Day 6 Chemo 3 Lots of rain and the cold weather is coming

frosty day tomorrow

 It was a very wet day, so much rain has fallen I think we need to start making an Ark.
Just a lazy Monday then, pottering around the house, then a lazy shower and got lunch ready which was easy as I had cold meat from yesterday with the coleslaw I had made, all so easy.
The phone went and it was Val all the way from Scotland on her way to Portugal for 6 months (lucky girl) 
She was in the Canterbury Park and Ride for the night before the EuroTunnel Journey tomorrow.
We dashed off to see her and  to spend sometime having a good old chin wag.
She has a great dog, a Corgi that is so friendly.
After a cup of tea and long chat about everything we had to say bye and get to the shops where I did some Christmas shopping and bought 2 pairs of boots and 2 pairs of gloves to keep me warm in the cold weather.
We then called into B&Q.s to get another outside light.
At home we made it all cosy again and I made a lovely salad and put rashers of Bacon on the top, enjoyable mmmm.
Spent sometime on the computer and watched the programme about the history of the Queen which was very interesting.
So another day over turning off the lights and off to bed.

Day 5 chemo 3 A showery day and Roast Pork

 When we got up today it was pouring hard and then the sun came out, so I thought I would change the sheets on the bed and do the washing. Well it was a day of showers and ended up taking the washing in and then taking the washing out –so maddening so I dumped it all in the dryer and dried the washing so as to be able to put it away when aired. There were no birds or hedgehogs in the garden so I think we are in for a very cold spell as the animals are hiding away to keep warm. We were able to get a walk in with the dog, while the sun was out but it soon poured hard when we got back. I managed to sort the dustbin out for Monday collection.–I have never played around with my rubbish as I do now since all this recycling. Washing tins and yogurt pots just makes a lot of work doesn’t it. We had a soup for lunch and I put the Joint of pork in the oven

 and made some fairy cake,s as well. Roast Potato’s cabbage and carrots was the dinner for today but best of all the crackling on the pork. I also made some coleslaw with the cabbage and that’s away in the fridge to go with cold pork tomorrow.

Louis full up

We have had a great meal and so did the dog, we are now relaxing with full bellies. I have done well today so I think I’m picking up again but I have really been drinking loads of juices. Tomato, Orange and Blackcurrent so I feel fine. Always tired and I had a nap this afternoon and trying to stay awake now but I’m happy today.

Day 4 Chemo 3 a good day

Cleaning windows

Today was a good day and I like them like this.
I got up later after a good nights sleep–Ray said I really snored.
I didn’t hear it so that’s ok.
We had a lazy breakfast and then I had a shower but it found a leak –whoops so Ray had to Re-Mastic a little bit.
Our other central heating leak is ok now so we don’t want anymore.
I did house work while Ray was busy just doing a room slowly and a bit at a time I got through it all.
Put the washing out in the windy sunny day and even cleaned the windows.
I haven’t over done anything you just pace yourself and it is exercise to, I seem to be in the Chemo fidget anyway as sitting still is very hard.
Ray put the light up out the back that he bought the other day, when my neighbour came round for a chat which was a very nice as she has been away in Buxton and as they came home, they saw the snow ploughs going in, so they had got back and missed the snow there today.
We have made arrangements for a Christmas drink before we both go away to our different families Christmas . 
After lunch, of Sausages and bubble and squeak, I said I really felt like a walk so off we went much to the dogs delight.
I took my Trekking stick and I needed it but we did have a great walk –I wore my new M&S coat –oh so warm against the colder wind and it has a Fur edge Hood for the really cold weather to come.
I will wear a scarf over my mouth, in the coldest winter winds, as Lynne advised in the comment today.
We got back in doors and snuggled down to a great sleep for half an hour, so refreshing and so needed.
Then I decided to write all my Xmas cards which filled up a lot of time, and hurt the brain as I have to remember names and address’s, but I also realize how the list gets shorter where we have lost friends this year–that’s all a point of getting older isn’t it.
Well I had cheese on toast for tea and I have watched X Factor and now the Jungle.
It is pouring hard tonight so Ray and Louis have gone out for a quick walk –hope they don’t get to wet.
I will get to bed later and have a nice snore –He! He! Ray don’t get upset xx

Day 3 Chemo 3 Water leak and a surprise visit

Plumber for the leak
I woke up to find we had a water leak in the central heating system in the cupboard, we had to get the plumber out and
so that took up the morning with having to mop up and wait for the plumber to get a part to fit.
With all that done Ray was then able to finish the shower cubicle and everything is now done.
Then we had a phone call from my son to say he was working in Margate so he would pop in.
I made some lunch and in he came which was a great surprise for me but a bigger one for him as he hasn’t seen me on a Chemo,s first few days.
I got through his being here but I felt sick and was, when he had gone, glad he didn’t see me as it isn’t a pretty picture he!he!.
It was lovely to see him and we will be spending Xmas together so I’m happy with that.
The weather has got colder so I find it difficult to go out hope that soon improves as I’m missing the dog walk.
Made dinner again though of Salmon mashed potatoe and Broccoli then stewed apple with honey and evaporated milk.
I have eaten it all and enjoyed it so much.
Now a relaxing evening and early to bed as I was up early this morning.

day 2 chemo 3 The shower arrives

The shower is nearly in

I got up after a terrific long sleep, as I went to bed early for me at 10pm and slept right through to 7.45am.

Got up and had breakfast, then got ready as today the new shower was being delivered.
Of coarse it didn’t come at the first time they had said but it was here later and so Ray had his job for the day.
I did all the house work– slowly– but I got through it all, only the fridge had iced up so I had to do a job I hate and that’s to defrost it.
I was pleased to put the washing out in the sun and fresh air but to walk out with the dog is impossible, my legs are not strong on this second day.
I was doing fine then sick –oh no off we go again.
I had taken the tablets earlier, so I took another and felt better and was able to eat lunch, have been ok until this evening but when I take a tablet the feeling subsides. Horay
I even cooked dinner tonight Lamb chops and mint sauce with vegetable’s real yummy.
Ray has nearly finished the shower he has only to grout the tiles and I can Christen it cant wait.
Its been a good day today.

Day 1 Chemo 3 the long day

It has been a long long day so boring.
I arrived at 7.30 as I was worried about the roads into Canterbury, as the wind woke me at 2.30am
Howling away, and then the rain pelted down at 4.30 –what a night.
There was a tree down in Sturry so I thought the roads would be bad, but infact they were fine as the traffic was stopped in Sturry so we sailed in through Blean.
I went into Chemo at 7.45 am but the nurse couldn’t find a vain and it took 1-1/4 hours to find it and keep it in so the fluid would flow–well I was near screaming point.
But it settled down and we were off.
The cleaner came  in and washed the floor and he cracked jokes so that cheered me up a bit and then other patients came in and settled into chairs.
A Polish man –who informed me he has changed his name to Brown so as to get work here–was on phone all day running his business in London.
He seemed to be in the a plumber and was taking an order to fit a Boiler on Saturday among lots of other calls –a very busy man.
The man who last time had had a stroke was there and seemed very much better as the swollen mouth had gone right down.
They only had 2 nurses on as 2 were off sick and 1 on holiday so that made the day even longer.
I fell asleep at one point and woke up hoping I hadn’t been snoring
So the day went on until at 4pm my friend Peggy came in carrying presents again honey, a large cabbage and a Carrot Cake for Ray –who came in just afterwards so that was nice to have someone to talk to.
Peggy left but Ray had to stay while I finished and we finally left a 6.30pm
It is such a long day.
We got in and I had the dinner all prepared so it didn’t long to whip up Chicken in lemon and ginger sauce, Rice and vegetables with fruit and jelly.
So we are relaxing now and ray has taken the shower out for the new one being delivered tomorrow.

Day 21 Chemo 2 Resurfacing a road, Windy day and out to Lunch.

Men resurfacing a road

We got up after a great night sleep although Ray complains about my snoring –poor thing.

We had to take the dog out early as we were going to a nice get together at our friends for lunch, with other friends who were invited as well.
It was very windy but not cold as we set off with Louis,  as we got out on the main road, they had resurfaced it through the night, what a night to have had to work in and they will be working tonight in another windy night.
The dog trotted along so good, as we were on a longer walk for him up to the beach where the tide was out.
I came back and changed, put on earrings to cheer my face up, as my eyes were still funny from all the soreness this time.
After making sure the dog was safe and lots of chewy things around for him we set off in the car and arrived first, so we settled down chatting until the others arrived.
A great chicken and vegetables was served and Apple Charlotte for sweet/pudding.


We all then sat back and chatted some more about our younger lives –wood burners in stations (Pat has one now in her house –warm as toast) and boat’s old sweets that we had eaten in the past, Motorhoming and many more things until it got dark.

So we all said our goodbye’s and drove home.
Ray took the dog for a walk as I made a home made soup from the vegetables that were in the fridge from yesterday added an onion, tin of tomatoes, stock cubes and Waller!! You have a great soup when it has been in the Liquedizer
A friend on the McMillian site has said “I’m taking steroids for arthritis and they make you EAT, all the time if possible.”
Oh how right he is and yes that’s what I’m like, so the steroids I’m taking just before the chemo, during and after might be the answer for this love of “food glorious food.”
Well its the last day of Chemo 2 the 21 days have flown by and it hasnt been that bad this time so tomorrow I Day 1 again as I have had no phone call on the answer machine– so my bloods must be OK
Up very early then for another 8am start to 10 hours of chemo.