A Diary Of A Mesowarrior #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — Ray and I spoke at The South West Occupational Health Nurses Group 30th Annual Conference








This week we travelled to Paddington to catch the train to Exeter, what a great service. Every 30 mins and a fast journey we were well pleased.

We got into a taxi then as it was 5 miles to the venue of the

South West Occupational Health Nurses Group 30th Annual Conference

At Dunchicdeok we seemed to travel in the moors up a time one track road and then we came across a jewel of a hotel Best Western Lord Haldon Country House Hotel is set in large, sumptuous private grounds with views over the surrounding countryside, giving you all the peace, quiet and quality you could possibly want. All our rooms are individually furnished and decorated, and many enjoy views over the rolling Devonshire countryside so youll be able to feast your eyes indoors and out!

The hotel is an ideal place to stay, but just as wonderful to return to. After a delightful day in Devon, which may include a trip to the Cathedral city of Exeter, a jaunt to the coast or a ramble across the moors, the Best Western Lord Haldon Country House is even more welcoming!

The history of the hotel is wonderful Haldon House (pronounced: “Hall-don”) on the eastern side of the Haldon Hills in the parishes of Dunchideock and Kenn,[2] near Exeter in Devon, England, was a large Georgian country house largely demolished in the 1920s.[1] The surviving north wing of the house, comprising the entrance front of the stable block, consists of two cuboid lodges linked by a screen pierced by a Triumphal Arch,[3] with later additions,[1] and serves today as the “Lord Haldon Hotel”.[4] The house was originally flanked by two such paired pavilions, as is evident from 19th century engravings.


It is so different to the Hotels we have been in as it is a Hotel of the past. Staircases and tea pots –So graceful.

At 7.30 we went meet the other speakers and Dawn Wiltshire Green –a bundle of energy that never stops. She is dedicated to Occupational Nursing.

We went to bed knowing we had to get up early only I was woken up at 1.30 with someone trying to get into the room. I had already convinced my self there was ghosts as the building was so old. I lend over to tell Ray and he wasnt there. Yes it was him trying to find the bathroom in the dark and was trying to open the entrance door. Wrong!!!

I got the light on and laughed at my being so silly Ghosts !!! ha ha !!

Next morning after breakfast we joined everyone in the conference room.









The day started.






















Speakers were Chris Packham -Skin update


Chris Packham is a partner at EnviroDerm Services, the consultancy concerned specifically with the prevention of damage to health due to workplace skin exposure. Chris has 36 years’ experience in the development of occupational skin management system

Water causes more problems to humans it is a chemical ??

Diana Kloss Gave us a coarse on GDPR I now know more about the subject http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/about-us/people/people-finder/prof-diana-kloss-mbe

Aaron Layton Consultant Audiologist gave a great talk on ear examinations

Aaron is registered with the Health Care Professionals Council and is a member of the British Society of Audiologists. Achieving a Distinction on his theory and a Merit on the practical qualifications in 2007 via the Hearing Aid Council, he has over 10 years of experience fitting all makes and models of hearing instruments.

Covering the South West, with Clinics at Nuffield Taunton, Nuffield Exeter and Dulverton, Aaron would also be able to see you in the comfort of your home or the newly opened Taunton centre.  All hearing assessments, fittings and wax removal can be done in your choice of locations with complete customer satisfaction our primary goal.  Please give us a call to book an appointment.

Diane Romano Woodward FOHN

Diane Romano-Woodward became interested in Occupational Health in the mid1980s when acting as a Safety Representative for the Royal College of Nursing. At this time she worked in Operating Theatres and this led to and interest in Hand Dermatitis and Latex Allergy which was just becoming an issue. She undertook a Master of Medical Science at the University of Birmingham in 1996 where her dissertation was on the prevalence of skin problems in operating theatre and oncology ward nurses. She became SCPHN by migration by portfolio. In 2015 she was made a Queen’s Nurse

Such great speakers and Ray and I spoke for an hour as well. Ray as usual went down very well and om pleased we put across the Patient Carer and told how we to are with BOHS, IOSH, ROSPA and The Locher Poject it all matched the info of Occupational Health








They presented us with a £250.00 cheque for the MNFoundation which was very kind.

We headed for the station after saying our goodbyes and arrived home at 10pm very tired but very happy x





Ray and i also

A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – A busy week but the highlight was the 12 Kings Bench Walk Seminar






A busy week this week

As Monday was a bank holiday I went to the Marsden on Tuesday.

The traffic was so bad so many lorries going past.

Then the Marsden was so busy as they tried to catch up. I was in a bed with 3 other women in the room so it was a very chatty day.

My veins played up though and the canula that was fitted in the morning was bent by the time my drug came up. I had so many nurses trying to get a new one in. Crazy!!!

I put on face book

The worse day at the Marsden My drug didnt come up until 4pm then even with a vein finder Im a pin cushion and 6 people couldnt find my veins We got home at 8.15pm what a day I hate Bank Holiday pile ups and I have another one coming up at the end of May.

We were shattered when we got home but we had to get up early to go back to London and to a MNF board meeting. It was a very heavy on with so much to talk about. Then we had a meeting with Erase Meso Paul Cook and his lovely wife. We talked about how we could help each other and work together.

We got home late again and then it was up and back to London for The 12 kings Bench Walk’s Annual Asbestos Seminar at The Barbican. We had lots of problems finding the right entrance and wished we had got a taxi. We really must be aware we cant walk far and got out of our depth a bit but arrive we did and had a great time mixing with our Friends.

The Seminar is very professional and its very interesting to be able to hear how law plays a part in claims. etc etc

Annual Asbestos Seminar 2019 Final Slides (1)

We got home late again and yesterday- Friday – I chilled right out but poor Ray had to get the Motorhome MOT’d

It passed though so we are very relieved although Ray had a lot of messing around with having to get tyres pumped up and a faulty valve had to be changed.


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – The ROSPA Conference in Edinburgh

I just dont know where to start!

I have had the most awesome experience in Scotland at the invite of ROSPA https://www.rospa.com/

No not the Royal Society of Road Safety that is just part of it but the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents. I seem to have moved into the area of prevention of Accidents which is really correct, we should prevent things happening rather than have to keep repairing after the event.

So that sets the scene of why I was travelling 4.5 hours out of Kings Cross to Edinburgh on Tuesday

RoSPA Scotland Conference 2019

This event is now fully booked

May 1, 2019 – DoubleTree by Hilton Edinburgh City Centre

The 2019 Scotland Conference returns on May 1, 2019 and in its 25th year will be supported by the HSE.

The Conference is the annual event for the health and safety community in Scotland. It’s a unique opportunity to discuss key issues facing professionals, through a range of updates case studies and interactive sessions.

The Scotsman had written a great piece to welcome us to this event https://www.scotsman.com/health/asbestos-victim-bids-to-prevent-deaths-with-work-safety-drive-1-4916199?fbclid=IwAR18_u-tptYFVh5AQtLKYpuUl4OrLc-QsyWT3nTsLalONmjosiI2q67r2Vw

Asbestos victim bids to prevent deaths with work safety drive

That headline was going to stick in my mind when I met David Foy and his Locher Project. But im jumping so back to arriving after a wonderful journey as we passed through Durham and saw the wonderful Cathedral that my ancestors on my Fathers side saw as the set off to work in the shipyards in 1800’s.and Newcastle as well –yes I have Geordie blood in my veins is that why Im such a determined woman ha ha !!

Then all the Northumberland coast line where and into Edinburgh.

We were soon in the hotel and had a great nights sleep.









09:00 Registration, refreshments and exhibition

09:30 Welcome and introduction from the Chair
Errol Taylor, Chief Executive, RoSPA

09:35 Tackling work related ill health conditions
Martin McMahon, HM Inspector of Health and Safety, HSE and Robert Atkinson, Organisational Lead (Occupational Health and Safety, NHS Health Scotland

  • Reviewing the findings from the PHASS Scottish Health and Work Summit held on 1st November 2018
  • Update on progress to tackle the big three work related health conditions
  • What you can do, to make a difference

10:05 Staying Alive: working at height panel debate

10:35 HSE investigations and you
Barry Baker, Head of Operations (Scotland), HSE

  • Why the HSE investigate
  • How the HSE investigate
  • What are the likely outcomes

11:05 Refreshments, exhibition and networking

11:25 The Scottish Mentally Flourishing Workplaces Collaborative
Shirley Windsor, Organisational Lead for Public Mental Health, NHS Health Scotland

11:55 Implementing workplace wellbeing initiatives
Kevin Daniels, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, University of East Anglia
Kevin’s talk will cover emerging findings of a review of the scientific literature on implementing workplace wellbeing initiatives. It will draw on case studies of organisations that have successfully implemented multifaceted wellbeing programmes and it will cover the specific areas of action required to make initiatives sustainable

12:25 Safety Party! What is your vision?
This is your chance to discuss the chosen hot topics with today’s speakers and present your opinions to your fellow colleagues.

12:55 Lunch, exhibition and networking

13:45 Personal and Organisational mentoring : routes to success
Dave Foy, Health & Safety Manager, Prestons College and John Johnston, Health, Safety and Radiation Advisor, TechnipFMC

  • The benefits of mentoring
  • The strengths of a mentor and how can you use your skills
  • The power of interpersonal skills in improving OHS standards and performance

David has asked Ray and I to help the LocherProject and I didnt hesitate as it is just what I enjoy, working with the young people 


14:15 The Journey 
Mavis Nye, President, Mavis Nye Foundation
It really began in the 1950`s when aged 15 Mavis met Ray who was to become her lifelong  partner. 49 years later, Mavis was suddenly aware her breathing was laboured and made an urgent appointment with her GP. She was given the news she had mesothelioma and life expectancy of about 3 months. Mavis will share her story of how she was unknowlingly exposed to asbestos in this presentation.

Ray had people in tears again as usual his story of the past fitted in so well we must prevent it happening in the future.

But sadly my slides proved it was still carrying on now Asbestos is all around us.

14:45 Driving offences – minimising the risks of prosecution
Katherine Metcalfe, Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons

  • How to guard against employees committing driving offences
  • When things do go wrong, protecting the organisation and supporting employees
  • Common pitfalls
  • Interest from the Traffic Commissioner for Scotland

15:30 Call to action
Dr Karen McDonnell, RoSPA OHS Policy Adviser, Head of RoSPA Scotland

Karen is a wonderful passionate about safety she also wants me to work closely with her –how can I refuse ha !!

15:45 Closing remarks from Chair

It was a great day and thank you all for such a interesting day.
The Blue Blazer on the corner has a blue blazer hanging sign
Back to London
We were on a packed train coming home but we were inspired and chatting and planning all the way home.