My Hospital Appointment

Why doesn’t one department talk to another.

My appointment to see Dr Cominos was Aug 2nd and I have worked my life around this.

I was waiting for the appointment for the CT Scan and got a blood test request then today I have finally received the Appointment for the Scan on the 8th Aug.

This is to late for the 2nd app so I have had to phone up and explain this and have now a new appointment for 20th Aug.

I say in all this Palliative care how confusing for the frail older person that have my condition.

So now I have sorted my life around the new appointment.

My Diary–A Trip to Cleethorpes

I have had another great weekend as we have set off last thursday for Kings Lynne to camp on my friends drive.

We found there were 2 Fen Lanes and the sat/nav takes you to the wrong one so we were totally lost up a one track road with a Dust Cart backing up and the driver was not stopping for us. Help!! we had to race into someones drive just as he got to us.

I phoned for help and Tina and Glen had to come out and find us.

They live in a lovely Bungalow that they have been doing up and they live an idyllic country life. Logs in the Garage ready for the log fire and lots of tree trunks waiting to be chopped up.

The garden leads to a field where we saw a deer and many species of birds.

The dogs all went for an off lead walk on the Fens where they chased Rabbits.

Next day (Saturday) we travelled on together to our Photography Rally at Cleethorpes but we were staying right in the heart of the countryside and the dogs loved it

Louis Heading the Hare Chase

Sky and Buster have become Louis’s best friends and they have had a great time together as there were so many fields to chase in but Buster has hurt his leg so he has had to go to the vets today.

The Cherry Manor Farm was a great place to camp at and we have had great fun walking in Cleethorpes for a mile and taking Photos and showing them through a projector onto the wall in the studio and comparing how we each saw the walk.

We ended up at The Oriental Restaurant for one of those eat as much as you like-but what is it that when you can eat like that you are full up after one plate.–we did have lots of Ice-cream though.

Sunday– after a long country walk altogether– we got showered and went onto our friends in Immingham to their Ruby Wedding where we had a great Sunday evening enjoying a good party and BBQ– meeting all their family and friends.

We then slept on their drive in the Motorhome and I was shattered.

This morning we set off for home and Louis behaved very well as we had a friend’s son with us because it was a coincidence that he had to get back to Canterbury Uni so we were pleased to deliver him to his new house in Canterbury 

This really has been a great time and thanks to all my friends for making it so Special.

Some Photos of the walk

My Diary– today has been so warm.

The day has been warm and I have pottered in the garden and it is straight again,  just as we are off  again on Thursday to stay on my friends drive in Kings Lynn for the night and she has 2 dogs for Louis to play with and then we are travelling all together to Market Raisin to stay at the back garden of another friends cottage but going out for a meal when everyone arrives and then on Saturday is the walk in Cleethorpes for Ray to enter the photography competition  and then another meal –all we can eat at a oriental restaurant.

Then a BBQ breakfast Sunday where we then travel to Uncle Norms drive for the Ruby Wedding celebrations.
I’m going to come home bloated and full up but a weekend of free wild camping –that’s the way to do it.
I hope to have my appointment for a CT scan when i get home as i have had to wait as they wanted a blood test which I went to have at the GP’s on Monday.
I do hope they get it in in time for my 2nd of August appointment with the Oncologist or that will be cancelled again as she wont have time to look at it–again.
My neighbour has told me that there are reports of Dogs dieing from a poisen on our beaches at Seasalter Hampton and Tankerton –all the places I take Louis so thats a bit worrying.
Who could do that to the poor animals?

My Diary –Im back home again

Well we have had the time of our lives at Lymington C&CC holiday site.

First though I had a surprise for Ray and on the way to Winchester I just said turn left -turn left again and hey presto, he was well surprise as we stopped at Intech Science College.

I recommend it to all that are interested in science as it was great for children as they carried out experiments.

The best was the Planetarium where we went into space and into a Spacecraft. awesome.

We carried onto Brockenhurst and stayed for the night in a 600 Pitch site amongst the ponies.

As we had a walk and an Ice Cream we sat by Lymington river and just enjoyed the sunshine.

Off next day to Lymington and settled in with all our friends –lots of hugs and kisses something we do well in camping clubs.

We parked in a circle and got the chairs out as soon as possible and caught up on all the news.

Louis and his friends

Now this is where I have to thank Dennis and Kevin because Kevin was determined to let Louis of the lead and let him play with the other dogs.

I was scared stiff but Kevin said if I didn’t he would so I shut my eyes and let Louis go expecting a big fight but no he rand around and played all day with his new friends.

It would seem it is the lead that is making him feel trapped and once it is off that s it he is a happy boy.

He was off lead all week and he had fun.

Im in the front relaxing with my friends in the heat of the day.

After all our friends left to go home and some back to work we went to the IOW on the Monday as foot passengers with a very nice couple we had met-Janet and John.

We travelled around the island on the bus and had a great time and got home late but happy.

Next day it had rained but got better as we walked around Lymington.

A lovely surprise was Viv –who is in remission– was there in the field and Mike came over to see us to say good morning, I went in with their M/Home and we had a lovely chat and then in the afternoon they came over to us.

Viv looks so well bless her.

The next day we travelled on the open top bus around the New Forest and found out some interesting bits about it all.

Well our week finished and we travelled to MCC meet at West malling to meet up with other friends there and to have a Barn Dance but it was to much for me as I came out with a cold –the first one since I was ill.

It hurts the chest and takes makes it harder to breath but I have enjoyed it never the less.

I just feel like old grumps!!!!

I was expecting an appointment for a scan on the doorstep but I have to get a blood first how annoying as I dont want anything to spoil the Aug 2nd appointment with the Oncologist.

But—Im in their hands.

My Diary getting ready to go away again!!

This is a facebook friend on radio Kent keep moving the slider along to get all the conversations.

Ronnie is a little in front of my disease and today I pray for another facebook friend Jan who’s Husband is very ill as the cancer ravages his body. He wants to get to xmas and I so hope he makes it.

I read way into the early hours this morning about Meso and really once it comes back the second time it works very fast into all other parts of the body so the longer you stay stable the better.

Well all the more reason to get out and enjoy life so I have a secret planned for ray at Winchester tomorrow as there is a Science college there and a camp site near by.

He deserves a surprise bless!

We will then carry on to Lymington to meet friends at the C&CC holiday site and from there on Monday plan a day around the IOW by ferry and bus. so lots to do.

The weather has changed today and it is a lot cooler so Louis is happier as he has been so hot and panting all the time–he doesn’t like the heat.

He has been a good dog though and has been so quiet and not barked at one dog while away so it must be he protects the whole park here when he barks at the local dogs.

The garden looks neat again but I will have it all to do again when we get back as it never stands still. I did overdo it yesterday and came over all queer last night as I walked Louis on a short walk around the roads. Its like I’m diabetic but I’m not but I get the wobbles and have to eat–any good excuse to eat hmmm.

Still it was a good day really