My Diary Wednesday

Life gets so muddled at times doesn’t it.

The weather isn’t helping as it is so wild, so windy and so cold. Why so much snow for the people in Scotland and Ireland. March has gone out like a lion with a roar.

Yet the Forsythia is the best I have seen this year


I have been sorting out with some friends a visit to a Motorhome factory that I will write about later in April, as it will be making a good story and this has become a diary so I have to write about each day and that’s how my life is taken one day at a time.

Well we are nearly at Easter and I was all planned to set off tomorrow for an Easter Rally at Bognor but then Rays appointment with the Lung Clinic has been changed to 2.30 so that we will be to late to set off amongst the holiday traffic and the M25 will be so hectic, so we will now set off on Friday.

Rays Clinic involves a Spirometry

A spirometer is a device which measures the amount of air that you can blow out.

This will show rays Lung function as he has pockets of stale air in his lungs due to the scaring that the Asbestos has damaged his lungs.

The weather forecast is still for more heavy showers.

rain cloud

It was to cold for long walks so we have carried out a series of short walks to keep the dog happy.

I made  a chicken stew and herbie dumplings to warm us up tonight and the rain has been beating on the windows.

I think its time to sign off and go to bed and snuggle under the duvet

My Diary—the answer to the extra traffic through our village.

We did have the biggest clap of thunder and the biggest flash of lightening and it sounded right over head someone must have been hit somewhere last night.

We ran around and turned computers off and tellies but it was all to late, it didn’t do it again it was just the once.

It has been an interesting couple of days then with all this excitement and then the dog kept us awake all night and he had Ray going out at 2am in my pink dressing gown  and cutting grass to bring into for Louis to eat as it must have been the dog had eaten to much chicken.

After all this time of getting the dog to eat he now over eats–we just cant win.

After all the rain the sun came out and we had a glorious walk on the beach so now I’m off to cook some fresh Tuna and new potatoes with mixed vegetables.

Tomorrow I have to pack our clothes for our Easter trip to Bogner.

Peggy said

Did you see this on the ‘KentonLine’ website today Mavis? I expect this was the cause of the additional traffic coming though ’sleepy’ Seasalter though how it could be ’sleepy’ with you living there raises a very interesting question!

‘A section of a major Kent road will remain closed until Wednesday after two accidents and an oil spill took place.

The incidents happened last night on the A299 Thanet Way coastbound road between the M2 and the A290.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “The coastbound carriageway is closed at junction 7 where the Thanet Way meets the M2.

Traffic is flowing freely in the area and drivers are being diverted via the A2.

It will remain closed until Wednesday while Kent Highways carry out repairs to the road surface. (I have found out today that One lane has now been opened today and it was because of rain washing away the newly laid road surface so there were several accidents)

An oil spill occurred stretching several hundred metres and specialist equipment is being brought in to clean the surface’.

My diary –Monday new canvas shoes.

Sunday was a very quiet day with a walk round the beach and just a lazy day.

I watched another Catherine Cookson –Colour Blind — The McQueen family go out of the way to pick fault with the marriage but when Bridget reveals she is pregnant the McQueens have no choice but to accept the marriage. ooo it was so good and so romantic.

Today we took the dog for a walk on Tankerton Slopes and he played ball with us, and took no notice what so ever of other dogs that were there.

We then went to Asda’s to buy canvas shoes and a top for going away Easter, why do I feel guilty buying new clothes when I have been labelled terminal, isn’t that silly, but its what I think while I spend my money.

The weather was cloudy and then came out sunny,  April showers seem to have started.

I took Louis out for another walk  just before tea and the traffic was very heavy every car seemed to coming from Faversham and piling through our little village of Seasalter.

I have found this lovely site with photos of the wild birds that visit us here in Kent

My Diary Friday and Saturday

Friday this week was a quiet day just walking the dog around the beach but today was different as we  went St Margaret’s at Cliffs near Dover to have a look at a wild camping spot for a friend.

We travelled down the A2 and turned onto the Deal Road to get there but we got lost and took the wrong turning and we went past a camp site and then down a very steep hill and we realised we were going back into Dover by the Castle and down to the docks.

That meant we had to go back up and onto the deal road again and follow our steps back St Margaret’s on the Cliffs.

We stopped at a green to walk the dog and a Coach stopped and a foreign gentleman with a map gets off and heads for me to ask where a cafe was–why does that always happen and you wont to help don’t you but just cant.

I told him to talk to the people at a bus stop, which he did.

Then we put the dog back in the car in travelled on to the Monument car park  although there was terrible potholes to try and miss.
The Cafe was opened and there was small car parking  area and a great walk the cliff top, it is a lovely spot.

Coming home past sandwich we were following a Ambulance when he stopped and put his lights on.

There was a man on a mobile and I thought his car was steaming but as we passed you could see the car was on fire. The bonnet had a bulge in it and it had split with the heat which was letting the flames come through.

We could see the smoke as we passed Manston Airfield, poor thing he has lost his motorcar now.

We were then driving from a wonderful sunny day to a very wet day and the rain started to come down but it was showery so we drove in and out of the showers.

Got home and got the washing in just in time as the rain really poured down then.

It has been a great day today.

The monument at St Margaret cliffe


The White Cliffe of Dover


Looking to the channel


the cafe on the Cliff

My Diary A rainy day today.

We woke to a very cloudy but warm day.
It was just spitting as I walked Louis for his early morning walk and the skies were so grey and sad but on the way back I realised that the Forsythia bush that is in my neighbours garden and hangs over our garden was in full bloom, this has happened overnight and it seems like a special gift to cheer me up.
We walked along the beach the other way which we dont do very often as you have to walk in the road for a way.
When we got to the beach we took Louis lead off and he really had a run.
He played with us for a long time and chased his ball and I was hoping he didnt decide to run in the mud as the tide was out.
After a while it started to really pour down so we put him back on his lead and walked him back past the Oyster Catchers Cottage where we saw his craft close up.

oyster catchers craft

We walked back in rain and got home in the dry

It has been a good day

My Diary Wednesday outing

I woke with the birds today at 5.20 –that is far to early but I made lots of coffee and worked on my computer.

When Ray got up he was so much better it was good to have him back to normal again.

I walked Louis on his early morning walk and came back to breakfast and a shower and the day really begun.

We went to the football field at Faversham and let Louis have a great ball game with a lot of running around and I hadn’t noticed a small dog of lead descending on us.

Now this would have been a disaster a few months back but Louis had a great game with the little dog and then shouted at him (or her) and he raced off.

We have turned a corner and it really looks like all the barking he has done is for attention.

He is not aggressive and has never bitten so if I could calm down and be more relaxed then I think the dog will relax.

Tesco at Faversham

We walked around Faversham down Church Lane behind Tesco’s which was built in part of the old Brewery that makes it look different, then past the lovely church which had masses of daffodils in the churchyard.

Faversham creek

This lead us down to Faversham Creek but the tide was out so all we saw was mud.

Meet and had to walk past 2 dogs —no problems ha!ha!

This is a lovely walk to Oare from here that we have done many times but I had to turn around as my days of long walks seem to be over. (maybe in the summer I will have a go )

Lunch was Avocado pears grated apple and prawns

Dinner was a sweet and sour made with quoin and then ice cream and lyches and the dog had a a tub of chicken livers ugh!