A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos Treatment continues as summer is almost over- Now The Speaches begins again








The long hot days of summer have disappeared this weekend of course as it is August bank holiday. Why does that happen everyone has been working and looking forward to a bank holiday and the weather turns.

We have managed to work in the garden, cutting back each overgrown plant. Ray helped me so we did get all round and it all looks thinned out and ready for Autumn.

But we came in shattered each evening.

A trip to the Royal Marsden and I have had a top up of my drug, No 4.

I had a phone call asking if I would speak at a Occupational Health Study Day in London in October and Margaret asked where she could meet me, I replied what better place than the Royal Marsden as Im stuck there all day.

They turned up and I used the waiting room as an office much to the amusement of the patients. That kept us all awake.

I went through all that I speak off and that Ray speaks now, that has gone down really well and they invited Ray and he agreed so we are all ready for the event.

They are going to write a piece for the media which I will of course blog and share.

Its been a very busy world on the Computer with the Mesowarrior. Sad times as we have lost so many and so many are very ill. It just goes on and on no let up.

I keep pointing people to trials and support groups I find it all so sad.

So I carry on raising awareness where ever I can.










If only I had a magic wand –Oh if only !!!







I have all the kennel and hotels dates booked for all the other speaking events, September is going to be busy.
Well its my birthday next week another target is reached but also an item off my bucket list will be ticked.
Ray has booked us to go to the Marlow Theatre Canterbury and we are seeing Ben Portsmouth.


The King Is Back: Ben Portsmouth Is Elvis
The world’s number one Elvis tribute artist.
Ben, a multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter had Elvis’s DNA in his blood from an early age. His father was an avid Elvis fan and Ben grew up on a diet of Elvis songs. Having honed his musical talent Ben started his journey as an Elvis tribute artist in 2005 when he formed the Taking Care Of Elvis band. Audiences quickly realized that this was someone with a special talent.
He looked like Elvis, sang like Elvis and had an on-stage charisma that had audiences believing at times they were watching the King himself. This talent saw Ben rapidly rise through the ranks of Elvis tribute artists.
In August 2012, Ben made history when he won the Elvis Presley Enterprises Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest which took place in Memphis, crowning Ben as the Worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist, the first European Elvis to ever win this title.
Fans from all over the world declare Ben Portsmouth as the closest they have ever seen to Elvis Presley. Social media forums are overwhelmed with fans demanding his return to their country.
On this night, you will see the live performance that left David Letterman at a loss for words exclaiming, “Oh my God, Oh my God!” when Ben headlined his show in February of 2013.
Internationally renowned as one, if not the best Elvis tribute in the world today, Ben Portsmouth will bring his unique style and charisma and will show audiences why he is regarded as the best in the business.

I have only to wait until Tuesday and I will be Rockin and Rollin in the aisle Just brilliant.








Mavis Nye Foundation Newspaper

A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — August Holidays, My Newsletter, The Contamination Expo with UKATA team










Good Morning

I haven’t written a blog for such a long time. August is a funny month when all the world seems to be on holiday and yes we managed to get away in the hot August days and spent a wonderful week in the Motorhome.

At Quiex Park with our Caravan and Camping club we relaxed and chilled right out among the Thanet countryside, listening to the farmer and his combine harvesters collecting in a good harvest this year.

We walked around the Maze field and learnt that they don’t eat it anymore but make a biofuel. Oh how the world is changing.!!







They have made a maze out in the field where you can here laughter as people lose their way !!

We shopped in the Barn and bought fresh farm foods and just lazed away the days.

We left to return home with the promise of coming back but the weather broke and we had storms and a cooler wetter time.

I carried on working with my Mesowarriors.

So many new patients and they are getting younger. So sad that it seems to hit men and women and very young girls. Peritoneal is rising more and more.

We also loose so many it never stops.

Im coming to terms with the fact I have it again and we travel every 2 weeks to the Royal Marsden as they have allowed me to have Pembro 10mg/kg.

Im on my 3rd infusion now and will have a scan in Sept to see if it is working if not there is a trial at the Marsden of Pembro with a new drug (they wont tell me the name )

Its good to know there is a plan and that they see a way forward. I would get depressed if I thought that I have reached the end of the road.

I have been told my Bi-Op is being used to see what the make up is of the new growth. How does it compare to the old Bi-Op of 9 years ago, what are the changes. This just might give them answers of why I had such a good response. I hope it does.

I must be the only cancer patient to say “Oh great that pleases me ” when told they have cancer again but my thoughts are that it will help to understand Immunotherapy and help more Mesowarriors. We are not wasting a moment of my time that is left.

This has all bought more interest in my case and I have been asked to a huge venue her in London in Oct which I will report on at the time.








I have also just signed for permission to show the video of Ray and I in the Live Stream we took part in at Covance Chiltern. This will be shared around the world and seen by thousands.







I wont even go into the shock of Trump say he will bring back production of Asbestos. I did a personal tweet to him he has to be stopped. I have been pulled up by a lovely man on LinkedIn who doesn’t approve of my bringing politics into my comments but HEY! having Mesothelioma from Asbestos is a very political point. It’s through Governments greed for money that is the basis of my dilemma. I also attend the House of Commons with the Asbestos working party so of course I get political and how can I stand by and watch trump bring back asbestos. He has to Ban it not produce it.










Ray created a Newsletter for me where you can keep pace with the news that I find interesting https://mnfnewsletter.weebly.com/

Please have a read through and save as we keep abreast with all the news each month.

They say the warmer weather will return so we shall see if it does we might get another weekend in before Ray and I are off on our conference talks.

the first one being the Contamination Expo







UKATA have partnered with the Contamination Expo Series for 2018 and I will be on the UKATA stand and speak in Theatre 9 on the second day. Exciting.

There are lots of exciting plans in the pipeline so I can never say life is dull –no not even with cancer.