28th AUGUST 09

27/8/09 Well on my Birthaday I have received my appointment to Dr Cominios Chemo Clinic for Monday 7th Sept so I’m in and Chemo will start then in 2 weeks time. MyMcmillian nurse has said a Holiday would be Beneficial once the drain has been taken out on the 9th Of Sept so without hesitation I’m going to Shepton Mallet to the Motorhome Show and then and Warren Farm Dorset to see my friends of the MHF which have been so very good to me sending me gifts and making dates to come down and staying at Canterbury Aires on the 11th and we are alll going to dinner in town. Its funny but they have made so exciting and Bill has been showering with pressies in the post this week. I have a special friend who suffers with Cancer and we have been keeping in contact and buoying each other up with lots of Emails. We both are so very lucky to have so many lovely friends. Well we are away I’m just going to Swalecliffe 3 miles down the road on the seafront with the Kent MCC. Some of them will be off to Italy where I was all booked to go and then this happened. But life is lovely at the moment and as within one week the Government have paid out Industrial Injury it means we have no money worries, every little helps as they say, and we have been getting lots of jobs done so we can concentrate on me through the next few months. I haven’t heard yet from the Solicitor but I expect she has a lot of checking first before she can take my case to court to claim from Rays employers but Ray will chase her next week to see where she has got to. Although It seems Paper had Asbestos in andI worked at a Sugar bag company in Snodland for 3 months in 1960 so I might have a claim in my own right. You don’t have to prove where you worked only that you have worked with known Asbestos producing Companies. I have now applied for a Blue Badge as I do not need parking worries when having Chemo as at times I might feel bad. We do Park and Ride when we go to The hospital and I’m amazed that other patients haven’t thought to do that but why fight to get a place at the hospitals where parking is an Impossibilty I will keep my Diary up as I travel through those day’s ahead –anyone know where you can get good wigs. mavis

A Big Thank You

Mavis has had so many Cards  and Flowers from Her MHF Friends and local friends . I cant thank you all enough  for  all the pleasure it has brought  to her. Its been a pleasure to see her face light up  with excitement each time the postman  or a special delivery  arrives. Today  she received the biggest box of chocolates  she ever  had  even from me, these came from Bill, Thanks Bill.. I  said to her yesterday If I didnt know any better I could  start to get jealous of  all your new  boyfriends, We just laughed, still I said  you are special. Well in a couple of hours we are off on a weekend rally. Its  sunny  but fresh outside. Hope it stays that way.

Birthday Girl

Sany0415BWe had to wait in  today for  tv arial man to  come. Then mavis took louis out for a walk on her own. She was a bit hesitant ,but  she got back OK. Thats another milestone .Everyday is  a bit better than  yesterday. I got  to do my  Doctor Bit later. I am hoping that  the drain  will be less this time proving that the Talc Op  is working. In a couple of  weeks she hopefully has  it removed. Then  she can start chemo. Quicker we do that  quicker we move on.

Just a small update today

Not a lot to add today.
mavis is up early as usual. she has been on her early birds thing. Keeps her happy. I am still working through the lists of jobs to do. I think most are sorted now. I ve been painting inside all our cupboards today. thats done. She is bright and cheerful . seems up to her old self which is good to see. We are preparing for a weekend away at swalecliffe this weekend.