Mesothelioma -my diary Sorting out, Downtown Abbey and somebody is talking sense about Asbestos and mesothelioma for a change. ray also talks about the dog walk

A good day today –another day sorting all my clothes out. I have made the wardrobe’s either side of the bed a his and here everyday clothes and the big wardrobe is half and half of our best clothes.

Ray can just get into his suit so he can wear that to the Conference on the 17th May at the Hilton Hotel Maidstone, mind you after he has eaten the lovely food they serve at these meetings the top button of his trousers will be undone. ha ha !! better take one of these

We went for a nice walk in the sun to Seasalter Old church and into the field there for Louis to run off lead, running back and forward between Ray and I–well it wore him out so he was so good when two smaller dogs ran into the field and he had mates to talk and play with.

All afternoon I have been watching the rerun of  Downtown Abbey

File:Highclere Castle.jpg

A wonderful Period drama and I was glued again in front of the telly all the up stairs down stairs was very interesting .

A Good day

Somebody is talking sense at last

A recent article in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives estimated that for every four to five people worldwide who are diagnosed with mesothelioma, at least one case goes unreported. The mesothelioma attorney said even that number under counts the true death toll of mesothelioma.

In a statement, Joseph W. Belluck said that mesothelioma is a deadly disease that has been underestimated for too long. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer, which involves the protective lining that covers several internal body organs such as the pleura, abdomen and the heart. It is commonly caused by excessive exposure to asbestos.

Asbestos, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring mineral that became increasingly popular during the 19th and 20th centuries in a variety of building construction materials for insulation and as a fire-retardant. People who work in industries that mine, make or use asbestos products and those living near these industries commonly develop significant health problems attributed to the exposure.

Belluck said that asbestos-related diseases are more prevalent than many people suspect. Even today, asbestos remains widespread in New York and in other places in the world where there are thousands of people at risk of developing mesothelioma. Although some said that asbestos is not harmful to health unless destroyed and disturbed, recent studies still proved that people exposed to asbestos can easily acquire this disease.

In the United States, approximately 36,500 deaths occurred from 1994 to 2008 out of 174,000 mesothelioma deaths recorded worldwide. Recent studies said that approximately 38,900 mesothelioma deaths worldwide have not been reported. Belluck said that the figures are disturbing, but not surprising.

Ray writes.

Mavis said hey Ray the dog wants a walk. No he doesnt, I said. YES he does she said. I took him out twice he didnt  go. Well he does now. OK  OK  so its coat on because its quite fresh outside. So off we go down to his favourite piece of grass. He walks slowly onto the grass sniffing each blade of grass. He walks forward a foot or so stops,  sniffs for ages. On we move again sniff,  then we walk round in circles, 3 or 4 circles around me. Stop Ah, its time,,, no its not  off we go again sniff sniff. More circles.  Stop raise one leg yes! wait no off we go again more sniffs, stop  move on ,move back, stop, off forward again round and round and round and round and round blimey, I am giddy now  round and round stop, sniff crouch, but  wait again its not quite right off, we move again. by now I am cold bored and getting angry. For gods sake just P cant you. But he is oblivious of my growing impatience. Off we move again, a few steps forward, a few steps back, round we go again in more circles. But now this area is of no interest to him so  he decides now the grass and smells are much better  right over the other side  so  he pulls on his lead and I am directed accross the grass. Now we begin again sniff stop  then his nose is glued to a particular blade of grass for ages, but its not the one so off we go again. More circles backwards forwards, Right thats it  but wow one leg raised  then the wind blows thats it off we go again several minutes later he finds the right blade of grass this could be it .Then a car goes by so  thats it off he goes again. I say OK louis thats it back home Ive had enough so I pull his lead and off we go . As we pass the grass that we spent ages sniffing 10 minutes ago sudenly seems to be the right spot and at last a quick crouch and its done at last. With that he trots off in the direction of home. This is a ritual that I perform almost every night. Why do they do it. back indoors has he been mavis asks. Yes all done I say. Doors closed and lockef for the night. We will be doing this again tomorrow.

Mesothelioma -My Diary The Royal Wedding and a Street party what a day

Today has been such a wonderful day. The Royal Wedding day.

We walked the dog early and came back as soon as we could, telly on and that was it I was glued to that box all the time.

Didnt she look wonderful and he looked so handsome, so like his mum.

I cried lots of tears when they said, he had said, he gave Kate his mothers ring so that he had the 2 women he loved near today ahhh

After we had seen the kiss on the balcony we went to a street party on Granville Estate as Ray runs their web site so he had to take their photos

This little boy was doing the treasure hunt on the beach.

Lots of food and lots of fun well done the committee.

Now Im home and listening to the fund raising programe on Kidson Loudcaster Radio where Keiren Debbies son is playing our requests –well done Kerien 24 hours of playing records I hope you had a great day as well

What a good day I have had.

Mesothelioma-My diary Buying a new wardrobe of clothes,The royal wedding tomorrow

I have been so naughty today and bought lots of top, jumpers and trousers but its been a real fun day.

I have been very busy doing lots of lovely cleaning as Ray wasn’t around to fight me for the hoover, duster and polish.

He is always there trying to do all the jobs and wont let me do things so as he was out I did it all and enjoyed doing it.

When he came in I made lunch and then said we could go out shopping for an outfit for a conference Im going to on the 17h May at a Patient Careers Conference at Maidstone.

We set off to Sturry and I walked Louis while Ray dropped into Maplins (his Favourite shop)   and then carried onto Georges at Asda (my favourite shop)

I kept liking this and that so ended up spendings loads of money.

G21 Linen Blend Crop TrousersModa Animal Print Blouse

I did buy a pair of trousers, pants and socks for Ray, that eased my guilt ha ha !!

I can home and put it all in my wardrobe but I have to sort out things that I dont wear as the wardrobe looks so full now.

Tomorrow is a lovely exciting day as the Royal wedding is happening and we have been invited to a street party on the Sea front so will have loads of photo’s tomorrow.

ADAO Joins International Delegates in Italy on for “A World without Asbestos”

It is International Workers Memorial day today so we remember all the workers killed at their place of work and Asbestos Workers are in our thoughts today.

Linda Reinstein is speaking at the conference so I would like to wish her all the love in world as she Lost such a wonderful man -her husband. Good Luck Linda xx

It would have been Linda’s 25th wedding Anniversary today but Mesothelioma got in the way.

ADAO is honored to be a part of a global consortium of asbestos awareness advocates speaking in Casale Monferrato, Italy on April 28th. The two-day “A World without Asbestos” conference is organized by Associazione Famigliari e Vittime dell’Amianto(AFEVA) together with unions CGIL, CISL, UIL, and other associations and under the patronage of the City of Casale Monferrato. Representatives of international delegations from Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, India, México, Brazil, and the USA will share their organizational insights.

The Casale Monferrato region is in the midst of an ongoing “Eternit” criminal trial (after the name of the first asbestos manufacturing company in Italy opened in 1906). Unfortunately, many workers and their loved ones were, and continue to be, affected by the deadly dust long past the plant’s closing in 1986. The brave families continue the fight, strengthening the global call for justice and an asbestos ban.

I am reminded how very much we are not alone. As we say, “Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living” and our fight continues. Please join us and light a candle on April 28 to show your support for this important day and join an international community in remembering the dead and fighting for the living.  To follow International Worker Memorial Day events – please click here.

The event will culminate with a manifest calling for a global ban and for an active policy for victims.

To learn more, visit:

In unity, Linda Reinstein

Mesothelioma -My diary Ray got in a 2 and 8, The Lilac Tree and Zimbabwe looks like opening another Asbestos Mine???

It has been a funny day today I awoke early and it was a cloudy cold day and was trying to rain so I had a pile of ironing to do –did you know I hate ironing? Well I do.

I soon got that out the way and then I phoned St Barts and told them I wouldn’t mind popping up to sign the consent form but I haven’t heard anything yet and then remembered it was the wedding day on Friday, so just popping up would be out of the question.

So I might wait until the 20th May when I go to St Barts with my Scan on CD.

I have applied for a great book

In his book Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers: A Patient’s Guide, Mr. Kraus offers practical advice on what he did to beat the odds so that others can too. Today, “Surviving Mesothelioma” is the best-selling mesothelioma book in the world. Dr. Bernie Siegel said, “Paul Kraus’ book has all the information a cancer patient needs to have in order to learn what survival behavior is about.”

It all sounds very interesting.

Ray was in the Motorhome putting up a shelf in  a cupboard but had to re route wire so the Electric and he blew a fuse hmmm.

He couldn’t find the fuse anywhere and he nearly got stuck behind the handbrake and the steering wheel trying to find it and I never knew so I wouldn’t have known until he didn’t come in for dinner ha ha !!

What a lovely Lilac tree

He did get out so everything was ok and we walked the Dog while he worked out what to do.











Louis and I in the Lilac Tree

When we got back home Ray went on the forum and some kind man told him where to look on the Autosleeper as they always hide these things away in funny places, he said look behind the charger unit in a little black box and hey presto!! thats where it was so Ray is out of trouble.

I made a roast dinner and apple pie for us tonight.

I have just taken Louis out and the sunset is wonderful with the Sun so Orange and a large ball in the sky. Another good day!!!


I really cant believe this not only Canada are reopening Asbestos Mines but now Zimbabwe. How can this be ? Why are they putting money before lives.

The Zimbabwean government will soon craft a revival plan for Shabanie and Mashava asbestos mines after the completion of the handover process.

The mines, under the administration of Afaras Gwaradzimba since 2004, were recently handed over to the Government, with the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation spearheading the revival of the only asbestos mines in the country.

Mines and Mining Development Deputy Minister Gift Chimanikire said the government would put in place the revival plan to ensure the mines resumed operations.

Estimates suggest that about 200 million U. S. dollars will be needed to reopen the mines. Shabanie and Mashava used to produce about 180,000 tonnes a year of fiber for asbestos.

Analysts say the government should treat with urgency the revival of the mines, considering the world’s fastest growing economies’ demand for asbestos.

Brazil, Russia, India and China have eclipsed some uncertainties over the continuity of asbestos mining after some European countries imposed a ban on the mineral. South Africa, which was the biggest importer of Zimbabwean asbestos, has stopped using asbestos products.

According to Turnall Holdings, local asbestos has a strong market, with a capacity to absorb 2 billion dollars worth of the mineral per annum.

Asbestos could be the only mineral in the country that has not experienced growth over the past two years and Zimbabwe has been spending millions of dollars on fiber imports from Russia and Brazil.

We will keep campaigning against these mad ideas and disregard for peoples health.


Mesothelioma –My diary, Chocolates, Dog walk, Shopping and a letter

Oh it was cold this morning I even put the heating on for a little while it must have been after the hot weekend and the sunburn but it was cloudy.

Off we went to the shops to refill the cupboards and freezer, after being away the cupboard was bare, we stopped on the way at Bullockstone to walk the dog in an unused road there as he has been so used to running off lead so it was a place where he could in safety.

Putting him in the car we traveled on to Liddls where you can buy such great food that is so different so making a change for us.

We bought pack of Lettuce that  is still growing just like mustard and cress very good idea that just cut when you need it and the rest carries on growing.

The car was loaded but I wanted to go to Asda and get a pair of flip flops to wear on very sore feet that had walked to far at the weekend.

thats better












We came home and I had a letter to say that St Barts need a consent form signed to investigate my Bi-op and it cant be done in the post so I have to wait until the appointment on the 20th May.

I phoned but the phone kept ringing so I emailed but the Doctor is on holiday so I will talk to his assistant tomorrow and say we can go to London and sign ASAP. It will delay things if I dont and time is so important  to a MESO sufferer.

The rest of the afternoon was spent round my friends catching up on all the news and then looking around a arbour that my neighbour is having built which is so lovely.

I love the ideas she comes up with, so clever. I will ask if I can take a photo when its all finished.

My lovely neighbour next door came home when it was dark last night and was talking to Ray and finding out how I was and gave Ray chocolates to pass to me, aren’t  some people lovely.

So I have had a good day today as everyday passes they seem to get better xx

Mesothelioma -My Diary -Wow what an Easter Castle, Cathedral and Robot

Wow what a weekend we have just got back from.

We went to my old school at Fort Pitt as that was where a Rally was being held by the Kent MCC. We arrived Thursday at 3 after a lovely ride up on clear roads and pulled up with Rik Edwards from the Sussex group so parked by the side of him and chatted with the sun beaming away, as it did all weekend.

All the other Motorhomes arrived one by one and each one greeted me and asked how I was, so I bored Ray repeating my news, my nasty was growing back and what treatment I was seeking. Every one  was shock and had lovely words for me, which makes it sweeter to bear.

We sat out talking until the sun went down and  went to bed at 10.30 as I was still coughing at night.

Friday as we woke up I took Louis for a run in the field and a fox was running up a bank and the field was covered in Magpies all hunting on the ground for food, such a lovely site.

We went down to Chatham where I bought a cough medicine in the pound shop (this worked so well my cough just went and I slept so well all night the rest of the weekend)

We had a good walk round all the shops as this is where I used to live so it was great seeking out what had changed  and what had been pulled down.

Victoria Gardens

Looking from the School to the River Medway Chatham and the Dockyard

When it was time to go back a very slow walk was needed, as it is all up hill so we sat in the park and slowly walked up again.

It was so lovely but I was so puffy as I got to the top.

I made lunch and sat out again in the sun all so relaxing, as the fox sat in the sun watching us just yards away.

can you see him –or her!!

Friday evening we all met up in the hall and heard what everyone had been doing for the day.

Saturday we awake to the sun beaming again, hasnt it been great, and had breakfast out in the awning each day.

The set up before we were swamped with the other Motorhomes

After Coffee morning we set off for Rochester and walked through to the castle with the dog in tow and bought him an icecream to cool him down

Rochester Cathedral

We bumped into friends that had moved from Seasalter so we sat in a cafe and had a great time catching up on all our news, that was a lovely surprise.

When we got back to the School other members had been to the dockyard and seen A Stem Rally there they all had a great time.

ZZ_1291720078_Steam and transport.jpgZZ_1291718130_titan04.jpgS

They had met Titan the robot which sounded great fun and had amused the crowd.

That evening we had a caller and she taught Line dancing which ended up a real laugh.

Sunday after coffee again we went back to Rochester for our Sunday dinner which was a lovely roast dinner in Weather Spoons we also walked about like a tourist and sat by a singer as he played and sung to the crowd, that was a magical moment.

Then it was back to the school and sit out an natter to others as they came back from their travels and talked about what they had all got up to.

A quiz was enjoyed in the evening by us all and a great laugh it was as we tried not to look unacknowledged (idiots) and then we relaxed and had a good drink and a chat until the early hours where we sneaked back to our Motorhomes all gigglingly.

Today we have sat around again relaxing in the sun all going red and then at 4 it was time to say goodbye and all packed up we came home.

I have done the washing and had a good dinner and I want —no I need an early night as Im exhausted from all the fun and good weather.

The time is dragging for my scan on the 6th –what is going on inside? what is my nasty doing? all this plays havoc with the mind and when its quiet back at home here the mind works overtime.

More Photos of my weekend