Mesothelioma My diary A day at Minnis Bay and the sun is beaming away.

What another very warm and hot day.

Records are being made now as the warmest day and we are promised it will be the same tomorrow and its the 1st of October.

Christmas things are in the shop and we are in the hot hot sun, what a crazy world.

We went to Minis bay but as we went through Whitstable it was absolutely packed, so many people who must have taken days off from work to come out in the sun.

We carried on to Minnis Bay and parked up, walking to the Cafe for a lunch. Louis stayed under the table and was Ok when dogs came and went -Oh how life has changed with him.

I love people watching and a group of 4 women sat down and ordered a meal but I could see how one of them was shocked at the price of a lunch.

The bill was £55.00 for the food and a round of drinks was £15.00 the poor lady’s face it must be ages since she had come out for a meal and it seemed a shock to her as she tried to smile.

A plater of Sea food was £45.00 for 2 thats the price on the board by the side of me.

We walked along the sea front and it was so nice

Miles came as well

All the blue skies and Blue water it was just so nice.

Cold Seafood Platter (for 2 )
½  Native Lobster – Dressed Crab – Shell-on-Prawns
Peeled Prawns – Home Cured Salmon—Mussels – Cockles
Rock Oysters – Jellied Eels – Marinated Anchovies
Seafood Sticks – Dressed Salad – Farmhouse Bread
Seafood Sauce – Lemon – Home Made Tartare Sauce
(Special deal – a bottle of House Champagne & Cold Seafood Platter £72)
Hot Seafood Platter (for 2)
½ Native Lobster – Crab – Fresh Fish of The Day
Popcorn Cockles – Mackerel – Fresh Squid
Fresh Mussels – King Scallops— Prawns— Hot Oysters
Farmhouse Bread Dressed Salad
Lemon—Garlic & Herb Butter Sauce
(Special deal – a bottle of House Champagne & Hot Seafood Platter £72)
Very nice

  We are off to London to the Mesothelioma UK Conference tomorrow. So many of the Mesowarriors will be there It will be a great day and im looking forward to meeting so many again. rays blog

Mesothelioma My Diary Dinner with our friends, and bought our car.

Days where you get up and you have nothing really planed are funny days arent they.

We knew we were meeting our dearest friends for lunch at Weatherspoons so Louis got an early walk and settled down, but I said “Oh lets see if that Garage at Herne Bay has anything for sale.”

So we drove off and called in

Express Garage

We parked up a side road out side of a house where a lady was watching us park from her kitchen so I called out that we were only going to the garage and wouldn’t ma long, she shouted out “no problem” and laughedbless her.

So there was our new car just waiting for us. After hours of trailing through the net and looking in garages we have found our little bargain. A Daihatsu Sirion SE

It has high seats so I can get in and out easier and is just lovely.

The owner was in essex so we said we would come back and went into Herne Bay for lunch with Mike and Linda as they had come down from Peterborough to stay for a few days.

We had a drink while we waited for them to arrive and when the did we had a lovely dinner, as it was Curry Day, and a long long chat about everything.

Mike has a great interest in my Lung disease as he too has been diagnosed with Asbestos damage to his Lungs as he had worked with it through his working life so he talks to me a lot and asks me questions about how I feel.

We finally moved as we were so full up and needed to walk it off.

Mike asked what was the Gate was and I realised he meant the Reculver Towers, that you could see in the distant’s, so I said to Linda get your car and we can just pop along the coast.

They were enthralled with the history and the fact they had never visited the Towers before.

The southern half of the Roman fort at Reculver survives as ruined walls and earthworks.

The core of the enclosing wall, which would originally have been topped with a wall walk and parapet, is mainly flint and in parts survives to a height of almost 3 metres (10 feet). It can be best appreciated by walking around the outer perimeter of the fort. It was originally faced with squared greensand blocks, but these have almost all disappeared.

There were originally four gateway entrances – one through the centre of each side of the defences. Roughly in the centre of the east wall was the east gate, which consisted of a single carriageway 2.7 metres (9 feet) wide contained within a masonry arch and with a single guard chamber to the north. Tiles in the walls enclosing the guard chamber may represent a later rebuilding. The south gate in the middle of the south wall was of similar form.

We had a nice walk all around and then drove back to our car and said bye until we meet in December again.

Off we went back to the garage and the owner was back so we went for a test drive and we were very Impressed with the car and carried on and did the deal.

We went to Tesco to get some milk etc and at the till thee was a young couple, she was asking him to buy her a Tesco bag and when he said yes she wouldnt stop kissing him.

She said to me isnt he good to me, laughing. I said if he gets all that for buying a Tesco bag what does he get if he buys you an expensive bag. She said Laughing mind your own Business.

The cashier nearly wet herself laughing and Ray said there thats cheered your day up. Its great to be happy isnt it then everyone around you enjoys the moment.

Well that was my day I need a rest tomorrow ha ha !!!  rays blog


Mesothelioma My Diary a trip to Hernebay

It has been such a hot night and then a hot day phew!!!

We had all the windows open so we could hear the traffic on the Thanet way all night long. Dont people go to their beds? ha ha !!!

I got up in the early hours and made a drink, then went back to bed and slept through to 7.30am which was good for me.

I did the housework and had a coffee and toast then gathered the dog up to go for his walk.

Had a chat to my good neighbour about her mother and off we went.

Tankerton Slopes of coarse where Louis jumped out of the car and did an exhibition of his jumping up in the air to make through his ball much to the amusement of the visitors all sitting on the benches.

We saw our little red boat at sea again, the one we had seen in the harbour yesterday.

Of we then went to Hernebay for a nice slow walk along the sea front to the high street it was packed. All along the beach people were sun bathing and in the water

At the harbour though it was very peaceful with people sitting on the walls and in the gardens really enjoying this extra sunshine we have.

At the end of the walk along the front it comes to the Bun Penny Public House and we hadnt seen that it had been destroyed by fire. How sad is this as I have spent many a time having a drink there. When my Mum and Dad lived at Seasalter we often would walk to here and have nice drink with them and our children.

Scene of a fire at The Bun Penny, Central Parade, Herne Bay.

Mind you after reading the comments it would seem it became an uncontrollable Drug abuse Pub and so glad I havent been here for a long time.

After walking around the High Street we came back to the sea front and ate an Icecream watching the world go by, we also were looking at every car making a mental note of  the ones we like. We dont want to rush just taking our time.

Back home to a late lunch and a sun bathe in the back garden.

Had a phone call from my new hospital and all the examinations are being done together on Tuseday. A talk about my history, blood tests, ECG and Scan so i will be there all afternoon.

Rays Blog

Mesothelioma My diary Watched a film on my Computer with my Warrior friends around the world.

We stayed up late last night to wait for the showing of the film Breathtaking on the ADAO Web site. This was Awesome . All around the woorld we gathered around our computers and Linda Reinstien Introduce the 45 min film and  we watched it but talking to each other and raising questions Like a chat page.

The film was about the life and death of  Kathleen’s father with mesothelioma but she went further by visiting a Canadian mine and also India where the workers are affected by the Asbestos.

Breathtaking produced and directed by Kathleen Mullen, Toronto filmmaker and programmer, takes on the asbestos industry through a moving and personal investigation into her father’s death from an asbestos-related disease and the current present-day use of asbestos in Canada and internationally.

Afterwards Kathleen answered all our questions and then it was all over. Im honoured to have taken part in the conference.

A lovely warm and sunny day today this is really wonderful to have a Indian Summer, we can sit out early in the garden for a early cup of tea when the birds are just waking and the traffic starts going to London, so many people have moved down here and then travel to London daily for work .

I felt really shaky today as I must be so tired, a late late night and still wake up early, so I did just take it very slow, working  on the Computer and having breakfast.

After polishing  the Lounge out, then  out with the dog in the car to Tankerton and had a walk round in the sea mist.

Ray then said lets go and look at cars so we went back to the Gorral Tank and parked up to walk around the Garage  forecourt but we couldn’t find the car I have in my head, so we walked around the harbour and the red boat that I see at Tankerton was in.

So now I know what it looks like close up.

We came home and had dinner and then I dropped off for a catnap and felt a lot better.

I had a chat with Dave next door as he was putting out his washing.

Louis had a bark at a little dog as it came by, everyone thinks he sounds so angry but he is only angry with me that I wont let him run off lead through the gate to play.

I said to Ray I ought to get a spray bottle to use and say “No Bark” but we have come a long way with him so far.

Hark Im always talking as if he is the only one that barks but of coarse that is so not true as we are surrounded by dogs and I love it when the postman comes and all the dogs bark warning each other “Its the Postman”.

Ray has spent a lot of time with a neighbour trying to help him and he doesn’t know anything about computers so its very hard but he is getting there.

We had another small walk again as the weather was so nice.

Sitting on my computer reading away when a Facebook friend in Australia asked ” Hi Mavis”, would it be convenient to drop by for a chat? yes of coarse, When?  where do you live  “Melbourne, Australia”

I was so puzzled  it turns out he is in Oxford which was a lovely surprise so we are going to arrange fr him to come to see us in the next few weeks.

He should have bought Rod over with him that would be a wild party.

Had a pop round  around to see my friend and make sure she was OK and then came back to have tea.

It has been a good day again Rays blog

Mesothelioma My Diary Appointment made for Scan and Blood test and we saw a steamship !!  Rays blog

My Blog is here

Today started very grey and black I thought we would be in for heavy rain so I went out and tided some Ivy growing on a tree and had a sweep around in the front thinking it might rain anytime but no it didnt.

I phoned Maidstone hospital and spoke to Karen (the trial research nurse) and she was very kind and said she would arrange my appointment for next Tuesday 4th October so that I had everything done on one day. So that was all settled.

We thought we would do a beach round walk as we hadnt done that for some time and I did slowly walk to my own pace.

I couldnt believe when we got to the Railway bridge but they have marked it out for a pathway.

I knew they were going to put a pathway under there as it is dangerous the speed the drivers can go on this road.


Look at the photo and imagine a pathway taking over half of the road on the right hand side. That will mean the trafic will only be one way at the time but also that they will have to pull over to the left and a wall juts out. Oh dear there will be a few scratch vans as they try that.

We carried on to the sea front and had a nice walk along but then a surprise

This looks like the Waverly Line Steam ship

I have just Googled and it is

The Waverley arrives at Whitstable harbour for its 7½ hour cruise. It is already partially filled with passengers as it actually starts its voyage at Margate.

We have not seen it before so that was a real treat as we have traveled on this so many times from Chatham Dockyard

This is a lovely veiw from the boat and you can see Whitstable Castle

Off we walked  seeing Janet Street Porter pull up by the side of us, she walked round the back and was slamming her hatch back door but it wouldn’t close, she looked cross so I didnt say hello. She did look cute though in a gym top and grey tight shorts she look lovely with her red hair better than she looks on telly.

We see her in Tesco’s now and again though –she eats very healthy wink -I know Im nosy like that ha ha !!!


We then got back home for lunch.

The sun came out and it got warmer and warmer it was to nice to be in doors so I sorted the back of my shed out. The place I keep 2 bikes and I also put things to store there.

After finding that little baby Ratty Rat I have made sure there is nowhere I could have a nest, So I have got the bikes out and washed them as my Son is going to have them as I haven’t got the breath for cycling. They have been brill when camping but I have to be sensible now.

So I really had a good tidy up and was very satisfied when I had finished that job, and I have no nest in my garden that’s for sure but cant say the same for the overgrown garden behind me. The house has been empty for so long that the garden is over grown. I will have to have Louis on Patrol more.

I finally came in to a cup of coffee and a rest then cooked dinner. Stuffed Marrow for me made with cheese and breadcrumbs and tomatoes. Lovely!!!!

Another good day !!

Mesothelioma Diary Found a Baby Rat ekkk and Miles has been on his travels.  Rays blog as well

My Blog

A bit of excitement today as we found a little baby, what we thought was a field mouse.

He was brown and so cute, Ray wrapped him in a yellow duster and put it in a box as we thought it was cold and it couldnt move around.

Louis said hello to him and treated him so softly I was amazed.

He just laid there so we thought he was dieing

he didnt open his eyes but did start to move around but was so weak.

We went out and when we got back he was out of the box and had his eyes open.

I asked on my MHFacts forum what it was and the answer is a brown RAT!!!!!  My neighbours are all tidying up and cutting back as Iam for the winter so someone has disturbed a nest it would seem.

It has disappeared this afternoon but on the forum someone said ( Defo Rattus norvegicus (brown or sewer rat).

I would put it back where you found it. Rats (including baby rats) produce ultrasonic chirps, which this rats mother will respond to.

On the other hand…………you may want to buy a rat trap or call the council – there is clearly a rats nest near by.)

I have not seen any rat dirt so I just hope they dont stay in my garden.

It was good though having the opportunity to meet a baby and see it at close hand.

We did go out again today and took Miles the MHFact Bear with us as people are following what he gets up to and where he is.

Miles came in the car to faversham

he sat on a bridge with Louis

He sat in on the grass

We went off for a walk on the tow path but they seem to have built houses right down on the river so we couldnt walk right through and got lost but we had a good walk so we turned back to the car.

Then ray had a brill idea to go back to Whitstable and look for a new car –Oh dear–this meant trying to park on a Sunday on a very hot sunny day –No! No! we couldnt get in anywhere and Ray’s blood pressure was rising so I made a quiet suggestion we went home for lunch.

Thats what we did, mind you talking to Des and Sue, Miles helped out in his new Van

He is tucked away now  but it has been fun.

I will get up and as soon as I feel its a reasonable time I will phone Maidstone hospital  tell her I have read everything to do with the Trial and I will be going ahead and find about my Scan

Mesothelioma My Diary A day touring the Isle of Thanet, a really warm day to.  Rays Blog

My blog for today:-

It has been a really wonderful to day and I have really enjoyed myself as has Ray and Louis so come and look at the photo album

I was going to Canterbury but Ray suggested that we go to Margate as he had sauced a new camera for me to use on my blog. We keep a small camera handy with us all the time and this has been so helpful as we see all sort’s of things on our walks and Rallies which make up my blog.

Ray has a large camera as well but the little one is carried on his belt but it has suddenly broken down.

We called in at Tankerton to let Louis have a run and a toilet

Louis thought he was in Denmark

We set off for the trip to Margate parking on the sea front at Westgate, walking round into Margate, the sun was beaming down on us and there was a kite flying festival on the beach which was so good, the music was great as well.

 Margate International Kite Festival

I know we have said before that Margate is getting very shabby well today with the sun shinning it was just a wonderful place to be. I bought some Margate rock as a fun silly present to put in the children’s stocking at Xmas.

The clock Tower

Louis was a test photo at the shop

This hasnt come out very well but going back we passed this house and it had Xmas Decorations up. We and strangers were having a right laugh at this

We really had a great time but it was time to travel on and we went through Cliftonville Walpole Bay cliffs, Cliftonville.jpg

On to Jose bay where Louis ran and chased the waves so I couldnt let him off the lead as he would have just run and run and anyway he would have got himself real sandy and i have just paid a fortune for his shampoo wash ha ha !!

We stopped for an Icecream and then looked at the North Foreland  Lighthouse

Image of North Foreland

The North Foreland Lighthouse was the last manned lighthouse in the country until its conversion to automatic operation in November 1998. Its presence serves to mark the southerly entrance to the Thames, and also warns ships of the Margate Rocks, a local marine hazard.
A light was first exhibited at North Foreland in 1499, but the first real lighthouse was built by Sir John Meldrum in 1636. The lighthouse consisted of a two storey octagonal tower made of timber, lath and plaster with an iron burning grate on top.

Well that was our coastal tour so we went along the road into Broadstairs  and back on the road to home, calling in a Farmshop to buy some really lovely fresh vegetables and fruit.

The standard of their wares was very high quality and i will make sure we get there more often in the next few weeks while back on chemo.

We got home and made a coffee and had a snack, then I spent the rest of the afternoon tidying up the back garden, just cutting back some growth and sweeping up so that it all looks good again.

My dragon fly has settle into my garden

I asked Debbie why we use the Dragonfly and the wonderful answer was :-I love what they symbolize. I love the fact that they go from one life to another and change into such a beautiful creature, such gorgeous colours. When I was diagnosed, I wanted to move on and be positive. What better way than to be reborn, wipe the slate clean and start again with my new life.

I love that, so sweet but the official Snowdrop another lovely lady said Hi Mavis, I think the snowdrop was used because the word Snowdrop means Hope – there is also a snowdrop Angel – I am making some and will send you one soon, I love the Mesowarriors we are always such friends.

The day is nearly over and we have really had a good day, one of memory making and we have captured it in photos. Love it xx

Mesothelioma My Trial has positive results on Phase 2 so here I go on Phase 3 NGR-hTNF

I found a report on Phase 2 of this trial so thought I would report it as the results seem very good and positive.

I phone on Monday for an appointment for  a scan and blood tests so I will report on my blog everyday as I travel through the procedure

It is a trial for Mesothelioma Patients that have the Disease growing back after 1st line Chemo and are in need of 2nd line Chemo so here I go. xxxx

Milan (Italy), 21 April 2010 – MolMed S.p.A. (Milan:MLM) announces that the positive results of a Phase II trial of its investigational anticancer drug NGR-hTNF in malignant pleural mesothelioma have been published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO 10.1200/JCO.2009.27.3649; early release published online ahead of print on April 20, 2010). Also on the basis of these results, NGR-hTNF has been granted Orphan Drug designation for the treatment of malignant mesothelioma, in both the EU and the US. MolMed has just started a pivotal Phase III trial for this indication.

The article – Phase II Study of Asparagine-Glycine-Arginine-Human Tumor Necrosis Factor •, a selective Vascular Targeting Agent, in previously treated patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma – gives insight into the outcome of a single-arm, open-label, multicentre Phase II trial (NGR010), where NGR-hTNF was administered as monotherapy – either every three weeks or every week – in 57 chemo-pretreated patients. The results, anticipated at the most important international meetings, show an overall disease control rate of 46% with a median duration of 4.7 months. A clear advantage of the weekly intensification of the treatment is highlighted in terms of disease control duration (9.1 vs 4.4 months). In a recent analysis, the clinical benefit resulted into a prolongation of overall survival, which is doubled in patients achieving initial disease control.

Claudio Bordignon, MolMed’s chairman and CEO, comments: “The fact that the results of the Phase II trial have been selected for publication in the most prestigious medical journal in clinical oncology further endorses what we see as an important step forward in the development of a novel treatment option for mesothelioma, a disease with a very high unmet medical need. Our commitment in this field is now represented by the pivotal Phase III trial which is underway and foresees the enrolment of 400 patients”.

Mesothelioma Diary a really lovely hot day and life is so good!!!

Rays Blog


My Blog for today

A quieter day today no letters to wait for, no phone calls expected just a very normal day and yet we have been discussing all that went on yesterday so that we get it very clear in our head.

You cant enter trials lightly and every piece of print has to be read, discussed and made sure we understand just what it all means.

The conclusion is that as it is to be carried out with a Chemo then I really do not have anything to worry about.

It will mean Im committed to hospital visits every week and on the day I go the drug will be administered in I hour but I have to stay for 6 hours as they want to examine me an ask me how I feel. then I will be given Anti sickness tablets before the Chemo tablet sending me home with more anti sickness tablets.

Every six weeks I will have a scan and also a ECG so I know I will be looked after all the time which pleases me.

My hair might fall out or just go very thin!!

I will get that metallic taste so Xmas might be a bit yukky but that’s a risk I have to take. Im on a strict regime with food anyway as I must build up my Immune system.

All the sprays my daughter in law bought me will come in handy again as I hate touching rails and doors with all the cold germs around in shops etc etc.

I phoned up today and made an appointment for my flue jabs –just another thing I had to think of.

I was awake again 2.30am and finally got up at 4.30am and worked on the computer where my Australian Rod found me on Skype. He is doing very well but missing Julie so much but also getting on and is going to raise Awareness in Julie’s name. he has a purpose to carry on.

I had visited him on Google Maps and he told me off for not popping in to see him ha ha!!! I said I was just sneaking around.

Ray got up just after that so we started the day.

Louis got his usual walk in -I wont say where you are getting to know this scene as I just love going here.

The little red fishing boat was returning back to Whitstable Harbour again he seems to do this every day now.

We carried on to the Garden Centre at Bullockstone on the way to Canterbury and I have bought some lovely Xmas card’s. I went to the farmshop and bought Beetroot as they are very healthy, plums and Sweet Potato’s.

Then we came back to Homebase Hernebay and I found a Dragon fly (the Mesothelioma Symbol) to put in my pots in the front garden.

I was looking for Xmas presents but I just couldn’t find the right thing so I will have to have a good day out soon to do it.

With this we gave Louis another walk then came home. Chatted to Des for some time as he was fitting out his new van.

Came in and had a late lunch and a read of my mags.

I popped over to the shops to buy a neighbour flowers to cheer her up. I hate to see people unhappy about things as life is so good to me and I love everyday.

Problems are never as bad as they seem after a good sleep we see the good in life and waking up each day.

Then I couldnt believe it a ring of the bell and I had a lovely Bouquet and a box of Chocolates delivered. I just knew who they were from as my desert friend is always sending me presents the little devil.

He is so pleased Im going on having treatment, he has been there from day one bless him –thank you so much Cyber Hunny I do love you and you do spoil me xxx

Have a great holiday in Spain with Betty xxx and then its back to  the desert with you.

The chocolates have been put away Bill ha ha !!! I promise to eat them when they say my nasty is shrinking again xx

Mesothelioma Diary What a week but I have made the trial.

Rays blog as well

My Blog for today

We had to get up early today, although I just could not sleep so it was good that I got up at 4.

I had an early Breakfast and worked on the computer until i showered at 7am and then took Louis for a walk.

Ray got up and he was ready so i said lets go as I would rather be early and on the hospital site than caught in London bound traffic jams  and having kittens.

Would you believe it the traffic run very easily and we arrived at Blean by 9 took the wrong turning and ended up at Bluewater. I had already read the Darent Valley web site and they did recommend parking in Bluewater as their car park was small and so it would be difficult to park. So we parked outside John Lewis with the hope that we would find the car on our return.

Bluewater was built in a Chalk Pit

We asked for help to find a bus, a very nice lady helped us and we were soon on our way and laughed when the bus climbed out of the chalk pit and the hospital was up the top.

The veiw at the hospital was lovely and we could see the Dartford Bridge

The hospital is very modern 

We were very early over 2 hours but I said lets book in and make sure they know we are here so we walked into the Out patients where they have a self booking in computers.

Very easy to use but the computer said no!!! It didnt know me.

We asked for help but the receptionist agreed the computer said no. She got her supervisor who said this often happened with Dr Shahs patients as he traveled from Maidstone.

A really nice lady came out to see us, the Access manager and she took all my details and told us to go for a coffee and she would put me on the system as they had phoned Maidstone and Dr Shah had my file with him.

We did as we were told and went to the cafe where we waited and returned at 10.35am to the out patients and guess what the computer said no!

We waited and kept try until just before 11am the computer said yes and issued us with a number that we had to wait until we were called dead on 11.30.

My friend Sonja, who lives near by and had read on my blog, where I would be, so she drove over to find us and kept me company, when I moved to the red area, where I was weighed and had to sit to go to see Dr Shah who after 30 mins called me in and welcomed Ray and I.

He went through all my history and said my story of washing clothes made me a text book case.

He agreed that I was very suitable for Vinorelbine a Chemo drug taken in tablet form day 1 and day 8.

I could also go on the trial with a drug called NGR-h TNF which is Phase three stage.

The NGR is a protein which targets blood vessels in tumours, The h TNF is a biological substance which we produce in our bodies to fight infection and cancer. For the study this has been biologically engineered and combined with NGR protien by a pharmaceutical company to deliver larger amounts to cancer cells.

It all sounds very good and he has given me a paper to read and if Im happy phone his  office and talk to the Research Nurse who has taken over his work while he is away for the next 2 weeks, she will get my scan done and blood tests so they are all waiting for his return and I will be in treatment.  This will mean visiting every week once a week  to receive a 1 hour infusion and so it will involve a lot of hospital visits for tests and scans.

I was amazed that there are only 390 patients going on this throughout the world –that is amazing.!!!

I will be very happy to do this as it is again helping the future and I have the back up of a Chemo so I see it that I have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

We said our goodbyes and went to the waiting room to collect Sonja  and she drove us back to Bluewater where we had another coffee and shared Rays danish selection.

We walked around John Lewis’s food hall buying things and looking at all the goodies and then it was time to say goodbye and we went to  the roof to find the car which was easy.

Off we went and I said we could call in at the Savacentre at Gillingham where I bought a outfit for London next week when we go to the 6th Patient and Carer Day 2011 Novotel London.

I also had a dinner as I was getting really hungry and had Salmon with a watercress sauce, new potatoes, and a salad.

I was really glad to get home then and see Louis and have a rest, it has been a very nerve racking week but I wish the hospitals could put all our info on the computer and each hospital can have  accessible information even if we have to sign to say they can have it, files and letters  can get lost in the system.