Day 15 Chemo 4 more rain today

This is getting boring waking up to another rainy day.

It means I cannot get out and enjoy myself as its to cold when you breath in.

I walk the dog with a big scarf around my mouth which does warm the air up to breath in and we did get a long slow walk today but the sea was so misty and bleak and the waves were noisy, which is unusual for here.

I did mange to get all round and do feel stronger and balance was better.

I dont like all the sitting around I do though and long for the spring when I can get out into the garden to tidy it up.

I did a Roast Beef dinner tonight with a Baked Apple sultanas and Honey for sweet.

We are off for New Year tomorrow so I will be off air but will have a lot to write about when we get back on Sunday so I will say now A Happy New year to you all.

Happy New year

Day 14 chemo 4 Rain all day and snow is on its way.

Our motorhome

Another goodnights sleep now this is getting better as i feel so much better.

It was very wet today and so just kept watching the rain dribble down the window.

That reminds me of ray’s poem



When early morning cold damp mist lends itself to rain.

We watch its tortured journey dribble down our window pane. 

Should the noonday sun poke out its face

to warm this patterened pane

It will turn it all to steam

and drive away the rain. 

The sun moves on to evening breeze

drawing moisture from land and sea`s

To start its journey once again

to bring us mist and tomorrows rain. 

July 91

  Bless that so described this morning.

When the rain stopped we took Louis for a walk and it was so wet underfoot but it wasnt cold –just nice– so I said we could wash the Motor Home when we got back.

Ray agreed and so we got the brush’s and he filled the bucket up with water and low and behold it started to pour hard again but we didnt stop and finished the job but we were as wet as the M/Home when we finished.

I laughed and said ” Oh well another memory laid.”

We got home and had Lunch of Pork pie and tomato’s and then watched the dinnertime news.

After an afternoon of watching telly I cooked a dinner of Chicken Curry and we finished Ray’s cake all gone now.

Im really feeling well and things are tasting better even the Cream Soda that we bought now tastes normal to me and not metallic.

A good day today.




Day 13 Chemo 4 A lovely sunny day today.

Spring Flowers

It has been a lovely sunny day today and you could even feel some warmth in the sun which made it very pleasant.

I put on my marigold gloves and planted all my bulbs in pots as I have had so many bulbs given to me as presents and I have not been able to chance planting them as it has been so wet, or cold and also the bacteria is dangerous when on Chemo.

I do hope they grow as that is a bit late planting them.

Ray had a good natter with our neighbours in the sun and Des is doing so well after his heart op he will soon be back to work which is great for him.

Dave next door hasn’t eaten his Xmas cake Ray baked for him and he said it smells stronger as each day passes –what he means is it is maturing well.

We have finished ours and it has been lovely and our Daughter in law took half back with her so they loved it as well.

All the mince pies are gone and I have frozen down all the meat so we had Salmon steak tonight with New potato’s and carrots for dinner tonight which was a nice change from all the heavy food we have eaten of late.

I havent even fallen asleep today and I have felt fine apart from some niggerly pains in the chest which could be the Chemo working on my nasty–I’m sure its not my imagination.

I have bloated ankles again –this always starts halfway of the 21 days I really think this is when my Immune system is at it lowest and now I’m on the up again.

Soon going to bed and get another good night’s sleep.

Day 12 Chemo 4 A good day

Yes today I have been very strong and feeling good.

I had a good nights sleep and awoke at 7am and I was very good.

We went on a walk with the dog to deliver my present of whisky to my friend and had a chat while his wife was at church with the family –I even had a coffee and felt ok.

It was a lovely day even though out to sea there was very large black clouds it didnt rain and we got back and the washing was dried.

Had a roast Gammon dinner and finished the Christmas pudding with Ice cream.

Ray set the Wii game up in it permanent position so that it was out of the box because if we kept it in that we wouldnt get it out to play with.

Set all my details in it and although it say im over weight I have a balance of a 51 year old and that Im fit. errr I wish I was.

I fell asleep then and had a great sleep, waking up and still felt good with no sickness.

We have been watching DVD’s Jimmy Carr etc all evening and had a supper of cold meat with a promise to Ray that I will freeze the rest of the meat as we have had enough now.

So another day over and off to bed now –goodnight

day 11 Chemo 4 Boxing Day

 Boxing day

 We have had a quieter day today so we walked the dog on a short walk and set off in the car to buy a Paint Pod in the sales. It was a nice day and lovely to get out for a ride along the old Thanet Way to Homebase where we bought the pod but they didn’t have a good selection of paint.

 We decided to go back to B&Q where we found a better selection. I was also amazed to find Tesco’s open as Sainsbury wasn’t so we popped in to get some Ginger Wine and there they were–shoppers– still piling their trolley’s with food. Where do they put it all??? We came home and I made a dinner of Cold ham and Turkey with salad and Jacket potato and my home made relishes. Later we had a slice of Ray’s cake–I’m so pleased I have sent my family home with slices as we still have half of it left and so high in calories.

My son has phoned and said how much he enjoyed Christmas day so I’m well pleased, memories have been laid down. I did burst into tears when I said to Ray how hard it hurts that I had sat there and had the thought that I might not be sitting at the table next year.Really none of us know our future  so we all should enjoy each day as if it was our last.

Well off to bed soon so that’s it Xmas is over and it has been a magical time.

day 10 Chemo 4–Christmas Day

Father Xmas came to Louis

It has been a great Christmas day I have felt Ok which really has been good.
So busy getting the dinner ready for when the family arrived and opening presents has been a great time.
I have enough DVD’s now to entertain me and loads of WII games to go with the new Wii Ray and I bought ourselves.
A friend has given me a great present and that’s a session in the massage parlour –I cant wait to book that up a day of pampering is just what I can do with,
We took the dog for a walk and wished everyone we met Merry Xmas that was so nice.
We sat down to a Turkey and all the trimmings and nothing went wrong, then Xmas pudding and Rays mince pies were just so nice.
In the afternoon we got the Wii game out and played a round of golf and then Bowling all in our own front room we realised the time got so late and it was time to cut Ray’s cake –very yummy.
Later it was cheese and biscuits so everyone went home very full.
We all have said it was a great Christmas–magical.

Day 9 Chemo 4 Xmas Eve

Ray's Mince Pies

We have had a busy day getting ready for the family Christmas tomorrow.
After taking the dog for a walk we had lunch and got down to the baking.
Ray so wanted to make the mince pies so this was him on centre stage so I thought he would just get on with it.
No oven on, no tins out –“wheres the marg to grease the tins–why are men always saying where’s this where’s that.
Well he got underway and must admit he has done a marvellous job and for his first atempt has done well.
The Turkey went in and that is now cooked and all the vegetables are ready.
I feel OK but I wished I felt better but never mind I will do the best I can and hope that I will fill so much better by the new year as we are going to the Rally of MCC Kent as it is only at Faversham.
Have a great Xmas all my friends. 

Day8 chemo 4 Nearly Xmas eve

Merry Christmas to you all xxx

 Well I have had a better day today–I still feel sick from time to time but I havent been which is an improvement. We tidied up and then took the dog for a walk to visit friends and take their present round to put under the tree. No snow but still some parts were icy and there had been many accidents on the roads. I couldn’t drink anything today as every tastes so chemical. So when we came back I cooked a Chili Con Carn for Ray and I had a Macaroni Cheese then a sleep was in order. Ray suggested a late trip to Tesco to get all the fresh Vegetables which we did and it was packed with a lot of mad shoppers trying to pile their trollies so high with food—will they ever eat all that they have bought??? The Turkey is thawing now so tomorrow is a busy day of cooking. I will be off to bed and hope my feeling better continues on the up.

PS forgot to say I bought 2 takeaway Bacon spare ribs from Tesco and they were delicious last night with grilled tomatoes –real yum yummy

Day 7 week 4 chemo

I have had my head down the bog more times than I care –I take tablets but they come back up.

Its not food which is amazing— its like you have a separate compartment for the chemo and its that that comes up because you have this metallic taste all the time.
It has to stop soon though– but yes I have been very unwell the past days.
A little better today and the weather was so nice with the sun shining.
Ray is a diamond and is putting up with all this and keeps saying he loves me even when I’m in the bathroom heaving my heart up –bless
We had the new covers for the three peice suit delivered today and they look grand.
The weather was brill as well as the sun was shining so I said we could go for a slow walk to see the beach and with the help of my stick I did get round, albeit a very slow walk.
I have eaten a beef stew for dinner but I cant drink coffee or tea so thats getting to be a pain.
So much pressure this time of year to be well and enjoy all the food and when you cant you feel a party pooper dont you.
Well an early night and lets see what tomorrow brings.

Another Grotty Day

 Mavis has not  done a lot again. Still being sick and every time She sits down she is asleep. She did  some housework this morning. We also managed a walk with  dog albeit a slow one. This session of chemo  has been as bad as the first one.

She gets hungry but  cant eat . She  cant drink tea or coffee. or much else really. Now the panic is setting  will she be fit for christmas day when we have Terry and Nicky. Ive said dont worry we can always have a late  one.