hospital.
In addition, the launch of the Young Seacole Ambassador initiative will appeal to a younger generation across the country, encouraging them to consider Mary’s inspirational qualities in the context of the modern day. There will be an essay competition for year 5 and 6 school students, asking them: ‘Who is your modern-day Mary Seacole?’ The competition will initially be open to children in the Lambeth and Southwark area, where the statue is based, with the aim of rolling this out nationally in the future.
The new website will also be used as a gateway for those across all generations to access relevant news articles and activities associated with the Trust’s programmes. 

So we had a drink and nibbles and then went outside to visit the statue.


It was just getting dark so the light that shines on her wasn’t casting the shadow of her onto the disc.

big ben today

Big ben is looking weird as the lights  are on so the men can carry on working in the dark

We said our goodbyes after a lovely evening and set off back to the tube station over Westminster Bridge


So many people from all over the world were taking the photo of the London Eye. It is a lovely sight.

pictures-of-big-ben-or Alongside pictures of Big Ben

There is so mush asbestos in this old building.







The Houses of Parliament are crumbling. … gas, electricity, asbestos, stonework, sewerage One  wonders if they should pull it down and rebuild.



A #Asbestos Catch up of stories that caught my eye


Oh dear Ebay and Face book should monitor better Asbestos being sold today

2″ Chrysotile Crystal Skull, 47x33x33mm, 72g  Showcase Price £18 $24
Chrysotile is a variety of Serpentine, with light-catching bands of asbestos, which is safe to use in this polished form.
Chrysotile is a stone of support, aiding recovery from long term illness and chronic fatigue, and paving the way to independence where it has been undermined or lost.


15 used cement fibre roofing sheets.
Overall very good condition.
There’s an extra one that has a split in it (photo no. 5) which will be free to whoever buys the most.
Each sheet is 8ft long x 2 foot 5 inches wide.
£10 each or £120 the lot.
Collection from Highbridge or free local delivery


People still aren’t getting the hint about asbestos, apparently.
So, in yet another push to build awareness around the deadly substance, WorkSafeBC is again urging owners of pre-1990s homes to talk to their contractor about asbestos before starting home renovations or a demolition.
“Asbestos is safe if left alone, but if disturbed it can cause serious health problems and even death,” says Al Johnson, Vice-President of Prevention Services for WorkSafeBC. “Today, the most common way to be exposed to asbestos is by unsafe practices during demolition and renovation of homes and buildings.”

Asbestos can be found in more than 3,000 different building materials used in homes built before 1990, according to the WorkSafe BC campaign. “It’s colourless, odourless and deadly when disturbed.”

gas mask 5

My Mother had to put me in one of these but I kept screaming Talk about a scary day at the hospital! This picture was taken in 1941 as part of a British air raid drill, and these gas masks for babies covered their entire bodies (except their feet?). The gas


Asbestos scandal in the Netherlands with footholds to our country
In the Netherlands there is a stir on asbestos, which was recently discovered in the sand of the company Eurogrit. It is a “jet ride”, which is used to remove paint and rust in industrial renovations, as well as contractors and painters sandblast with it. The grit has been sold to companies and individuals in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The Dutch government has taken many measures, in our country the public services are no problem.


Malakkapara: Wild elephants attacked the office of the Forest Department at Kerala’s border area of Valparai. The camp office at Nallamudi Estate at M… 

What do you think of this #asbestos awareness video produced by students dundee_angus as part of locherproject


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – MesoUK Patient and Carers Day. Also The #IASLC in Japan with the take Home Message

Lensbury Hotel_patient carer day 2017

This was where we travelled to last week with Ali driving us.

Patient & Carer Day – Friday 13 October 2017
Mesothelioma UK hosted the 12th annual Patient and Carer Day for people with mesothelioma and their families, friends and carers. It was a day of learning, sharing experiences and meeting others in similar situations.

The Lensbury Hotel, Broom Road, Teddington, TW11 9NU what a wonderful hotel. We had a lovely room that overlooked the front the one behind the tree on the left of this photo.

We arrived and booked in and then met friends as they arrived dining-300x199

We went to our room where I worked for a while before sleeping.


Up very early we signed in and the conference began .

mesouk confere


With this all over we had to say our goodbyes and travelled home. As it was Friday we thought the roads would be bad but it really wasn’t and we soon got home.


iaslc-desk-logo 11

The Conference has been on all week in Japan. I was invited but I have worked so hard recently with so many conferences and also bringing together the guest list for the MNF Launch Dec 7th and then the Scan Day which I was convinced was going to be bad as I get pains in the chest and the arms and hands are so  weird and twisted still But it was a good result again so much so I can have the scan every 3 months now.

So the message from Japan

Dear Doctors, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,
The 18th World Conference on Lung Cancer of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) will take place from October 15 – 18, 2017, in Yokohama, Japan. The science of lung cancer is advancing rapidly, so the IASLC recently decided to hold the World Conferences annually. The IASLC WCLC in Yokohama will be the second of the annual Conferences, following the IASLC World Conference in Vienna, Austria, in 2016.
On behalf of IASLC as well as the members of the Organizing and Program Committees, we would like to cordially invite you to attend the World Conference on Lung Cancer 2017 in Yokohama.
The Conference motto “Synergy to Conquer Lung Cancer” captures the collaborative spirit of the Conference which will be both a scientific and educational event.
Medical doctors, scientists, nurses, health professionals, government officials, partners from the industry, health advocacy groups and patients will come together in order to obtain and exchange information on advances in the management of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies, while considering both global and regional aspects.
We ask you to submit your latest research results for presentation. You are also welcome to suggest any topic, activity or scientific program you would like to see covered during the World Conference. Your active contribution will be crucial to the success of the World Conference and its impact on our global mission to prevent, diagnose and treat lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. Together, we will become a stronger voice and global force with the ultimate goal of succeeding in decreasing the world-wide burden of lung cancer.
We hope that, despite an intense Conference program, you also will be able to get some glimpses of Yokohama, Japan. Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and is a cosmopolitan and modern city, which has played host to many international organizations. Yokohama is also a city rich in history, architecture and culture.
We look forward to personally welcoming you to Yokohama for the World Conference on Lung Cancer 2017, from all parts of the world.
Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hisao Asamura, MD and Dr. Keunchil Park, MD, PhD
IASLC WCLC 2017 Conference Co-Presidents

peter 66

Dr Peter Szlosarek, chief and principal investigator of several clinical studies here at the Barts Cancer Centre, will this Wednesday 18th October present exciting new data at the IASLC’s (International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer) 18th World Conference on Lung Cancer, Yokohama, Japan.
Highlighting plans for future clinical studies, his talk, “Pegylated Arginine Deiminase Potentiates PD-1/PDL-1 Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Malignant Mesothelioma” will focus on the synergism between the arginine-lowering agent (AID-PEG20, Polaris Pharma) and PD1/PD-L1 axis immune checkpoint blockade in ASS1 negative tumours.
These new developments follow on from the success of the first-ever randomised trial of ADI-PEG20 in mesothelioma (ADAM) that reported an improvement in progression free survival

eric 4

The Mars Trial is doing well Eric Lim is so pleased with the uptake well today I have him 3 more patients contacting.

mars 11111

Mars Trial is doing so well Eric Lim and David Waller are so pleased with mesowarriors –showing the figures in Japan 88 randomisations to date in #MARS2 for #mesothelioma Recruitment to MARS 2 smashing it. Wonderful to see. #mesothelioma #wclc2017 @_johnedwards

And the last message for the Doctors to take home I always say Give us the trails and I will give them the Mesowarriors  we take the chance as we are all so positive and even if we get one more day or one more month that is all we ask. Just to stay a bit longer with our loved ones.Thank you IASLC for this message it is the right one take home meessage

That is so true I love it xx

A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma – The Launch Of BOHS #asbestos

bohs 1

I’m at last at home and the dog is out of the kennels.

What a week its been


We set off for the journey to London a bit nervous. I would be talking to such experts.

I needn’t have worried they were wonderful.

My talk went down better than I could ever possible hope. People were so amazed not only at my Mesothelioma story but the pictures I showed them of mistakes that are being made in the Industry and we discussed with so many how we could change all that.


IMG_20171011_181520BOHS 2

So many very interesting people stopped to talk and to say how much they enjoyed my presentation I was very pleased that I had raised so much awareness of Mesothelioma.


We were the last to leave, it had been a wonderful night with so much interest in my Foundation Thank You BOHS for inviting me to such a prestigious event.

The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) was delighted to announce a programme of prestigious speakers for the official launch of its new Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM).   The new Faculty will herald a fresh phase of focusing on raising standards  and competency in the asbestos industry,
So the launch will  took place at an evening reception at the Conrad Hotel in Westminster on  11 October 2017.  I was amongst the speakers with
Craig Barker: Asbestos Manager for Marks & Spencer Property
David Fishwick: Consultant NHS Respiratory Physician, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals; Chief Medical Advisor, HSE
Martin Stear: Chartered Occupational Hygienist, and Registrar of FAAM
The key themes and expert speakers focused on: the problems and consequences of asbestos; how to identify the needs of specific situations; and what solutions are appropriate/available.  Another key message for the event ws “raising standards and reducing risks”.
What is FAAM?
FAAM is BOHS’ new Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management, and its overarching aim is to provide a community for professionals in the asbestos industry.  FAAM’S vision is to:
Pursue excellence for all those who practise in the asbestos assessment and management profession
Establish, develop and maintain standards of competence in asbestos assessment and management practice for those who are members of FAAM
Act as the guardian of professional standards and ethics in the profession of asbestos assessment and management
Why is FAAM needed?
Asbestos still kills around 5000 workers each year, with around twenty tradesmen dying each week as a result of past exposure. Details of prosecutions for unsafe asbestos practices continue to be reported in the media with concerning regularity. Tackling issues related to asbestos continues to be a challenge, with the UK still possessing one of the highest rates of mesothelioma (a type of cancer linked to asbestos exposure) in the world. Cancer Research UK outlined that there were over 2,500 deaths from the disease in 2014, with 94% of cases being deemed as preventable.
Karen Bufton, President of BOHS commented:  “This is an exciting and pivotal time in BOHS’ history.  In 2017 we have achieved significant progress by delivering a wide variety of new initiatives, including developing and launching a unique new course for the construction industry, and launching the ‘Breathe Freely in Manufacturing’ campaign. Moreover, we’re now introducing a major new faculty – FAAM.”
Karen continued: “I’m delighted that BOHS has Launched this important new faculty.  BOHS has been providing international leadership on protection against asbestos since the 1960s, and continues to pioneer excellence in standards’ setting in the field of asbestos.  There is wide acceptance that there remains a compelling need to improve standards of professional competence in many areas of the asbestos industry, which is why FAAM‘s vision is so critical.”
Karen concluded: “FAAM’s vision is to establish, develop and maintain standards of competence in asbestos assessment and management practice for its members, and act as the guardian of professional standards and ethics in the profession of asbestos assessment and management. BOHS is excited about the forthcoming launch event in London, which will mark the official opening  for membership, and celebrate the work achieved so far in bringing industry experts together to form FAAM.”

thankyou 2