Mesothelioma My Diary-A lovely weekend at Wateringbury Maidstone Kent

We have had a lovely relaxing rally at Bowbridge Marina camp site at Wateringbury with the Kent Caravan and camping site.

I have been on tender hooks with tomorrow looming so quickly on me. Its not the bi-op but the worry of the journey to get there.

I have to get up so early to get ready for the 5am Fast Train to St Pancreas but we must not overlay so I expect I just will not be able to sleep tonight.

But it was so nice to have the weekend away in the wonderful sun.

Arriving Friday afternoon we all settled in one by one and sat around and greeting one another again.

As we walked up the river we saw all the little boats of all shape and sizes

A game of Boules was played on the Saturday morning.

Everyone Played or watched and encouraged the player's

We walked along the river bank and saw many Swans swimming along ducking down to find some food and then swim on.

I was able to let Louis off lead and have a good game with his ball he was shatered most of the weekend.

I was able to give him a lovely river walk early in the mornings before everyone got up and –so peaceful but I wash my feet in the morning dew and then brought all the grass in on the bottom of my shoes!!!!

The trains ran by so quietly

Our neighbour enjoying cooking a Barbie.

We had a great get together and chin wag Saturday afternoon with Pimms being served -very nice indeed. and a  good laugh was had.

My son and daughter-in-law have been to see us today as Nicky is so worried about me and came to give me a pep talk in the Motorhome.

We do get on so well and she is good for me and I have told he my thoughts that I dont usually let my guard down, as to just how worried I’m about it all.

She is so there for me and I count myself very lucky to have her and my Son and Grandson.

Terry doesn’t have to say anything, I know what he is saying to me when he looks me in the eyes and just a little half smile on the corner of his lips.

I so love them all xxx I will fight away for you and Ray xxx