The Diary of a Mesothelioma survivor–testing Microphones for Rod

This has been such a good day with all publishing of books as Rays is selling as well which has really pleased him.

Rod My Aussie Friend

I wasn’t up very long this morning when Rod Skyped me from Australia and he was wrapped in cable and mic’s as he had been out to buy 6 and there he was plugging them all in and testing them, well it got so funny with so many  “can you here me now” “yes” “no’s” I was rolled up, one minute he could the next he couldn’t until we got it all sorted but by that time Ray was awaken and up and he joined in the fun.

We had another great talk when it was all sorted out and then said goodbye.

The emails get more and more as the work grows and the awareness is growing about how bad Asbestos is and we must get it banned and also make sure as people find it they are kept safe from the horrible dust.

We took the dog out to get some fresh air and walked at Tankerton and played football with Louis before going on to Canterbury where we went to the pet shop as ray had been told to buy hardpaws to harden his fingers to play the strings, but they had never heard of it so we turned round and travelled to Tesco for some shopping and then return home.

Christine from IAPT sent me an advanced newsletter to show me how she has produced my story and book and now that has been sent to 4000 PC’s Im so impressed with it. I do hope it brings in more sales to raise the money for Mesothelioma.

I had a Skype with another friend tonight and then called my sons girlfriend and had a natter with her checking that everything was OK in their world.

There is now a frost creeping over the cars tonight as I walked Louis out, for his last one, it must be very cold and there is talk of snow again, I do hope not.


Billy me friend Laura's new dog ahhh

Asbestos campaign scuppered by cuts will cost lives, warns union

by Mark Ellis, Daily Mirror 31/01/2011

WORKERS have been condemned to die because a hard-hitting campaign warning about the dangers of asbestos has been axed, union leaders claim today.

The Hidden Killer campaign was launched by the Health and Safety Executive in 2008 and was last year backed with £1.2million.

But the Mirror has discovered it is the latest casualty of the Tory-led Coalition’s spending axe.

The “killer dust” has claimed more than 35,000 victims with, on average, 20 tradesman dying from asbestos-related diseases each week, and death rates are continuing to rise. Alan Ritchie, of construction workers’ union UCATT, warned: “The cancellation will cost more lives – a result of the Government’s cuts.”

Any property built or renovated before 2000 could contain asbestos and the Mirror’s Asbestos Timebomb Campaign demands an audit of all public buildings for the killer dust.

Last night, a HSE spokesperson said: “We take stock at the end of each phase of our campaigns. Hidden Killer is in one of those periods.”

Pussers Book is published to raise money for Mesothelioma UK.


On Lulu:

Gerald, my friend has published the writings of my other dear friend Pusser who has written about Camping and Motorhoming

Since time began, man has struggled with many aspects of life that confronted him. None have struggled more than Pusser Hills. The following accounts of the travels of Pusser are based on fact. Some details may have been changed, to protect the innocent, protect the guilty, or protect the fact that Pusser’s memory isn’t quite as it used to be. They detail the adventures of one Pusser Hills, a gentleman motorhomer who seems to have a knack of getting things wrong. He also seems to have a rather unhealthy attraction to toilets, their functions, and contents.

It is so funny and Pusser is donating all the money raised to my charity Mesothelioma  UK so have a laugh as you help raise money for charity.

The top most Absurd Asbestos Products –a frightening report

The Micronite cigarette filter In the early 1950s cigarette manufacturers were becoming spooked by the increasing chorus of voices linking cigarettes tolung cancer. To remedy their sorry state of affairs, companies began offering filtered cigarettes to make their products appear safer. One of the most infamous of these was the Micronite, a (at the time) cutting edge filter developed by the Lorillard Company for their Kent brand. Hailed as a healthy and smart alternative to unfiltered cigarettes, the Micronite was a dangerous product crafted of 70 percent cotton/acetate and 30 percent crocidolite asbestos, regarded as many experts as the most hazardous of the six asbestos minerals. From 1952 to 1957, Kent sold about 13 billion Kents with the asbestos-laced Micronite filter. Of course, creating an asbestos cigarette filter was a terrifically bad idea, but it gets worse. The filter was so dense that smokers had to inhale even deeper to get the full taste of their cigarette, which drove even more deadly microscopic asbestos filters deeper into the lungs. The number of mesothelioma cancer cases can be directly tied to Micronites is unknown.

2. Fake snow Remember the famous poppies scene in the 1939 MGM classic The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy, Toto, and the Cowardly Lion are awakened from their narcotic sleep by snowfall? That lovely, soft snow was, like most other realistic looking snow of the era, made from a mix of chrysotile asbestos and mica. Asbestos mixed with mica was a logical, even smart choice for fake snow at the time (which merchants were demanding to boost their holiday display and revenues). Earlier “snow” was made from crushed glass (sharp), powdered ammonia (smelly), and cotton batting (flammable). Inflammable, cheap, and realistic –looking, chrysotile asbestos snow seemed like the perfect solution. World War II and its insatiable need for asbestos for shipbuilding put an end to the use of asbestos snow, but not before exposing millions of people to deadly asbestos fibers in their homes and businesses.

3. Hairdryers Until 1979, the vast majority of hair dryer manufacturers included asbestos in their products. And it was only by accident that this fact was revealed: a photographer using a blow dryer in to dry prints in his darkroom discovered that his prints contained numerous specks of dust, later revealed to be asbestos fibers. The US government ordered a recall of all asbestos containing hair dryers in 1979 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that after an analysis of 30 handheld hair dryers, it determined that “the majority of the hair dryers tested were found to be emitting asbestos fiber levels comparable to or greater than other serious levels of asbestos in the general environment, such as those found in certain school buildings and near construction sites.” The companies implicated in this recall were Conair, General Electric, Korvettes, Montgomery Ward, Norelco, J.C. Penney, Scovill Manufacturing (Hamilton Beach and Dominion), Sears, Roebuck & Co, Sunbeam and Schick. Asbestos hair dryers are another frightening example of how easy it was for non-occupational asbestos exposure to happen in the general population.

4. Crockpots When it was introduced in the early 1970s, the crock pot all but revolutionized American cooking with its ability to turn old vegetables and tough cuts of meat into delicious dinners. Just turn it on in the morning filled with ingredients and turn it off and eat at dinnertime. But the enabler of the crock pot’s safe slow cooking turned out to be asbestos.  As with many consumer products of the time, the crock pot used asbestos for heat and electrical insulation, a crucial safety component for a self-contained device with elevated temperature. The asbestos was most often located between the inner and outer layers of the crock pot, as well as wrapped around the wires. Asbestos was phased out of crock pots by the 1980s, but many older pots are still in use. While relatively harmless intact, asbestos is deadly if the products that contain it become damaged.  If the wires or other asbestos component become frayed or worn (friable), dispose of the machine immediately. Asbestos crock pots are yet another frightening example of how easy it was for non-occupational asbestos exposure to occur.

5. Asbestos dish towels Carousel asbestos dish towels were marketed in the mid twentieth century with the claim that their 20% asbestos content made them superabsorbent with better polishing abilities than ordinary, non-asbestos dish towels. Of course, there was no conceivable reason that dish towels needed to have asbestos in them, especially since it had been proven since the 1930s that asbestos exposurewas directly tied to a host of respiratory diseases such as mesothelioma cancer (a fact that the asbestos industry did not share with their workers or with the general public.)



My Diary Mesothelioma Survivor –A lovely Sunday e-book paperback

Rays new book has been published tonight Every Day Makes a Difference

Ebook Description

My memories from around 2 years of age. Through years of an abusive spiteful mother. My Apprenticeship capers. Concluding with my National Service and my return home to continue living with my lovely wife. A true account of my first 25 years of learning just what makes us what we are. —Ray has said on the Introduction.

Wow he pulls no punches bless him and I think it is a lovely read but then I would .

Having fun today sorting my Computer out and trying to find the right browser as I have had some problems loading and working facebook but I’m all sorted now ad things are running a lot easier.

Also we have been trying to sort out the problems of the London Emissions as it all comes in Jan 2012 and a friend started it by finding out her 2003 doesn’t comply and others are finding out the same thing, when they complied before so either they have moved the goal post or there is a mistake and the Conversion kits are very expensive so I don’t know how they will get on now.

Very hard when you live in London and will get a £200 fine to go out and come home –very naughty.

Had a couple of Skype phone calls and one to Rod in Australia and we really had alaugh as he said he used to sing as a child Bobby Shafto so we had a good sing song.

He was talking at 1am in the morning and he looked so tired but it was a good call .

I have to get onto my Solicitor tomorrow as on Facebook I have learnt that if Ray worked with asbestos Imported from the USA then I can claim from an Insurance that the USA set up so this needs to really be looked at as apparently they have a list of ships as well and if Ray worked on the these ships we can set up a claim and maybe we can pathe the way to a lot of people making New Claims I will keep you informed on here.

A very cold day again, doesn’t that sound boring, well it is and we wrapped up on today’s walk to get fresh air after lunch.

I have been slow cooking all day 2 lovely steaks in port and the smell has been filling the house mmmmm we couldn’t wait to eat it tonight and it was gorgeous.

Back to a vegetarian dish tomorrow .

Louis in the Motorhome



My Diary- Ban Asbestos Don’t mine It Canada.

Isnt that a lovely snowdrop picture

I have had a fan letter today, which love receiving them as it puts a face to who is reading my Book.

I wanted to print Clare’s letter as this is what so many people say every time  and why is it the meals are standing out.

I have explained that food is very important through chemo as you are being so sick and the appetite can go, so food has to look appetising and pretty :Claire wrote

Hello Mavis,

I hope you don’t mind me sending you a message but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book. I downloaded it a few months ago as I wanted to support your charity.
Wow you and Ray are both inspirational, positive and sound wonderful. I also hope you don’t mind me saying that I did at times get rather hungry reading about your meals, baking and cooking and I thought goodness when I can’t think of something to make for a meal I am going to open Mavis’s book at a random page and prepare whatever is on that page!!!

I send you all my best wishes and hope the nasty stays stable for many years.

Your book has truly taught me to stop worrying and moaning about the little things that go wrong.

Lots of love

I answered her  and thanked her for the lovely thoughts, she was so kind.
It has been another very cold day it’s not the Temperature it is the wind that wants to cut through.
I had a great cleaning day as ray and I cleaned skirting boards and doors and the inside of the windows so one day when it is warmer we will do the outside but not today.
I had a lovely skype talk with Linda Reinstein’s who works so hard in Los Angeles
She had just got up and was busy making her morning coffee as we nattered and we have helped one another with lots of info for our sites as we work in the same area of fighting to get Asbestos banned throughout the world.
I had a quick-lunch and walked the dog, did some shopping visited a couple of neighbours and then we went and saw The Kings Speech.
A very good film and  learnt so much about things I didn’t know about the King.  Of course we knew he was shy but havent realised it was because of the stammer he had.
Very dramatic and I did enjoy it.
Home and had a roast beef dinner so now its just a relaxing evening on Facebook and Skype a couple of friends and neighbours .
Ray’s birthday present came today, a ukulele and he is driving me made tuning it up he is a very musical man as my son is so together they have music in common. He has calmed down and gone back to proof reading his book that should be ready next week.
I love this story today that Turkey have banned Asbestos now its Canada’s turn –come on ban it not mine it.
Turkey has finally banned the use of asbestos, a dangerous mineral that poses serious health threats, under pressure by the EU. The move has been welcomed by environmentalists but they claim that the ban is not enough and that certain steps still need to be taken.
The Ministry of Environment and Forests recently issued a decree stating that the use of asbestos is now strictly forbidden and that efforts for harmonization with the EU will continue.A circular from the ministry stated that the production and sales of any materials that include asbestos is now prohibited. The circular notes that asbestos was considered in the past to be a very effective insulation material in water pipelines, ship building and in the construction sector; however, when it enters to body via respiration or is ingested in drinking water, it can cause many fatal diseases, including cancer. It is possible to find asbestos occurring nature and in Turkey it is found in high concentrations in some villages around Sivas, Kütahya and also in Diyarbakır.According to a recent parliamentary report on cancer in Turkey, it was pointed out that asbestos-related cancers in Turkey were 700 times greater than the world average. As asbestos is able to resist temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Celsius and is easy to form, it was widely used around the world in many fields. It was later discovered to be dangerous to health and was prohibited in many countries. Environmentalists have been campaigning for asbestos to be banned in Turkey since the early 2000s.There have been some heated discussions in Turkey, especially concerning the ship dismantling center in İzmir Aliağa. Old ships, almost all of which contain asbestos, come from all over the world to be dismantled at İzmir Aliağa.In a written statement the environmental engineers pointed out that ship dismantling also needs to be prohibited, and in this respect the Ministry of Labor and Social Security also has to take some responsibility.Erdem Vardar, chairperson of the Yuva Society, which organized campaigns in the mid 2000s to ban ship dismantling, said that this asbestos ban is positive but not enough. Speaking to Today’s Zaman he said that old ships that contain asbestos are not coming to Turkey under the title of “asbestos importing” but as “old ships for dismantling.” He pointed out that improved conditions the situation still contradicts the international Basel Convention signed in 1989 which was designed to reduce the movements of hazardous waste between nations and specifically to prevent the transfer of hazardous waste from developed to less developed countries.

When will all Countries ban Asbestos as Turkey has

Turkey has finally banned the use of asbestos, a dangerous mineral that poses serious health threats, under pressure by the EU. The move has been welcomed by environmentalists but they claim that the ban is not enough and that certain steps still need to be taken.

Read more on the link


Well done Turkey !!