My Diary What an interesting evening

We have been having a heat wave a tropical heatwave—–and I’m so hot that I have been doing the house work in the early morning and we have had glorious slow walks around the beach with the dog.

Saw my friend today and gave her a cuddle after the trauma of Monday and she is being very brave, as she said her problems can be fixed but the poor family of the driver involved, they cant fix their problems as they have lost a Husband and a Father.

Maria you are lovely and I’m proud to call you my friend.

Well we have been so hot again and the dog flaked out all afternoon so Ray suggested we go to Tankerton slopes at 9.00pm so we got in the car and drove there.

I’m really surprised at how busy Whitstable was at that time of night so many people walking around on Beach walks or strolling looking in the little shops and Art Galleries in the cool of the evening and the sun setting.

The street looked erie in the dark and at low tide.

The Street at Tankerton at sunset


Sunset today

I played ball with the dog as Ray took photos –a really nice evening treat that it made a treat.

Oh no it was my friend who had a narrow escape

Man dies after crashing into bungalow in Seasalter

The Vauxhall Astra van was shunted into house Faversham Road by the refuse truck

A man has died today after the rubbish lorry he was driving hit a bungalow in East Kent.

It’s thought the 62-year-old from Herne Bay may have fallen ill just before the crash along Faversham Road in Seasalter.

A woman inside the house had a lucky escape – as she was in the back at the timSeasalter, where a bin lorry driver died todaye and wasn’t injured.

Police were called at 7.50am and the air ambulance also attended, but the man died before he could be taken to hospital.

A police statement said it’s understood the rubbish lorry hit a parked car, pushing it into the bungalow.

But neither the lorry nor the car can be moved, as a building inspector has ruled that could cause structural damage to the property.

My Diary whats going on.

I love all this hot weather and yesterday the Temperature went right up so Ray did a lot more chucking out of things we have stored away under the Parkhome, in the shed and in the green B&Q cupboard –why do we do it –it might come in handy–it never does but as sure as god made little apples it will now that its down in the skip.

I washed all the cushion covers and they dried so fast in the hot sun.

We had a really great walk around the beach and came across a family taking photos of relations outside their house. Talking to them they asked if we would take the photo so Ray duly obliged.

I said can I come in the picture and then they can say “Who is that” –I did this at a restaurant as I passed and stood with the group as the camera flashed–they didn’t even notice me do it but my friends were in fits of laughter at the thought of I them looking at the photo and saying “Who on earth was that.”

We sat around and watched the dreadful game of Football as England lost 4.1 to Germany.

I drowned my sorrow in Pims.

In the evening I sorted all our shoes out so that’s another job out of the way.

What is going on

Today though we have had Police sirens and a Police Helicopter has been travelling back and forth over the marshes as if looking for someone –don’t you hate it when you don’t know whats going on s-so I will have to find out -that means buying the local paper this week.

Was it illegal immigrants landing on the beach, drugs or someone been real naughty –oo I have to Wait and see.

My diary A very strange day.

Today was a strange day as we were invited to a beach party by our friends at the Private Estate that Ray runs their web site.

We walked Louis early, as we thought it would be to much for him to meet a lot of people and the weather was very cloudy, as we did so.

Beach Party

We had lunch and by that time the sun was peeping out and then it got warmer and warmer.

Off we went in the car to keep the date on the beach and it turned out to be a very good time and so unusual sitting there drinking tea and eating biscuits sat by the sea.

As I have walked with the dog’s (Sasha and then Louis) for ten years it was good to talk to people I have met on our round walks.

When it was time to finish we help our friends pack away and then we went round to my friend from MHFacts that I have promised to visit for so long now. he has a bad back and is waiting for an operation so I wanted to see how he was.

They live at a Caravan site in the summer and Spain in the Winter in their Motorhome. I found him and he was very surprised to see me after talking on a forum for so long.

We had a beer and a long chat and i really enjoyed meeting him.

We left to come home and promised to visit again.

Today was my Diver Bills birthday —Happy birthday Cyber Hunny xxx.

I have had dinner and had a quiet night in and it is cooler tonight and I really have enjoyed today but now I’m tired. night night xx

My friend TDG talked of Grockles using the water!!!

 a word I use in the summer here in Whitstable when we cant park in town.
Grockle —-Tourist – annoying visitor, who disrupts the lives of residents.
One theory on the origin of this word is from the name of the famous Swiss clown, Grock, famous in the 60’s. A resident of Torquay was said to have remarked that visitors resembled grockles, little Grocks, because of their boorishness and clownish behaviour.
The word in fact originated from a strip cartoon in the children’s comic Dandy entitled ‘Danny and his Grockle’. (The grockle was a magical dragon-like creature.) A local man had used the term as a nickname for a small elderly lady who was in Torquay one season. The term then became generalized as a term for summer visitors.
The term became popularized because of its use by the characters in the film The System (1962), which is set in the Devon resort of Torquay during the tourist season.
“Bloody Grockles and their caravans, always jamming up the Devon lanes!”

“The seagulls are a real problem because all the grockles feed ’em chips all summer.”

My diary —what wonderful weather

Isn’t it lovely when the sun shines away and everyone is in a good mood.

Its a pleasure to walk the dog and the beach looks so good the sea so blue.

We had a lovely time yesterday as it was my friends birthday so I took a bottle and a card round and we sat in her back garden with Louis running around and he had a good time to.

A bird has nested in her bird box and he poked his head out to see what was going on.

I have been clearing the garden of silly rubbish–well plants from next door spreading into mine and then another general tidy up and weeding.

My neighbour Dave came in to chat to Ray and we had a coffee together such a sweet man –but I wont tell him he!he!.

He went shopping to buy some flowers for his wife’s grave at Seasalter’s old church and then everyone went in doors to watch the World cup and England won –it was a great match so well played.

I have watered the plants tonight and it is still very warm. These warm nights are rare in England aren’t they.

I want to say get well soon to my facebook Meso friend Debbie as she has a bad liver and has lost her appetite–just one thing after the other so please get well soon Debs.

For Fathers day xxx

If red
poppies grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, Place them in
my Father’s arms & tell him they’re from me.Tell him I love him
& I miss him & when he turns to smile, place a kiss upon his
cheek & hold him for awhile.Remembering him is easy, I do it every
…day, but there’s an…… ache within my heart that will never go away! ♥

My Diary a message from Ray

The weather is very windy and cold –how is this summer.

Had a visit from my brother and lovely flowers from him, but I got a bit humpy when he said that I looked so well and maybe I was getting better. Sorry Martin there is no getting better with this nasty as there is no cure, only Palliative care.

Ray said when he had gone that I sounded angry but I wasn’t, I said its like someone is strangling me and I’m fighting then some else says don’t worry you wont die, so you relax and then the strangler can the kill you because you are not fighting him anymore.

I mustn’t loose the fight or the same will happen with my nasty and it will be able to win.

We had a walk around the beach with the dog but the wind was blowing and the Sea was very busy. In the distance over Essex you could see a huge Black cloud and the rain streaks and we were able to watch it come over the Isle of Sheppey and the the wind whipped up and you could smell the rain.

We were lucky as it only spitted and we got back indoors dry.

After they went I was on my Computer and I had a message from a contact on Macmillian who asked me how Ray was coping as she was finding it hard as her husband wont talk about his Meso, so I asked Ray to answer her.

Here is what he wrote

Hello, Mavis said maybe I should talk to you. How do I feel. Its been a year since diagnosis. Over 365 days of fear pain disbelief. I wake each day and am thank-full that we have another day together. I dread the  scans  the oncologist visits. We sit  in waiting room  waiting our turn not saying much but secretly  praying for good news.

 But  we have a life a good life and we  try to  get as much done as we can we don’t sit and dwell or mope.  Together we don’t talk  about it , well to each other. But its always there when  I drop off to sleep when I wake up. every days is a bonus. What the future  has  or how long that  future  lasts. I do know that when that day does show itself. For me life will cease. For 53 years Mavis has been my life my breath my best friend my everything and  I  cannot  imagine  life without her. Its her courage that keeps me going she is so  up front and brave it helps me to  cope. I feel that if she wasn’t so courageous  in the way she deals with it. Then I would probably  be in tears every day. Its a case really of taking what we have and making the best of it. i say to you  chin up support  your husband because  he is in pain  too ,support each other be there for him. For me whatever she wants then  that’s what she gets. I don’t care what it takes If I can do it  then its done. I hope this in some small way  helps you. There are  lots of us out there, try  not to  think of yourself but of your partner.

Regards ray.

I cant add to that I just wish there was a cure –you never know it might me just round the corner.