A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos.When will this Cough Go? Can we help The #NHS.

Its been a hard week of fighting the coughing virus. So exhausting that I have not had energy for anything.



We had snow although, not a lot around us

MODEL Kelly Brook stepped behind the camera instead of in front of it today to capture snowy scenes at her home in Kent.

The 37-year-old took a “snowy winter walk” through the countryside, taking snaps of a winter sunrise, a snow-covered church, ducks swimming in an icy pond and more.


We have such pretty countryside around us.

The snow didn’t last and it froze one morning. Just solid Ice. Ray fell over and now his back is playing up.  Not as bad as before the Op so, hopefully,  he will get better again.

We have got through and have managed to sleep as we both rock the bed coughing.

John Oxford, professor of virology at the University of London, said the outbreak was likely to be caused by adenovirus – the microbe behind conditions such as bronchitis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis. Adenovirus can survive at body temperature and can push down into the lungs, causing a chesty cough that can remain long after other symptoms have eased.

Not good when you have Mesothelioma but I have survived well and the head is clearing

A homemade recipe from Facebook has helped


I have been sipping it all the time and it has worked well.

I caused a bit of a stir on Linkedin with the Story of Paracetomol

This post now has more than 60,000 shares on Facebook ( Everyone doing this simple tip could save the NHS up to £80million a year ) This paracetamol is 25p but it’s as low as 16p in Home Bargains. When you choose to get paracetamol for ‘free’ from the pharmacist or GP it actually costs the taxpayer & NHS about £10. If you want to help save the NHS choose to refuse free paracetamol when you can paracetomol

At least people are sitting up and taking notice and thinking. I hope the GPs will also think before writing the prescription out. I hope the law will change and we can buy more than 2 packets of Paracetamol. We need to get behind the NHS and help. We need to end the chaos.


Ten medicines prescribed by GPs have a “net ingredient cost” of £1.86 billion a year with just one of those, Fluticasone Propionate, an asthma treatment, costing £394 million

The cost is horrendous and it takes some serious budgeting to get the figures right. No wonder the NHS is in such a mess and we should look at what we can do to help.


We have many Mesowarriors in treatment. New Trials have come through. I wish them all so much luck and my fingers are crossed.

Many are in pain and suffering and finding the journey hard. A huge hug to them.

Those carers that have lost I feel your pain and wipe away your tears. I hope you heal and can smile again. xx